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Top 15 most dangerous countries to live in 2021

Although researchers say that the last 50 years have been the most peaceful time in the history of human civilization. No large war have broke out and nearly all the monarchy have abolished. There have been no recent of mass killing where more then a lac people have been killed during any war or riot, but what they have not told us is about the rate in the increase in crime number. Countries are now have more dangerous than ever to live in.

No place is now a safe place in the world to live. Even the countries who have been most peaceful such as Iceland or Switzerland also have a rise in Crime activities. But these countries are nothing in comparison of these top fifteen dangerous countries in the world 2021.

15. United States of America

United States is one of the most violent countries
Sure U.S. have an awesome military and secret services that are generally claimed as the best in the world. And a police that is armed with all the latest armory and gadgets. But, after the attack of 9/11 it was clear that USA is no more a safe place to live. Also, with the recent activities of U.S., they sure have made some enemies like North Korea, so that’s why US comes 15th on our list of 15 most dangerous countries to live in.

14. Brazil

Dangerous Country Brazil
If we take Brazil on whole level than it is not so dangerous everywhere but Some Cities in Brazil are not safe to live and after the case of van rape it became crystal clear that women are not safe anymore in Brazil. The current rate of Robberies, Kidnapping, Murders, Rapes are very high in this country. So, that’s why Brazil comes 14th on our list of 15 most dangerous countries to live in.

13. South Africa

South Africa Dangerous Country
This country after its independence have been always on the top in terms of the rape cases. Murder and kidnapping rates are also high in South Africa. They are also so many incidents of tourists being mis-treated so many times. The country hold the 13th position in our list of most dangerous countries to live in.

12. Pakistan

Top 15 most dangerous countries to live in 2021 1
The Government of Pakistan claims that condition in this country is stable but the reality is far from this. The country is now the current home of Al Qaeda and with the recent founding that this country was home to Osama bin Laden it seem that living in this country is a Nightmare. The latest attack on the School Children in Peshawar was one of the most horrific incident of all time. This country is a ticking Time-Bomb.

11. Kenya​

Kenya People
Although Kenya​ is not as dangerous as some others in Africa. While many terrorist attacks occur outside of Nairobi, the threat of terrorism is still high in the city. Grenades, shootings, and stabbings are common forms of attacks.

10. Chad

Fighting Boko Haram in Chad
The extremist groups, Isis, al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram are all active in Chad. These extremist groups have targeted not only civilians and security forces, but also foreigners. Also, border crossings is another factor make it among most dangerous countries.

9. Afghanistan

Dangerous Country Afghanistan
Afghanistan is known to be the home of famous Al-Qaeda. But after the intervention of the USA the conditions in this country are stabilizing but still this country would take some time to recover fully and it is still the one of the main training zone for many of the terrorist organizations.

8. Iraq

ISIS Iraq Fighters
Conditions in Iraq are worse and this country is homeland to a lot of terrorist activities. The country is always in continuous conflict with its neighboring countries such as Israel and Kuwait. So, that’s why Iraq comes 6th on our list of 15 most dangerous countries to live in.

7. Somalia

Most Dangerous Countries Somalia
Somalia is Beautiful place, it could even become Top Holiday destination but situation in this country is quite different. The country doesn’t have Stable Government. Drug trafficking, Piracy are the common practices of Somalia. The main reason for this is there long term poverty they have never seen sufficient resources so they ultimately have turned towards crimes to survive their harsh conditions.

6. North Korea

Dangerous Country North Korea
Imagine living without internet, mobile phone and all other luxuries. Hard life han? The same situation is faced by all the people in the north for 24*7. People living in this Country are monitored all the time. The citizens of this country don’t have the right to express themselves. If you go against the Government you can die anytime. North Korea has maintained a full confidential state about its internal affairs.

5. Venezuela

Venezuela Fast Facts
Shortages of basic goods such as water, food, medicine, and electricity makes Venezuela amongst most dangerous countries in the world. All these things have lead to much social unrest and crime throughout Venezuela. The country has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Crimes like; Armed robbery, murder, kidnapping, and carjacking are all common forms of violence in much of the country.

4. Nigeria

Nigerian miitants
The country comes at No. 4 in the list of most dangerous. Two extremist groups, Boko Haram, and Isis West Africa, are active in Nigeria. They are responsible for much of the violence that occurs in the country. They commonly target heavily populated areas like churches, schools, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues.

3. Colombia

Top 15 most dangerous countries to live in 2021 2
Although, Colombia isn’t as dangerous as it once was. Kidnapping, drug trafficking, robberies and murder rates are too high in this country. BACRIM, armed gangs are responsible for all these crimes. Since last decade the crime rate has been on the top and it is not a safe place to roam around after the night falls. New Mafia gangs are being formed and early players have become more strong. That’s why Colombia comes 3rd on our list of 15 most dangerous countries to live in.

2. Yemen

Saada, Yemen
Yemen remains very tense and unstable. It is second amongst the most dangerous countries to live in 2021. Because, the security situation throughout the country is dangerous. Rebel groups continue to both target and detain US citizens. Extremist groups such as al-Qaeda are also active in the country. Also, in some areas it is unclear which faction has control. In addition to ongoing fighting, there’s a threat of terrorist attacks, kidnap and unlawful detention against foreigners. And, because of land mines and air strikes, much of Yemen’s population lacks basic necessities like food, water, and medical assistance.

1. Syria

Syria Dangerous Countries
Most Dangerous country in the world is surely Syria. With latest civil conflict and unstable Government is extremely unsafe place to live. Thousands of people are dying in Syria. Gaddafi has made this country a living hell on earth for the people of Syria. Open mass killings are now a common part of Daily Routine. But with the recent intervention from Russia and America may change the situation for the good, but in recent analysis it is surely the most angerous country to live in.

Author – Deepak Singh Pawaiya

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