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10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments of All Time

Either they’ve epically fallen over and have been recorded with their bums out, they’ve skipped the words to songs that they’ve written on stage and when they just don’t know what to do, so they cry a little and then go away. They are human after all, so they’re OK to make the same mistakes as you, except theirs are recorded down in the history of the greatest celebrity fails.

So, the next time that you fall over, just be thankful that you’re not getting bothered by the paparazzi for a shot of your legs in the air and what lingerie you have on.

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10. Beyoncé Getting Her Hair Stuck In A Fan

Beyoncé Getting Her Hair Stuck In A Fan
Beyoncé is the only woman in the world who can get her hair stuck in a fan whilst on stage and still look completely flawless. Not only has that got to hurt, but you’re going to be embarrassed and yet she carries on like a perfect trooper.

In fact, she doesn’t even acknowledge it and she manages to pull it off. How? If you got your hair stuck in a fan, you’d alarm, struggle, cry and then just cut it out.

9. James Franco Trying To Seduce Tourists

James Franco Trying To Seduce Tourists
Was it true or was it all a publicity trick?

James Franco, 35, met Lucy, 17, in New York after the production of his stage show Of Men And Men. They took a video together on Instagram and then Franco tried hopelessly to try and seduce the poor Scottish girl who was on vacation with her mum. Even though Lucy asked Franco twice for proof that it was him, she did what any teen would do who was getting chatted up by a star… she posted the whole discussion online.

His response to the embarrassment was,

“I hope parents keep their teenager away from me.” Good enough.

8. Zac Efron Dropping A Condom On The Red Carpet

Zac Efron accidentally dropped a condom as went to take something out of his pocket when walking the red carpet at The Loraz premiere
It’s not even like you can try to cover this. You’re on the red carpet, surrounded by publicists, cameras and the paparazzi, so it’s really not the best moment to reach into your pocket and unexpectedly drop a condom onto the floor. It also doesn’t help that it was the premier for a children’s film, The Lorax.

Efron wasn’t fast enough to pick it up and of course, everyone found what he was carrying about with him. His answer to the incident was:

“I never really had a pocket-checking policy before going on the red carpet before, but now we’ve fully instated one.”

At least, he’s informing safe sex.

7. Jennifer Lawrence’s Fall Up The Stairs

Jennifer Lawrence’s Fall Up The Stairs
No matter how many times she falls, you can’t admire her any less for it. Jennifer Lawrence is one of those rare women who can laugh at themselves when they fall over at the Oscars… twice. Buy falling must be her good luck beauty because she always seems to be getting every award that she’s up for.

The first time she fell was in 2013 upon receiving her award for Best Actress in Silver Linings Playbook and she refused the help of Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman who went to her side to help her up. Upon finally making it on to the stage to a standing applause from the audience she said:

“You guys are just standing because I fell and you feel bad. That was embarrassing.”

She then fell over on the red carpet at the 2014 Oscars and was still capable of laughing at herself.

6. Katy Perry’s Battle With Cake

Katy Perry cake dive.

There’s no such thing as too much cake, is there? Katy Perry would probably disagree. Whilst performing for MTV’s Latin America Awards Katy Perry did what Katy Perry does great, and that gives an epic show.

One of her aids was a giant cake, but it was really made out of cake, it didn’t just look like one. Although jumping on to it seemed like a good idea at the time, she proceeded to move and slide for a few moments and when trying to stand back up, she was Katy Perry in the cake.

She was covered in the textile and couldn’t get up, but at least, she kept on going and had a laugh whilst doing it. She was then taken away by a few people in an effort to retrieve her dignity which was already long gone.

5. Janet Jackson At The Super Bowl

Janet Jackson At The Super Bowl
Eleven years ago during the Super Bowl halftime show, boobs were flapping and set free. Well, not really boobs, more like Janet Jackson’s right breasticle. Was it really a wardrobe breakdown or was it all organised?

It was apparently a bit of both. Whilst the move was organized, Justin Timberlake was supposed to push the outside layer of Jackson’s bustier, exposing the red lace underneath, but instead, he got a bit carried away and took the whole thing off, leaving Janet’s boob exposed for the whole world to see.

Does anybody remember who won that game?

4. Justin Bieber Throwing Up On Stage

Justin Bieber vomits
There are a time and place for being sick, but when you have to throw up when you’re on stage in front of multitudinous of people, the only decent thing to do is to just turn around and throw your guts up. Forget about running backstage, this is something that your fans have spent for, right?

In 2012, Justin Bieber was playing in Phoenix on the opening night of his lengthy tour, so it wasn’t the most suitable time for him to throw up. Unable to make it back stage, he threw up on stage whilst playing ‘Out Of Town Girl’ and then again during ‘Beauty And The Beat’. Fair play to him though as he carried on with the rest of the night, but was it very bad milk like he claimed, or was it butterflies?

3. Naomi Campbell Falling Over On The Catwalk

naomi falling off heels
Would you be able to walk easily in a pair of nine inch Westwood heels? Probably not, and neither could Naomi Campbell. Although her fall wasn’t as sensational as Carrie Bradshaw in her catwalk appearance in Sex And The City, but for a professional model, it’s something that you don’t need to be known for.

Campbell fell over at Vivienne Westwood’s Paris runway show back in 1993 and she fell hard. In reality, she looked a little confused about it. But at least, she was able to laugh and continue going for it.

2. Madonna’s 2015 Brit Tumble

Madonna’s 2015 Brit Tumble
This was probably the most debated moment at the Brit Awards and what a tumble it was. You’re astonished that she didn’t put her hip out, and the point that she just got up and carried on is the work of a private trooper.

In terms of a fashion option, the cape looked wonderful but it proved to be a problem regarding how quickly it pulled her onto the floor. A dancer tried to remove her cape but somehow ended up taking her with it, the standard excuse was that the cape was tied too tight.

1. Fergie Peeing Herself on Stage

Embarrassing Celebrity Moments
We’ve all had our times when you just don’t make it to the toilet on time, fortunately for you, you’re not on stage in front of multitudinous of people wearing some unfortunate shorts.

Even though this incident happened around a decade ago, Fergie has only just started the time that she peed herself on stage. She agrees that it was one of the most embarrassing moments of her life and that it doesn’t just happen all the time.

The band were late getting to their stage act and when your appearance is being demanded by thousands of people, you don’t exactly always have time to go to the toilet. Here’s what she had to answer about it:

“I’m running on and we jump and do ‘Let’s Get It Started’, and I get crazy and I jump and I run across the stage and my adrenaline was going and gosh, I wish it didn’t happen. It was so embarrassing!”

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