North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands

10 forbidden places in the world you most likely will never get to see

Visiting places that others never have is so much fun, you have so much to share and so many stories to tell, and your friends listen to you in awe. But do you know there are also many cool places in the world that you will most likely never get to visit? As heartbreaking as it may be for an avid traveler, the fact is a very few people, if at all, are allowed into these places. Let us get to learn about these interesting places right away.

These are Top 10 forbidden places you will never visit.

10. Poveglia, Italy

Exploring abandoned Poveglia island
This is a Shutter Island. This island, until 1968, served as a mental hospital. It is said that one doctor butchered his patients habitually and was later thrown from the bell tower of the island where he died. Poveglia was also a quarantine spot during the Black Death and Bubonic Plague epidemics. More than 160, 000 people were sent there to wait for their death, and then their bodies were perhaps burned.

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9. North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands

North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands
This blue-water beautiful island, close to India, is a place where tourists are not allowed, but then this is not what the government has decided. An indigenous tribe of about 50 to 250 people resides here and they drive any visitors away, be it journalists or rescue helicopters, or anyone who comes with food. They scare everyone away using their bows and arrows. It is not really clear what these people do there, and if you do not want to risk being attacked you should rather avoid visiting this place.

8. White’s Gentlemen’s Club, London

White’s Gentlemen’s Club, London
This perhaps is the most exclusive clubhouse in the whole world. The members of this club are only males and include many British Royals like Prince Charles whose bachelor party was hosted here before he married Princess Diana. The clubhouse has a restaurant, bar, and a billiards room. If you want to visit this clubhouse you must know someone at White’s.

7. Area 51, Nevada

Area 51, Nevada
Area 51 is a secret area on Nellis Air Force Range and nobody really knows what happens there. The CIA surely is involved but even they did not let the public know about the existence of this place until July 2013. This place is perhaps used to test aircrafts or weapons, and some skeptics even say they are maybe hiding some baby aliens or UFOs. No matter how interesting all this sounds, you never are going to get a chance to be there.

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6. The Jiangsu National Security Education Museum, China

The Jiangsu National Security Education Museum, China
This museum in China displays some finer spy gadgets of China like tiny cameras, pistols that are disguised as lipsticks, and microphones that look like calculators. Chinese citizens can visit this museum as it helps them to know about the spy tactics of their country, but any foreigner will not be allowed. Nobody, even a Chinese citizen is not allowed to take photographs here.

5. Surtsey, Iceland

Surtsey, Iceland
This is amongst the youngest pristine ecosystems in the world. It did not even exist, until in the 1960s it was created from the wastes of volcano eruptions. Though this place has emerged not too long ago, it already has 89 bird species and in 1984 seagull were first noticed. Just a few years ago some scientist saw a few puffins in the island and slugs and seals also reside here. So far the only humans that have got a chance to visit this island are researchers. They visit the island with some bunk beds and when they leave thy clean up every trace of human existence.

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4. Lascaux Caves, France

Lascaux Caves, France
This place was discovered by some archeologists. It is basically a cave complex that are famous all over the world for its beautiful Paleolithic paintings, which are about 17, 500 years old. Once the public was allowed to visit it, but now, in order to safely preserve the beautiful original artwork, the caves have been closed. So, you have no chance to visit this place as well.

3. Snake Island, São Paulo

Snake Island, São Paulo
Located about 90 miles away from São Paulo is the Snake Island. It is full of so many venomous serpents. That why it is known as the deadliest island in the world. According to scientists, about 4,000 snakes live in the island and these are not just any normal snakes. One of the snakes of this island is so deadly that its venom can easily melt human flesh. No civilians are allowed in this inland, just some scientists, at times, get waivers.

2. Vatican Secret Archives, Italy

Vatican Secret Archives, Italy
This is not any normal library but the famous Vatican Library. Just a few sacred people can enjoy access to the vaults. However, if you want to read a book from here, which are all owned by the Pope, then you may be sent a manuscript via email.

1. Mezhgorye, Russia

forbidden places in the world
This is a closed town located in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. People living in the town work on some secret program around Mount Yamantau. Which is believed to be a location of either a nuclear program, a warehouse of coal, a bunker just in case there is a war. Or a storehouse of Russian treasures. Whatever the case may be the public is not allowed into this zone.

Certainly, these places seem so attractive and you must be really wanting to visit most of them at least once. However, the fact is you just cannot visit these places and they can never find a place in your bucket list.

List created by: Sweta Sett

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