10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women
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10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in The World

Beautiful women can be found in all parts of the world. But out of the over 200 countries, there has always been confusion in deciding which country has the most beautiful women. Here we have listed up top 10 nations with truly amazing, sexy women. Take a look at the list “Top 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women” and let us know if there is something missing.

Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women:

10. Canada

Smallville Season - Erica Durance

Montreal; Canadian city is the most popular place in world for beautiful girls. A vibrant city with a pulsating nightlife and home to a large number of universities has produced world’s most beautiful wome. The Canadians women have appealing look and such a vibrant and fun loving attitude that will surprise you. It would be right to say that the Canadians women are just gorgeous. Checkout the list of Top 10 Hottest Canadian Models.

9. India

Deepika Padukone Most Beautiful Women

At No. 9 on our list are Indian women. Indian women have the perfect blend of beauty and sexiness which is rare to find among other nations. They are said to be the most expressive and talented women. Kashmiri women are considered to be the most beautiful women in India. Their thick black hair and brown skin tone even look more attractive. India is country, where Madhuri Dixit was discovered. Check the list of Hottest Actresses of Bollywood in Bikini.

8. South Korea

South Korean Most Beautiful Women

The South Korea spot 8th amongst the nations for prettiest ladies. South Korean women look really attractive due to their innocent and cute looking face. You can watch in the South Korean movies that how much beautiful and charming these girls are.

7. Argentina

Most Beautiful Women in Argentina

Argentina is the 7th country with most beautiful women on our list. Every 2nd woman you meet here is a model who is waiting to be discovered. The country not only has prettiest women in South America but in the entire western hemisphere. Argentinean women are truly magical may be because they are highly fashion conscious or the romantic culture, or maybe it’s just because the women are tall with striking beauty.

6. Italy

Italian Women Melissa Satta

Italian women, must be among the world’s most beautiful women, full of life, love and knowledge. The country is one giant honey trap for foreign males, who come from around the world, lured by Italian women, surely the most gorgeous creatures to walk the earth. Whether it’s titillating talk show hosts or sizzling supermodels, the Italian women would cause any man to dust off his passport and hop the first red-eye to Rome.

5. Venezuela

Norelys Rodriguez-Venezuelan Beauty

Venezuela is a land gifted by most beautiful women in the world. Beauty is the biggest obsession of the country, that’s why Venezuela has the most beauty pageant winners in the world (Miss World and Miss Universe).

4. Sweden

Most Beautiful Women Swedish Girls

Without any doubt, Swedish women do fit the stereotype of most beautiful women. That’s why they won the first two Miss World titles ever. The beauty of tall, blonde-haired, blue eyed goddesses is not just on the outside, but they’re also well-educated and sophisticated. As a matter of fact, Swedish girls are prettiest and their strong and sensual personality makes them even more appealing and charming.

3. Brazil

Brazilian Beauty Adriana Lima

After Russia and Ukraine, Brazil is the third country on our list having world’s most beautiful wome. Brazil is the country having so many hottest supermodels. Actually, Brazilians are the most ethnically mixed people, so combining different shades and shapes creates the most perfect of bodies. The country produced many gorgeous supermodels like Adriana Lima, Ana Beatriz Barros, Isabeli Fontana and many others. Checkout the list of Top 10 Hottest Brazilian Models.

2. Ukrainian

ukrainian beautiful model

After Russia, Ukraine is probably the country with the most beautiful women. Why do so many men from around the world look for Ukrainian brides? The reasons are simple, the whole country is home to the prettiest, well-dressed attractive women who take care of their bodies while keeping a seductive charm. Walk around Kiev (capital of Ukraine) and you’ll see why they get so much attention. Checkout the list of Hottest Women of Ukraine.

1. Russia

Hottest Russian Girl Irina Shayk

Russia is probably the nation with the most beautiful women in the world. The whole country is home to some of the world’s finest women. Female beauty is part of the Russian landscape. It is the country where supermodels Irina Shayk, Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikovawere discovered. Check the list of Hottest Models of Russia.

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