Top 10 Weirdest Wedding Couples Ever

One thing common in every society among humans is marriage but the wedding traditions vary from culture to culture and state to state. All over the world some of strange traditions are practiced which is actually quite hard to explain. These rituals are strange in the eye of the beholder but most of these have significant meanings and historical validation.

Your wedding is a huge part of your amazing, lifelong adventure as a couple. Don’t let your ceremony be anything but extraordinary! Certain people do take wedding ceremonies to extremes and come up with the most bizarre and weird ideas for their wedding day. Check out these photographs of 10 weirdest wedding couples ever. I hope that their marriage didn’t turn out to be as awkward and funny as their weddings.

The 10 of Weirdest Wedding Couples Ever:

Weirdest Wedding Couples Ever
Wedding dresses as heroes from “Star Wars”. And instead of a priest – Princess Leia (image courtesy;
Weirdest Wedding Couples Ever
Beauty will save the world? And what beauty is – if not harmony. This couple really look very harmoniously after all? (image courtesy;
bizarre weddings
Wedding in McDonald’s restaurant. Cheap and tasty. Judging by the size of bride and groom, this is their favorite meeting place. (courtesy;
Weirdest Wedding Couples
Mothers-in-law know that telepathic communication with men, leading their daughters down the aisle is necessary to keep thing running smoothly. (courtesy;
Weirdest Wedding Couples Ever
Zombie wedding: they’ll decompose together in a long and happy life. (courtesy;
bizarre wedding tradition
Nice shelter…Safety first. (courtesy;
totally bizarre wedding
Men like to show their women. To make other men envy them. And if you’re old, bald and waring glasses – how else to conquer the public, if not by displaying young attractive wife. (courtesy;
unusual wedding
Fiona and Shrek in real life…. (courtesy;
naked wedding ceremony
Not enough money? Caribbean wedding then. (courtesy;
bizarre wedding young couple
Gothic, or whatever today’s youth call this? (courtesy;