• ac

    This statement should have been rephrased: “You should either allow her to work…” — key word being ALLOW. My husband is going to ALLOW me to work? No.

  • Rhonda Rutledge

    #7 are you kidding – are you from another planet?

  • Lara

    Sorry but the grammatical errors in this article is appalling. What happened to learning how to write before publishing an article? And what happened to the editor and/or proofreaders?

    This is pathetic and it’s difficult to pay attention to an article if the sentences don’t make any sense.

  • Lara

    *ARE appalling LOL 😉

  • Nailik

    Wow… normally I have “hate ons” for grammar nazi’s but wow, not only was this hard to read/make sense of, #4, and #7…. were those written 40 years ago?