Best Selling Soft Drinks

10 of World’s Best Selling Soft Drinks

When it is a hot day and our thirst just cannot be quenched with plain old water, what do we look for? Yes, soft drinks. These fruity fizzy drinks are our best friends when we need a cool refreshing break from the unrelenting heat. But which of the many brands or products do we choose? Maybe this list will help a bit as we flow through the best of the best. So, whether in a can or a bottle, which soft drink will you choose out of these ten Best Selling Soft Drinks?

10. Diet Dr. Pepper

Diet Dr. Pepper
Known as the oldest major soft drink brand in the United States of America, Dr. Pepper has slowly but surely taken over the world with its distinctive flavour. The Diet Dr. Pepper is the sugar free version of the drink and was introduced to the public in the year 1962. It was initially called “Sugar Free Dr. Pepper”. The brand was founded by Charles Alderton in Waco, Texas around the 1880’s. Although it took a long time for the drink to gain recognition, it peaked to its 10th position in the year 2006 and is comfortably settled there.

9. Fanta

Best Selling Soft Drinks Fanta
Marketed by the giant company Coca-Cola, Fanta is one of the best known soft drinks around the world. Started in Germany in 1941, Fanta grew to be one of the most loved orange soft drink among kids and adults alike. Although the orange flavour is the best known, Fanta has over 100 plus flavours which include grape, pineapple, lemon, and strawberry as the favourites in the United States. Fanta releases different flavours in different regions of the world and some flavours are released as a limited edition to engage the customers.

8. Diet Mountain Dew

Diet Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew was created by Barney and Ally Hartman in Tennessee in the year 1940. It is now entirely owned as well as manufactured by PepsiCo. The Diet Mountain Dew or Sugar Free Mountain Dew was issued to the consumers in 1988. It as an instant hit especially among the health conscious people. There are many different flavours of Diet Mountain Dew but some of the best known and consumed ones are “Voltage”, “Code Red” and “Ultra Violet”. Although most of these flavours are not distributed around the world, Diet Mountain Dew’s signature flavour remains constant in every sip.

7. Diet Pepsi

Diet Pepsi
The giant among diet cola’s, Diet Pepsi is quite obviously owned by PepsiCo. It was started in 1964 and holds the name of “The first diet cola in the United States”. It is known as Pepsi Light or Pepsi Diet in and around Europe and has a number of delicious flavours to its name. Some of these flavours are vanilla, lemon; wild cherry and caffeine free Diet Pepsi. PepsiCo being one of the biggest soft drink companies in the world, Diet Pepsi was destined to do remarkably well as a soft drink for the sugar-fearing consumers.

6. Sprite

Sprite Best Selling Soft Drinks
Another best seller from the Coca-Cola Company, Sprite has become a beloved soft drink worldwide. Its lime-lemon taste leaves the body feeling refreshed. Coca-Cola introduced Sprite to the public as a competitive drink to PepsiCo’s 7Up. Both the drinks have gone head to head for years ever since and the consumers still cannot choose between the two mega drinks. The various flavours of Sprite are Sprite Zero, Sprite Remix Ice, Sprite Super Lemon and Sprite Super Chilled.

5. Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper
The Dr. Pepper soft drink was available and commercially sold in the United States in the year 1904. It was initially sold as a tonic for the brain as well as an energy drink. Apart from the soft drink, Dr. Pepper has many other products which are produced by various different companies. Some of the products are Dr. Pepper Jelly Beans, Dr. Pepper lip balm called “Lip Smackers” made by Bonne Bell – a well-known cosmetic company, Vita Food Products use the Dr. Pepper flavour in their Dr. Pepper Cherry Dessert Topping and in their Dr. Pepper Slurpee’s. In total, Dr. Pepper has over 23 different flavours.

4. Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew
Also known around the world as MTN Dew, it is a citrus flavoured soft drink brought to us by the PepsiCo Company. The creators of this drink, Barney and Ally Hartman introduced the brand to its customers in 1940 and it changed the way people looked at soft drinks ever again. The ironic thing about this drink is that the Hartman’s took their idea to the Coca-Cola Company but they turned it down. In 1964, PepsiCo opened their arms to Mountain Dew and soon realized it was a brilliant move. The drink has 30 plus flavours. In 2004, Taco Bell took distribution rights for their unique flavour called “Mountain Dew Baja Blast”. They are also the sponsors for the “X-Games” since 1990.

3. Pepsi

Pepsi 330ml Can
Originally named Brad’s Drink in 1893 and developed by Caleb Bradham. He was a pharmacist that worked and lived in New Bern, North Carolina. The drink was then changed to Pepsi-Cola in the month of August, 1898 and finally it was called Pepsi in 1961. Seeing how well Pepsi was doing, the Coca-Cola company sought out to purchase the brand but their offer was declined. Now, Pepsi has over fifty flavours and is distributed to all parts of the world.

2. Diet Coke

Taylor Swift for Diet Coke
Diet Coke or Coca-Cola Light was first introduced in 1982. The soft drink is known as the first brand under the Coca-Cola Trademark. It is a favourite for customers that face sugar problems or for people who just want to maintain their waist lines. The Diet Coke brand has over twelve varieties such as Diet Coke with Lemon, Diet Cherry Coke, Diet Raspberry Coke and Diet Vanilla Coke just to name a few. Diet Coke takes the number 2 spot on this list because it has proved itself as being the number one sugar free soft drink and has gained its customers confidence.

1. Coke (Classic)

There is nothing better than being number 1 and Coca-Cola worked really hard at achieving that. The classic Coca-Cola, AKA Coke, is the bestselling soft drink in the world and for many reasons. It was created by a pharmacist named John Pemberton in the 19th Century. He worked in his small drugstore in Columbus, Georgia and was made as a medication initially. The Coke drink was registered in the United States under the Coca-Cola Company in 1944. The brand celebrated their 50th anniversary recently and is United States’ National Icon. Coke Vanilla, Coke Cherry and Coke Orange are the most famous flavours of the brand.

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