Top 6 Most Bizzare Crimes in India

Top Six Most Bizarre Crimes in India

Stupidity is all around us, but a number of monumental things happen when brainlessness and crime go hand in hand. The most amazing thing about these numb heads is that they are they think of themselves as the James bond of their own world where they perform crimes with ultimate smoothness. You would be surprised at the funny acts of these criminals who leave no stone unturned in reaching the superior level of dumbness. So ladies and gentlemen here are top six chart busters who will leave you dumb stuck. The top most bizarre crimes in India.

1- Woman With Magical Underwear

As its said ’you can tell a lot about a person from his underwear’ , a young woman from south India tried to steals a tray of beer cans from a supermarket by hiding it in her panties under a skirt. This pro seems to be a believer of everything or nothing. But not knowing that the area was under surveillance she gets caught in the play. On interrogation it was revealed that it wasn’t her first time on the job and she has stolen other things the same way. She should be given credit for her creativity as even Hollywood directors couldn’t have thought of a way so compact and innovative.

2- Because Cows Are Sacred In Our Country

Cows Are Sacred In
India is very well known for culture of love and affection towards fellow human beings and all other creatures’ .living it up to the expectation, this 50 years old man from the land of kamasautra took India’s fondness for cows to a new level. When he saw an injured cow on the railway line, he took coconut oil and had sex with her. Read it as my times you want, it’s true that muthu from Tamil nadu got aroused by looking at an injured cow and ended up having sex with her. Cops arrived after the climax and took him into custody.

3- Its Not Cheating Untill You Get Caught

Cheating in exams
Everything is fair in love and war and high school exams are world war. We all have heard about creative ways of cheating in the examination hall. A lot of us must have tried a couple of them. 12th standard students in Bihar state of India were found cheating in masses but surprisingly it wasn’t there best buddies who were helping them instead it was their own parents. These daredevils climbed up 30 ft to reach the windows of the exam hall to give a ‘HELPING HAND’. Photos were clicked and after the exam was over the issue was taken up to the concerned authorities who denied any involvement of ‘unfair means’. May be the authorities are in support of ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ (by hook or by crook). source;

4- Dogs Can Be A Lot More Than Just Loyal Friends

Man held for sexual act on dog
Another entry in the hall of the lame was made when an 18 year old watchman in Mumbai took ‘doggy style a little over literally. He was caught having intercourse with a stray dog in his cabin. His joyride came to an end when he was spotted by local residents. What makes it even weirder is the fact that the guy was in full conscious and no booze was involved. He further explained that he was unmarried and couldn’t resist the urge for sex and on a friends suggestion tried having sex with a dog. Well only the very best friends can give suggestions like that.

5- Flibbertigibbet

The parrot, named Hariyal
It’s said that live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip. Well clearly Suresh would have never heard about it. This lad from Maharashtra was accused by his mother of teaching his parrot to abuse her. Every time she entered the house, passed the parrot, or left the house, parrot would quaver abuses at her. She complained in the police and police has taken the parrot into animal rehabilitation. Mean while Suresh is not ready to take the blame and said it wasn’t him who trained the parrot. Police says that the knowledge of slangs to the parrot has come from the immediate surrounding directly or indirectly. source;

6- Street Wanker

Most Bizarre Crimes in India
Jerking off, jacking off, hand job, waking etc are all names for best moments of the day for men all around the world. People prefer to do it in different kind of settings. Some prefer it with porn some use their imagination to help. Then there are people like Gopal valmiki, who like to masturbate on women on roads in broad day light. It was a usual morning for Maryanna abdo when she went out for a jog out on the roads of colaba which is considered to be a very upscale locality. Gopal waited for her with his loaded bazooka and the moment she came near he blurted out his seeds on her. Disgusted and baffled with the incident she immediately clicked his picture and posted it on twitter so that he could be recognized and after that she filed the FIR. After an incident like this women in Mumbai might consider wearing rain coats while morning jogs. source;

The Most Bizarre Crimes in India

List Created By; Rohit Saini

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