10 Most Iconic Gay Anthems
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Most Iconic Gay Anthems – Top 10 of All Time

There have been songs which have become part of the popular culture. They have become sources of inspirations and expressions for LGBT people. So, let’s take a look into 10 Of The Most Iconic Gay Anthems of All Time.

10 Most Iconic Gay Anthems of All Time:

10. Diana Ross – “I’m Coming Out”

The 1980 song by Diana Ross from her tenth album ‘Diana’, peaked the Billboard Hot 100 at number 5. It has been since then identified as a gay anthem and made Diana a gay icon. The idea for this song came after noticing three different drag queens dressed as Diana Ross at a New York club. The song has been covered by Hella von Sinnen,  Marcia Hines and  Amerie and has been sampled by Ariana Grande,  Stevie J and  Keyshia Col. It served as the source of inspiration of many queer people to come out to their loved ones.

9. “Believe” – Cher

The 1998 single from Cher’s twenty second album of the same name. The song peaked at number 1 in Billboard Hot 100 weekly charts and also reached number 1 in Year-End charts in 1999 and reached at number 31 in Decade-End charts of 1990-99. It was voted as the world’s eighth favourite song in a poll released by BBC. It has become one of the most well recognised gay anthems, because it reminded that even at times of hopelessness, one must believe in oneself.

8. “Express Yourself” – Madonna

The 1989 single from Madonna’s fourth album ‘Like A Prayer’ was an iconic song back then and even today. It urged people to be who they are and to take pride in expressing oneself. The song had the themes of feminism, women empowerment and to be one self. It peaked at number 2 in Billboard Hot 100.

7. “Born This Way” – Lady Gaga

The 2011 song from Lady Gaga’s second studio album by the same name is the latest entrant into the list of gay anthems and is also the youngest among the songs in the list. Upon its release, it took the world by storm. The song was dedicated to everyone who is considered to be different by the society , either based on his race, sex, sexuality, colour of the skin, religion, or for any other basis as a matter of fact. The song reached number one in over 25 countries to top the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and the 1,000th song in that chart’s history (since 1958) to reach number one. “Born This Way” has sold 8.2 million copies worldwide, becoming one of the best-selling singles of all time.

6. “I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor

The 1978 song from Gloria Gaynor’s sixth studio album. The song immediately upon its release became a symbol of female empowerment and gay empowerment. It gave out the message that although people can physically destroy us, they cannot destroy our soul. We all will survive for being who we are. It peaked at number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 weekly chart and at number 6 in the Year-End chart for 1979.

5. “Outlaws Of Love” – Adam Lambert

The song by 32 year old American singer, songwriter, and stage actor Adam Lambert spoke about how we distinguish love and put them under custody if they don’t fall within the radar of ‘normalness’ of society. The openly gay singer laid his heart out in the song and it has become a famous gay anthem.

4. “True Colors” – Cyndi Lauper

The 1986 song from Cyndi Lauper’s second album of the same name gave every person regardless of their sexuality, race, skin colour the hope to show their true colour and to believe in themselves. It spent two weeks in the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached number 41 in Year-End charts for the year 1986.

3. “It’s Raining Men” – The Weather Girls

The 1982 song by The Weather Girls from their third studio album ‘Success’. This was the song which brought gay anthem into mainstream culture and gave gay anthems prominence. It is about just going out there with your hair down and having fun for who are. It has become a symbol of dance anthem, gay anthem, and classic female anthem. It reached number one in five countries and top 10 in thirteen other countries.

2. “Beautiful” – Christina Aguilera

The 2002 single form Christina Aguilera’s fourth studio album ‘Stripped’. The song peaked at number 2 in Billboard Hot 100 Weekly Charts and number in Year-End Charts for the year 2003. It topped the charts in countries like Australia, Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand. It won GLAAD Media Award for its positive portrayal of gay and transgender people. In 2011, UK LGBT rights organization Stonewall named “Beautiful” the most empowering song of the previous decade for gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. In 2009, Rolling Stone and VH1 listed it as one of the best songs of the 2000s. It won a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and was also nominated for Song of the Year at the 2004 ceremony. It told people that no matter who they are, they are beautiful and they should not let anyone bring them down.

1. “I’ve Never Been To Me” – Charlene


The 1977 song by Charlene by American R&B singer, although may come as a surprise, but is seen as a gay anthem because of the message it gives away. It tells that since that since the society does not let us who we are just because we don’t fall into the norms, therefore in order to fill into the shoes, we most of the times fail to be who we are at the end of the day. So, it’s time that we live for ourselves and be who we are and take a journey to be us.

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