Things That Every Girl Wants From Her Man

Top 10 Things That Every Girl Wants From Her Man

Relationships are never easy. There is so much going on both internally and externally, a heavy rush of sentiments flow consistently deep within. An inexplicable frenzy that needs to be addressed, there is a need to feel complete and fill that vacant void that gradually is attempting to hollow you. Amidst all the expectations, fulfillment, reality and perception, there are a few things that at least every girl needs from her man and they are listed below.

10. Protection

Things That Every Girl Wants From Her Man
Every female wants her guy to protect her not just physically but also emotionally, mentally, spiritually. She wants that tiny bit of peace and sanity that she fails to gather from here and there in this brutal world. She might be a fighter, feminist or head strong like anything, yet she wants her man to take the lead and safeguard her from all the chaos in all the situations. It is the truth, no matter how weird, it sounds.

9. Infant Like Treatment

Infant Like Treatment
When you call your girl “baby”, just try meaning it literally as well. Oftentimes, all she wants is to be your little baby, an infant and a kid whom you can cuddle with and pamper to. She might be matured enough yet she needs to be childlike once in a while.

8. “I Love You”

Things That Every Girl Wants From Her Man
You, perhaps, love her more than anything and might have felt when your actions speak louder than the sound of thunderstorm then why waste time and sound a dodo saying “I Love You”, every now and then. Right? It is a poor thing to practice. Say love you, to your girl and give her the most coveted assurance and security that she wants but would never ask for directly.

7. Appreciation

Appreciation is a Key Happiness
Another thing that marks up on the list of the ten things that every girl needs from her man is the appreciation. She may be good, bad, ugly or pretty, irrespective of the epithets your gray matter thinks belong to her, never quash admiring her. One thing that may turn her world into a paradise are your few good words.

6. Cuddles

Things That Every Girl Wants From Her Man
She might not be sexually active, perhaps a little old school of thought too and dreads intimacy like a little kid dreads an insect, irrespective of her sexual tendency, inclination and psyche, all she needs is your cuddles for sure in reality without an iota of doubt. She wants you in many ways. Your hugs, kisses and touch are her medicines to combat any kin of aches.

5. Time

Things That Every Girl Wants From Her Man
So you think that your expensive gifts, Gucci bags, ray bans are enough to compensate your absence? If yes, you are nothing but absolutely wrong. Nothing can ignite the ardent spark in a lady’s life the way you spending your time with her. Time is the most expensive gift you can ever wrap up impeccably and handover to your girl in a subtle manner.

4. Advocacy

Things That Every Girl Wants From Her Man
Yeah! Your advocacy, support and adherence to every thing she does regardless of you being interested or not is a thing she desires stealthily. Every time, she writes a piece and that gets either published or posted, she wants you to at least fake that you read it. It just simply bolsters her and means a world to her. You might not like western music but yet if your girl listens to it, let her play the audio and pretend listening even if in reality you have shut your ears. Little efforts are wanted and do get counted.

3. Introduction To Friends, Family

Things That Every Girl Wants From Her Man
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Another thing that hits the list of top ten things that every girl wants from her man is her brief introduction to your family and friends. Believe me every girl wants to be assured of the fact that her guy’s world has a vague notion that she exists on this god dammit mother Earth. Your hectic schedule should not avoid you from giving her a small space of presence in your life.

2. Chivalry

Things That Every Girl Wants From Her Man
No matter how frank, contemporary you two are, but never forget that chivalry does not go out of the vogue ever. Chivalry is so much wanted and desired. That gentlemanly attitude, making her feel like the queen of your world, revealing a bit of your tender and gentle hue is something that helps bind you guys together no matter how manly you are.

1. Fairytale Treatment

Things That Every Girl Wants From Her Man
Fairies have no stature for real yet there is a deep longing for every lady to feel fairy alike, thus, as a man try to make her feel the same. Take her to the imaginary world away from her anguish, pain and torments which is all glee and blissful. With this we come to the halt of ten things that every girl needs from her man.

Author – Palak Gupta

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