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10 Reasons Wedding Is An Age Old Concept

Marriage is an institution and then who wants to live in an institution, haha. Moreover, the freedom, choices and independence seem to take a back seat and responsibilities and obligations come to the fore. However, these are not the only reasons why wedding is an age old concept. Times have changed and with that certain traditions also need a makeover. Following are a couple of reasons why wedding is an age old ritual.

Reasons Wedding Is An Age Old Concept

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Ten Reasons Wedding Is An Age Old Concept

Social media:

This might look as the lamest of the reason, but hold your horses. The complete image is that, the excessive usage of social media has enhanced the available options of an individual and thus our we are exposed to the infinite people and odds are that, we may find someone similar to us, a.k.a our mirror image and then our own partner has the propensity of seeming vague and mundane.


Even, if you have had a love marriage and you think that you are gonna have a fair sail, I might suggest do rethink. Love is all rosey- rosey, leaving everything to be thought of as a fairy-tale and weddings are all about the reality. The increased obligations like the shared chores, jobs, career, kids and in-laws, everything of this sort turns the love dream into a real nightmare.

Evident Flaws:

All of a sudden, flaws become evident. Shortcomings were always the part of the very us, of the very humans, however, the failure, to meet up the expectations, maybe, the responsibilities as well, puts our all impeccable image in the jeopardy and all of a sudden we realize that how flawed we are since all our partners do is snap us for the same things that looked beautiful and amusing to them when the love was in the initial stages.

One Person and Forever?:

Like seriously, you must be kidding me, right? How on this goddammit Earth could you even dare think that a mortal human can choose to be with someone another mortal and live forever together? It is quite logical and rational that a human gets bummed out pretty soon, so do you really think that forever ideology deems fit well in the present scenario? If you do, god save you afterall, you have opted out denying almost all the century old studies and researches conducted on humans.

Extra Marital Affairs:

Extra Marital Affairs
Whilst, it may be a harsh truth to digest but then, a lot of partners are engaged in the extra marital affairs and then we are left all the more helpless, for we can not just throw our allegations randomly. For accusing, we all need evidence, even kids know that. But when adults are involved in the felony, gathering evidence is quite an uphill task. After all, they are trained players, accomplished liars and master manipulators. I do not intend to generalize it but majority are.

Adult Liberty :

It is like referring to two kinds of liberty. The one that gets curbed like hanging out like a bachelor, flirting around randomly and have some fun. However, it increases another kind of liberty, wherein, I am not accountable to anyone, especially, if you come from a nuclear family. With no one to hold an individual accountable for, he or she is free to do anything, which, not only includes extra marital affairs but carefree attitude towards the spouses, do not care crap, do not give a damn and a lot of similar stuff.

Need a Change:

Sometimes an individual might have framed up a mind of a loyal marriage, but, then you eventually get bored of the same crap on different days. It is like if you are served the seven star menu almost daily and at all times, you grow sick of it and naturally would want to aid your taste buds savour the street food just for a change, even if it is not your kind. A similar situation is existent for the humans as well. You simply need a change, can not help it or else you will choke and succumb to the regularity.


It is the root cause of allllll the relationship failures. But then again, no matter how much an individual endeavors not resorting to it, the matter of the fact is that is you can run, you can hide, but you can not escape it. It just happens. When someone outside treats you in a better way or in a way you dream of, then , the thought, *why my partner not do it that way?* You might deny the idea of comparing, right in the initial stages but then, I bet, you would not be able to do that for longer duration.


If love marriages make our flaws evident then arranged marriages must be a better choice. Only a fool says so. Compatibility is a major issue in the arranged marriages. A lot of strangers wedded with another lot of strangers are made to tie the knot together. Do not kid me. Do you think it is right? What If they are not made for each other and do not gel well and then when they wish to divorce, societal pressure bugs them. Seriously, fellas, why do you not shoot them out and kill them in a go rather than killing gradually?

Ciao Ethics:

When the stress takes a toll on us, most of our bonds nothing short of debacles, then people ought to look out for stress coping up mechanisms, which I am afraid, mostly revolve around unethical measures. Since, masses have bid a hearty farewell to ethics these days, resorting to anyone of the above in the contemporary times is easy and thus making wedding an age cold concept.

Written By: Palak Gupta

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