Top 10 Things to do After a Breakup

Top 10 Things to do After a Breakup

There are many kinds of advices available for those who are recuperating from a heartbreaking split in relationship. Romantic liaisons can become very psychologically challenging. This is the reason why it becomes doubly difficult to cope with breakups which can be literally devastating. Many love gurus will typically suggest you to move on and start looking for new partners to fill the void. But this can backfire as it may bring back the fond memories of the relation that has just ended. It is better to try out the following instead in case of a heart shattering split.

Top 10 Things to do After a Breakup

1. Watching movies

Watching movies Things to do After a Breakup
The oldest trick in the book which is useful for curing mood swings. It does not matter if the movies are of high quality or not. As long as you find them entertaining, it should be a good enough idea to go ahead and watch it to help you unwind. You can even try to get yourself a new blind date and enjoy the latest flick in town with a total stranger.

2. Hanging out with friends

Hanging out with friends
As the old saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. It is really important to spend time with those friends who are sympathetic and hence can understand your pains. Empathy is a very potent weapon with which any kind of mental distress can be fought off.

3. Spending quality time with family

Spending quality time with family
When you were in the relationship, you probably did not get to spend too much time with your family members. This is because you were perhaps too engrossed in this relation. Now is the time to forget the past and redeem your mistakes. There are few people in the world who love you like your family members. Getting to spend time with them is a matter of good fortune.

4. Surfing the net

Sexy Businesswoman
Although this is something we always do, this time you can choose to search for sites which can help you spend time idly. Playing some online games may also help relax your muscles. It would be a mistake to assume that any site will be helpful. You should not try to seek help online from unauthentic sources. Medical advice should always be sought from the best doctors. However, the internet is still a good place to know how to pass time more enjoyably.

5. Concentrating on one’s work

Girls Making Base
Another useful idea is to just focusing on whatever it is that you do for a living. Whether you teach in a school or work for a company, it will be advisable to ignore everything else and just set some small goals for yourself which you need to fulfill within a short span.

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6. Listening to good music

Listening to good music
All of us tend to love music and there must be genres that you like in particular. You should try to get hold of the music albums of your favorite bands. Then listen to these until they become boring when you can move on to the next favorite in the list. You can create your own playlists so that you can listen to them whenever you feel down.

7. Reading meaningful books

Mature woman reading a book in her sofa
All of us read cheap fiction, thrillers, murder mysteries and romantic novels all the time. But these cannot help take the attention away from the harmful stuff. Instead, they will make us even more impatient. This is why it is more crucial to read some serious books which will require a bigger attention span and uses the faculties of the brain more comprehensively.

8. Going on weekend trips

girl on stairs
There are excellent exotic places which can serve as the sites to escape to from the hustle and bustle of city from time to time. You should earmark some of these places or maybe you can check out new ones too. This will add the spice of adventure. You should also consult friends and family members before taking the decision. Sea beaches and hilly areas are the best choices but preferably you should take smaller trips so that your mind does not have the chance to entertain hurtful reminisces.

9. Learning some musical instrument

Learning some musical instrument
Music can play a big role in providing some mental peace. Research shows how the musical waves can soothe the nerves. All your anxiety will be gone if you start practicing some musical instrument like violin, guitar, mouth organ or piano. You should opt for an instrument that suits you best.

10. Trying out new hobbies

Trying out new hobbies
Constructive engagement of some sort is really necessary so that the mind cannot drift and is not plagued by the painful memories. It is a better idea to speak to a counselor at times but it is not mandatory. Sometimes, it can even prove to be counterproductive. The best idea is to try out some gardening or collecting coins which are popular hobbies.

Written By: Kisholoy Mukherjee

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