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Most Corrupt Countries in the world 2017

Corruption is the improper use of public office for personal gains normally through accepting, solicitation or obtaining a bribe. It can also be through appointments made by politicians and nepotism; Theft of state property or the use of state revenues in a manner that is not right. Corruption exists in all sectors of the society for example; Military, national and local governments, the judiciary functions, civil society, small businesses and many others. It has also been a major cause and a source of poverty around the world.

Corruption slows down the development of a country through economic, political and health development. The average income in the most corrupt countries is approximately a third of that of countries with the least level of corruption; this is according to the World Bank. Illiteracy levels and infant mortality rate is also very high in these countries. Anti-corruption measures have been put in place to combat corruption, but no country has been able to do away with corruption entirely. I have therefore listed some of the most corrupt countries in the world below.

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These are ten most corrupt countries.

10. Eritrea

Asmara Eritrea
Eritrea is number ten on the list of the most corrupt countries in the world. Its official name is the state of Eritrea, and it borders Ethiopia in the south and Sudan in the west and Djibouti in the south-east. It has the largest number of immigrants that leave the country every day going to Europe in search for a better life. Poverty level here is very high, and many people lack jobs, and the country is also suffering from political repression.

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9. Libya

Revolution in Libya
This is a country that is located in North Africa, and it has a population of approximately 6 million people. The poverty level in this country is very high and the consumer price index is decreasing at a very high rate. One of the factors that have made Libya be one of the top ten most corrupt countries is the fact that it has been led by one president for close to four decades which is slowing the development in this country. Almost all sectors in this country are suffering from corruption which dragging the country behind in terms of development.

8. Uzbekistan

Corruption in this country has been very high and it is one of the world’s most corrupt countries. Several factors that are contributing to corruption in this country are; Corrupt government officials and there is no action that is taken against them. Civil servants are paid very lowly which forces them to take bribes. The police force is also very corrupt, and they use false charges to prevent anyone from reporting their acts and torture is also used in the criminal justice system to enforce law among other factors. There are laws against corruption, but they are poorly put in action.

7. Turkmenistan

This is a country in Central Asia and the least populated. It is one of the most corrupt countries in the world according to the corruption perception index. Corruption is so high among the ruling families and the only source of jobs is a gas agreement they have signed with China. There is also a high level of corruption among top officials in the energy industry. Living conditions in Turkmenistan are deteriorating, and there is a shortage of staple foods hence their prices are increasing now and then. However, there is a public campaign that has been going on against corruption and it is picking up very fast.

6. Iraq

Most Corrupt Countries Iraq
The Republic of Iraq is a country in western Asia with a total population of approximately 39 million people and a GDP of 613 billion USD. The state of corruption in Iraq is growing very widely and particularly among the security forces and the officials that enforce the law in Iraq. the leaders entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining law and order are allowing the Islamic state jihadists to return to places it kept under control at one point. in addition to the current situation during Saddam’s regime, the country was suffering from the effects of corruption a situation now worsened by the current leaders. Corruption has greatly affected the economic growth in this country and development triggering high poverty levels.

5. South Sudan

South Sudan
The Republic South Sudan attained its independence in 2011, and it is a landlocked country situated in the Northeastern part of the African continent. Despite having gold and plenty of land that is suitable for cultivation and being Africa’s 5th most country with the largest oil reserve, it is among the world’s poorest and least developed countries. It is also one of the African countries with the highest level of illiteracy. Corruption in this country is termed as one of the worst in the world but the nation lack ways of getting rid of fraud among government officials. This problem is further facilitated by the lack of transparency within the South Sudan government.

4. Afghanistan

Afghan children work
It is also known as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and has a total population of approximately 35 million people. It is also popular for having terror groups such as the Al-Qaeda. Afghanistan is in a constant war which is been facilitated by factors such as poor governance, rule of laws that are weak, and well established financial support systems and corruption. The removal of international combat troops from Afghanistan left the national economy struggling and a security environment that is not secure. Measures to help fight corruption have been rendered futile.

3. Sudan

Situation in Sudan
Sudan is a country in Africa that is located in the Northeastern part of the continent. It has a total population of approximately 40million people. Even after decades of civil war, political discontent and a state of commotion Sudan is still facing a lot of governance and challenges that are related to corruption. Some of the factors that are making corruption to be evident in Sudan are: public servants demanding more payment, and there is also a state of patronage that is having an adverse effect in that it is altering market competition to the disadvantage of political firms and the misuse of public funds. There is also corruption in the police and security forces which diminish internal security and allows the improper use of political and civil rights. The absence of transparency in the oil sector is also making Northern and Southern parts of Sudan to be unstable.

2. North Korea

Also known as the Democratic Republic of Korea, and it is the second most corrupt country in the world. It has a population of approximately 25 million. It is at number 63 as the most populated country in the world. A number of factors such as; Public officials taking bribes, manufacturing of fake medicine among others are contributing to corruption in this country. The only investors in this country are China and South Korea

1. Somalia

For almost 2 decades Somali has not had a functioning government. It depends on help from other countries such as the USA. Corruption has been fuelled by many factors some of them being; The absence of a central functioning government, leaders who are not well skilled in leading the country and also these leaders are poorly paid which does not motivate them to do their jobs well.

Corruption has manifested itself through various practices, some of them being; Embezzlement of public finance, misappropriation of donor and public funds, lack of government officials failing to disclose their actual resource flow and also unethical and professional negligence. This is according to a recent report from the prime minister. Despite having so many anti-corruption measures put in place to try and end corruption it has not bore any results.

As you can see corruption is a very serious problem in most countries and can really affect a country’s development if measures are not put in place to curb against it.

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