Jennifer Lopez Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR
Jennifer Lopez Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR

Celebrities Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR, TOP 10

Celebrities are the one we follow the most. They are the carrier of style and trend. But they are sometimes seen in public not as expected. Their attired chosen by their stylists in some moments ends up to a wardrobe malfunction. What do they think while deciding to wear this kind of attire which can reveal their private parts publicly I wonder. These are some really shocking pictures of celebrities spotted in no underwear and almost exposing intimate body parts. The camera persons got the actual essence of it. Have a look!

10. Erica Mena

Erica Mena Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR
Erica Mena Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR.

Erica is a famous model, Singer, Actress and a well known TV personality. She got the fame for the show named ‘Love and Hip Hop’. Interesting fact about her is she once become the topper of a contest where the participants fought for their Jennifer Lopez like appearances. Being a model, she posed topless for many photographers. It is quite common for her. She was seen with two people posing while sandwiching in between them without wearing a panty. It is very obvious that she has got a really good body but is it no way to show off your butt publicly.

9. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR
Jennifer Aniston Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR.

She is one of the greatest actresses of Hollywood we have alive. I personally think Jenni hates wearing a bra. It is not one or two times public seen her in standing nipples but many times. This is may be her style statement like the Victoria’s Secret wanted to promote their new styled bras with standing nipple appearance. But it’s true that she does not look vulgar in this look.

8. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR
Kim Kardashian Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR.

Kim is known for her big assets. She is a famous American model and TV personality. She has got big, I mean really big bums. Most of the times she wears tight clothes to flaunt her bums. But many times her cold nippled boobs got our attention in public. She wore a maxi body cone dress without a bra after getting out of her daily gym classes. That picture became viral in internet in few days. Probably this was a type of publicity she wanted to create worldwide.

7. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR
Lady Gaga Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR.

Lady gaga is known for her extraordinary talents as well as for her extreme clothing style. Her choice of clothing is really devastating to us. I is clear that she wears almost everything revealing clothes for her won wish. She once changed her clothing on a stage live in front of the audiences. She hates to wear underwear in most of her outfits. She has become the queen of wardrobe malfunctions now days. Starting from nipple reveal to labia major compressing outfits, she has tasted everything!

6. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR
Miley Cyrus Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR.

Now this is what calls for a clap and a standing ovation to wear these types of clothes even in private! She was a cute little girl when she used to act for Disney. Later in life, may be due to fame, she led herself to a completely bad girl image. If she wanted publicity then yes, this was a great one. But this major step also bought her hatred of people. People don’t have to expose everything to get established I guess.

5. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR
Miranda Kerr Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR.

She is a very famous model from Australia. Miranda is very attractive and has a well maintained personality. She worked for Victoria Secret lingerie. She had been seen in various events wearing nothing at all inside her outfits. But being a model it is very normal for her to carry these types of outfits in public. No doubt that she looked gorgeous showing her cleavage in the above no bra dresses. In the side slit black gown she didn’t even wear a panty.

4. Rihanna

Rihanna Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR
Rihanna Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR.

Rihanna is one of the famous singer and songwriters we are having these days. She is amazing at stage. When she sings, the whole world gets entertained. But she really needs to think twice before choosing a garment to wear. She may be purposely dressed up in a prestigious event totally exposing her bums wearing sheer clothing. Her deep back gowns almost reveal the bum cleavage. Nip slips are very normal to Rihanna but she once had been spotted in a bra less tube top where she was looking extremely horrible.

3. Serena Williams

Serena Williams Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR
Serena Williams Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR.

Sherena is a marvelous tennis player. She ranked 1 in world women tennis player ranking many times. part from her talent, she is also known for wearing too tight and revealing clothes in the tennis courts. What led her to wear this kind of really bad tennis-wear is the question from all. Report says she inserts bum and bust enhancers inside her outfit before a match to make her assets look bigger and more attractive. Wearing a grand mom panty is a complete malfunction in tennis ground. In an event she dressed up in a pink flatter dress which was almost sheer and revealed her naked boobs in public. The picture got attention from all.

2. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR
Sharon Stone Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR.

Sharon Stone has been working in Hollywood films since 1980. She acts brilliantly in every movie. Her one of the movies named ‘Basic Instinct’ got huge publicity because of her leg cross scene where she wore a sheath dress with no underwear. She was asked for recreating the scene in many TV shows. She was spotted bra less many times in public platforms, award shows etc.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR
Jennifer Lopez Spotted in NO UNDERWEAR.

Jennifer Lopes looked stunning in the red embellished sheer gown that she wore at a Gala evening in Metropolitan Museum of Art. This time she chose not wear anything inside. She just flaunted herself really well. In an event she appeared in a boho chic look with a turban tied over her head. She looked awesome but when she moved down, her bare boobs came out and showed some interesting things to the world. Apart from all these, she has already been gone through many wardrobe malfunctions.

List Created By: Pritha Ghosh

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