Most Bizarre Toys For Children

Most Bizarre Toys For Children – Top 10

Gone are the days when a simple, cute toy would bring a smile to every child’s face. With the many different high end and high tech gadgets and tools, toys are no longer considered as the best gifts for a child. From mobile phones, tablets and new gadgets, children no longer prefer to play with simple small toys. However, this article does not get into this aspect, instead it discusses some of the most bizarre and weirdest toys any child could have. Scary, inappropriate or just simply meaningless, these toys are definitely a riot, but they are quiet interesting, so keep reading and enjoy.

10. Look-alike dolls

Most Bizarre Toys For Children
This toy is not necessarily meant for young children only, adults who are kids at heart or just simply passionate about collecting dolls, this toy would definitely fascinate you. The specially designed doll is made to look exactly like you, eyes, nose, facial expressions, hair and the rest. They are not available off any shelf, which is pretty obvious, hence are made by special order. This concept is completely and uniquely different yet very strange compared to any other doll for your kid.

9. Peewee Herman Doll

Talking Pee-Wee Herman doll
Among the many different unique types of dolls, this miniature version of the famous Peewee Herman is definitely one of a kind. Try to imagine your five year old with a doll that looks like Peewee; it definitely isn’t a sweet sight. Peewee Herman was the lovable host of a famous children’s television show, yes, we remember his extremely funny voice, his face, the weird characters and the silly songs but why would any company want to create and take the trouble of manufacturing a doll that looked like him, especially with a strangely evil grin. The link shows how most people would like this doll; however some would find it extremely ghastly.

8. Adolf Hitler doll

Ukraine - Adolf Hitler doll
Out of all the toys that you could buy for your children, an Adolf Hitler doll would not be the very best gift choice. This doll has no color, no cheerfulness on his face, and it does not produce any funny or exciting sounds. Now isn’t that boring for a child’s toy! However people who like collecting war criminals and would like to add to their quirky collection, this doll would definitely be a great collector’s piece. But if you think of gifting this doll to your child, he or she may find it weird and would probably return it asking for a Barbie!

7. Re-born baby

reborn baby dolls
Created by a lady named Deborah king, this concept of creating a doll that resembled a new born baby, especially when it is so close to a real baby, is somewhat scary and nerve-racking. This doll might just frighten any kid, with its soft baby like skin and scary facial expressions. The website shows in-depth details of the doll. These dolls are extremely expensive and so life-like. However, the thought of having something that looks so life like, being thrown around the house is definitely a scary thought.

6. Pee and Poo Plush toys

 Most Bizarre Toys For Children
Just by reading the name, it is obvious what these dolls are all about. Yes human excretion in the form of play toys! These two unique toys have been specially created to allow your children to be comfortable with the whole idea of pee and poo. Every child would obviously get to know what it is as some point in their toddler-hood, but creating a toy out of it for children to play with is over the top. The very thought of having your child play with their own pee and poo is a little disturbing although it may seem fun to some kids hence these toys may just be liked by some parents who have trouble cleaning up their kids after a pee-poo ordeal!

5. god doll

god toy
This particular toy is definitely one of a kind. It is a doll that adorns a long white coat and pants and has a long white beard, mostly available at Christian superstores like the Jesus Christ Store in most parts of America. But if you think this is bizarre, this god doll comes with an AK-47, yes that’s right, a gun. A company as bizarre as this creates a doll names it “god almighty” and gives him a weapon. This toy is one among most of the weirdest toys that can be given to any kid. Sure, teach your child that the lord god is a deadly thug who wears white and carries a weapon just in-case he doesn’t get what he wants!

4. Peek-a-boo Stripper pole

Most Bizarre Toys For Children
Whoever thought, encouraging your child to be a stripper at a young age is a good idea? Everyone knows the use of a stripper pole and the basic concept behind it. Now this can be gifted to your young, fast learning, and innocent children in the form of a cute toy! It comes with a chrome pole and a DVD with instructions on how to use it. Many big toy stores all across the world have actually removed this toy off their retail stands and some have even been condemned. So for parents who would like to give their kids a bright secured future, start training then with this incredible creation!

3. Chopped up bloody doll

One of the most disturbing and weirdest toys that Japan could ever create, yes, a chopped up lady doll. The designers and manufacturers of this doll thought the idea of a gruesome chopped lady covered in blood would excite their children or even make them happy? Blood, body parts and dead meat is definitely exciting according to the creators of this item. It was specially designed to show children either the different parts of a cut up lady, or just give them a chance to play with a dead lady.

2. Breast feeding doll

Breastfeeding baby doll
Any toy that comes with a tagline “Don’t wait till you have breast to breast feed your baby”, should be give the award for the most creative idea! This doll sends out a completely wrong message to every girl child who is growing up. It is not right for them to know such details at such a young age and the thought of giving birth or having babies should not even be discussed! Teaching a young girl about pregnancy and childbirth was definitely important to the designers and creators of this doll.

1. Shave the baby

Most Bizarre Toys For Children
Among all the different weirdest and most bizarre toys, this one from Japan definitely beats them all. This “shave the baby” doll comes with disturbing underarm hair, ankle hair, as well as hair in the pubic region. The doll can be shaved in these areas and who would have thought that children would actually like it? Whoever came up with this idea definitely ran out of ideas for creating a doll for kids to play with instead of “groom” them.

So here you have it, the top ten most weirdest and bizarre toys any one could ever come across. These one of a kind pieces of play things are extremely interesting to look at and somehow at the back of your mind, you too would want to take a closer look! But for children, as play toys, I would strongly say they aren’t appropriate. Give your kid toys that they can enjoy and have fun with as well as learn something from, rather than be scared of, taught the wrong message or just a toy that makes no sense!

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