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10 Signs That You Are A Happy Couple

Love, they say, is not just spring. A true love grows stronger as it passes through storms, coldness and harsh extremes of being in an intimate relationship. And spring keeps coming back to those who equally cherish the winters.

Happy couples understand that true relationship is not just about singing love songs and feeling butterflies all the time. They know that real relationship begins when things get routine.

Top 10 Signs That You Are A Happy Couple.

You try to make each other’s day a good one

Signs That You Are A Happy Couple
10 Signs That You Are A Happy Couple

Happy couples always find time for each other no matter how busy their schedule is. Taking a moment to text her that you love her or picking a rose for her on the way back home may seem like a very insignificant gesture. But it is such small moments that weave magic in your daily life. What an elated feeling it is to see her stand at the door for few extra minutes and waving bye to you until you turn that corner! The little things that make you feel good about life.

You encourage each other to share deeper thoughts

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10 Signs That You Are A Happy Couple

People in a happy relationship always give ears and heart to the other’s feelings and emotions. They not just listen but listen till the end and show that they understand. Sometimes your partner may face difficulty expressing his or her emotion. That could be because they feel vulnerable about it or are running away from their unwanted feelings. In such times an understanding partner stays loving and makes the other feel comfortable about whatever emotion they are experiencing.

You help each other grow

You help each other grow
10 Signs That You Are A Happy Couple

It can be one of the most painful things to know that the person you love the most has no interest in your dreams and aspirations. A happy couple always encourages each other to stay hopeful and go for their goals in life. Whether it is a challenging job position they are aiming for or a bad habit they are trying to overcome, they always find each other’s constant support and love.

You share common interests

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10 Signs That You Are A Happy Couple

Happy couples do happy things together. Nature walks or exploring unknown cities around the world, they find activities that they enjoy doing together. Even if partners have no common interests initially, they develop some over time. For they know the joy of doing things together, dreaming together and hoping together.

Trusting and forgiving comes naturally to you

10 Signs That You Are A Happy Couple

The biggest threat to any relationship is the devil “ego”. Those who know the importance of a healthy relationship do not fall for the traps like distrust, jealousy and grudges. You completely trust your partner, believing in their commitment and good intentions. Also forgiving and forgetting is the thumb rule of your peaceful life.

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You are proud of each other

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10 Signs That You Are A Happy Couple

It is a nice feeling to be around with your partner. To let the world know of the beautiful person you have given out your heart to. And the way you love walking hand in hand or by each other’s side. For sure you completely respect the person he or she is and things they stand for.

You appreciate each other for things done right

appreciate each other
10 Signs That You Are A Happy Couple

A content and healthy relationship is about ups and downs, about mistakes and overcoming them. Caring partners never stick around on each other’s mistake. In fact they cherish things that other did for them and appreciate him or her for things they did right.

You never miss out on that warm hug

Happy couple
10 Signs That You Are A Happy Couple

Your partner had a tiring day at the office and when he comes home he is greeted by your smile and a warm hug! Or when you were feeling upset about your bad cooking, he simply hugged you to show how happy he is to be with you. Such delicate hugs and embraces are many in a happy couple’s life.

You do not take time to say sorry when wrong

Happy Couple
10 Signs That You Are A Happy Couple

There are times when none of the partners is able to play cool. Things happen and arguments too. But as soon as you realize your mistake you rise up to it and apologize. You know that apologizing for things you feel sorry about is a healthy practice for a relationship to blossom.

You respect each other’s personal space

A true love
10 Signs That You Are A Happy Couple

A true love is free from attachment. Relationships are not about possessing or being dependant on your partner for your happiness. Take time off to give yourself and your partner some ‘me’ time to deepen your inner connect and explore your own unique self. Take time be your own person. And such ‘away’ times will see you and your partner growing, evolving and having an even stronger bond.

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