Top 10 Sure Shot Ways for Healthy Relationships

With the fast paced lives, workaholic temperament and the desire to be  super achievers come the  swift aggression,  exasperation, frustration and much  hated mood swings which eventually take a toll not only on the cool persona of the individual but also affects the people involved in his/her life, thus putting relationships and bonds at stake and in a compromising position. I know everyone these days suffer the same problem but do not lose heart because we can always look up for little things that keep our bonds warm. Do they not say that we have a key to every lock? Thus we do have solutions to fix the relationship issues as well.

Below are ten sure shot ways to raise your relationships to new adorable heights.

#10. Ignorance

Ways for Healthy Relationships
Yes, ignorance can do wonders but wait what is being asked to be ignored? Well, ignore the other persons’ mistakes, negative traits, and flaws and so on and so forth. Try to look for goodness in them. Shift your focus from “how could he/she be so brute and do such a thing to me” to “how much he/she did good to you and cared for you”

Here’s the thumb rule in negative situations try to remember person’s best actions towards you,  this way, you will be able to ignore their otherwise unacceptable actions.

#9. Appreciation

Ways for Healthy Relationships
Over the years of my young life, I realized we take both people and things for granted.  We often forget to appreciate their daily affairs,  small tasks, little offered help for we think it’s way too obvious but alas, that is not so.

It is pretty human to be longed for appreciation and you as an individual must satiate their thirst. 

Here’s the thumb rule, next time when you are offered a little help, do not forget to say, “thank you so much, it’s because of your consistent support that I am able to get through all the stress”. It works wonder. 

#8. Accept

Ways for Healthy Relationships
Learn to accept the flaws of the other person. Love them for who they are not for what you would want them to be like.  Do not try to force them to change or else it will have a very negative emotional impact which will mar their psyche. Accept people around you in raw form, in their ugliest form. Make them believe that no matter how much flawed they seem, yet they are flawless. 

This will surely connect you all emotionally which is the fundamental backbone of any kind and all kinds of relationships.

#7. Trust

Ways for Healthy Relationships
With the advent of social media, long distance relationships the trust issue has been one of the most important factor for breaking bonds. Citing an example no matter how late does your partner hit back at home,  or calls you only once in a while and texts you not so frequently,  you are requested not to freak out and jump to the conclusion ” I guess he/she doesn’t love me anymore and is cheating on me”. 

Trust your partner, stay positive, and think that he must be hella busy.

Still,  if this thing bugs you, talk to your partner in a civilized manner. It could start something like this,” I am afraid that our relationship is deteriorating, could we just clarify each other’s doubts,  if you permit? ”

He/she won’t be able to resist not listening to the troubled yet calmer you.

#6. Intimacy

Ways for Healthy Relationships
Well, since I am somewhat a machine and emotionally jammed person ( I mean kind of), I try staying away from all this stuff until  both one of my friends and mom started calling me a robot and a walking dead. So yeah,  this did change my perception about relationships, I guess,  spending time together and getting intimate deepens the bond too. Now how you define intimacy is totally an individual perspective. To be honest intimacy to me  is more or less, ” a  selfless touch of care and positive emotions on your the wounds of people in yout life”

#5. Care And Consideration

Ways for Healthy Relationships
I know we all will say that we do so already but we fail to realize in a monotonous and mundane daily routine, care and consideration take a back seat without any deliberate efforts.  So, make people feel special all the time. Keep track of their likes and dislikes. Be available for them when they are shattered and no one else will stand beside them. Decorate their rooms, cupboards,  cook their favorite meals, wear their favorite colors and remember their important dates,  this simply shows how much they mean to you. 

#4. Space

Ways for Healthy Relationships
How much important it is to stay together, equally it is significant to part the ways and grant space to each other. Remember they are your mother, father, brother,  sister, friends, partner second and an individual first so space should be given to everyone in your life  to  let them carry on their little, forgotten private lives.  Gift them some solace and let them introspect and  rejoice the silence and isolation.  Seriously,  it’s worth a try and you will be admired for it.

#3. Detoxify Technically

Ways for Healthy Relationships
Once in a week, stay away from your phones,  tabs, computers,  laptops, social media,  e-mails, phone calls and etc. Give all your attention to the near and dear  ones.  Weave the best moments of your lives. Dedicate full 24 hours to your loved ones. If you are in a long distance relationship or live far away from your family, pay a visit to them.  It’s going to give everyone memories to cherish. 

#2. Understand

Ways for Healthy Relationships
Understand the  rough and rogue behavior of  others. Try to step into his/her boots.  Understand every bit  as to why people you love resort to ways which are otherwise detestable and instead of reacting to them, try to respond and remain optimist about certain behavior.  Try to heal their scars and wounds, their damaged psychology. Seriously, people do want to be understood and cured too. If I act emotionally dead, I do want someone out there to figure out what’s up with me, I do wish to open up but if only you take enough time to understand me. It’s assumed that everyone functions in the same way.  Go, understand,  respond and heal. 

#1. Say No To Arguments

Ways for Healthy Relationships
Last but certainly not the least, a humble request say no to arguments.  This  argument thingy has all the power in the world to break even the strongest and deepest of all the connections. Afterall arguments are the words that get shot straight from the anger to the heart of the other person, strong enough to let them die on the spot and with that dies the relationship as well.

Even if you follow all aforementioned points and fail to follow this very point,  everything will seem trash and to no avail.
So write on your walls,” NO ARGUMENTS”

With this I conclude my article and I wish to thank you all for taking out some time to read it exclusively (remember #9 APPERCIATE) I hope all the relationships  in everyone’s life do get mended up swiftly and this world becomes a more lovable place.

Written By: Palak Gupta