10 Things Couples Fight About
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Top 10 Things Couples Fight About

Marriage is one of those few relations which involve a lot of arguments. For the purpose of adjusting with one another in a proper way, the couples fight and argue with each other. The difference in habits, lifestyle and other facts become the reasons for the partners to make useless arguments. Let us see what are top 10 things couples fight about.

What couples fight about most? Have a look!

1. Money and Financial Issues

10 Things Couples Fight About

Before you start fighting with each other, the better option is to sit down and make a home budget. Plan a schedule of monthly expenses of children’s fees, kitchen products, transport expenses and others. When the women see that their husbands are not making enough money to run the house, they start fighting with them. This should be avoided because instead of fighting and making each other’s life miserable, you can prepare a rough monthly expenses’ chart.

2. Ex-Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

10 Things Couples Fight About

While living a peaceful and romantic life together, the sudden arrival of ex-boyfriend or girlfriend can make the couples fight with each other. Neither the husband nor the wife tolerates this habit that he/she get in touch with an ex-friend for any reason.

3. Family Matters

10 Things Couples Fight About

Family matters, especially too much involvement of in-laws make the couple’s life miserable. When they get married and have their own lives, then it is not good that the parents from either side should involve too much in their personal life as this can ultimately ruin their healthy relationship.

4. Lack of Communication

10 Things Couples Fight About

This problem usually arises from male’s side. When he remains too much busy in office and comes back home with tired face and rude behavior, then obviously the wife will feel sad and might start fighting. She needs your attention so it is onto you to manage the work in a proper way so that you can get some spare time for the family as well and get involved in communication with her.

5. Children

Things Couples Fight About

Of course the couples fight for children. They, instead, need to know each other’s problems and try to get the proper solutions. Fighting on minor conflicts of children like their poor scores in schools and their naughty habits is a part of every day. You absolutely need not to fight with him/her for such things.

6. Priorities of Life

10 Things Couples Fight About

What are your priorities of life, family or work? This is the question you should ask from yourself. Make sure you give first preference to your family and the partner. Office and business works are the part of life, but making them your priority won’t help at all.

7. Women’s Career

10 Things Couples Fight About

Sometimes it happens that the women want to do jobs but their husbands don’t allow. The males never want to miss their dominance in the house, and when their partner will be luckily making more money, they will obviously feel jealous. You should either allow her to work part-time or she should remain stick with households. If you need her to earn the money, then she can ideally do freelancing and enjoy part-time writing jobs at home. In this way, she will be able to make some money and manage the households at the same time.

8. Religious Differences

10 Things Couples Fight About

The religious differences usually become the reason of fights among the couples who have done love marriages. It is absolutely true that love never sees religions, castes, colors to happen. It happens and happens and when you have been lucky to get married to your dream girl / dream boy, they you should give time to each other instead of fighting on religious differences. Of course, a girl enters into the religion and caste of her partner at the time of wedding, but if she is still practicing her own values at home, then let her do that until she adopts the changes of life naturally. Fighting won’t be the solution of such problems.

9. Lack of Time

10 Things Couples Fight About

You both have to manage some spare time for each other. During those lovely moments even the children shouldn’t be around. Lack of time for each other creates differences of opinions and lack of interest in the relationship. Make sure you are not the reason of this happening. Get some spare time during the evening for him/her and discuss the life’s matter in a friendly way. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas of life, perceptions and thoughts with your partner.

10. Lack of Romance

Things Couples Fight About

The couples, of course, have to enjoy healthy sexual relationship. You should go romantic with him/her in one way or the other. Despite the fact that both of you are sleeping together during the nights, sometimes a romantic dinner or a long-walk together can create an environment of romance. Make your partner feel special and say I love you during different times of the day so that the romance never goes off from the relationship.


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