10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes
Karolina x Xavin by Autumn-Sacura

10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes, SuperVillains

There have been outrage among many comic world fans as to why there is so less portrayal of queer characters in the comic world. But with changing times, publishers and writers are introducing the sexuality element more and more in nowadays comics. Let’s take a look at 10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes and SuperVillains.

10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes, SuperVillains:

10. Moondragon

10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes, SuperVillains
10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes, SuperVillains.

Marvel Comic Universe’s fictional character, Moondragon who first appeared in 1973 is affiliated to teams like Infinity Watch, Defenders, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy. She is most notable for her shaved head, superiority complex and her achievement of excellence in virtually every area of human accomplishment. She is a highly skilled geneticist and engineer, experienced starship pilot, master martial artist and has telepathic power as well, besides having low level telekinetic power as well. She is openly bisexual who has over the years been romantically involved with romantically attracted to Daredevil, Thor, Cloud, Quasar, Marlo Chandler, and Phyla-Vell.

9. Shatterstar

10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes, SuperVillains.

Mutant superhero Shatterstar who first appeared in 1991, and who is affiliated to teams like The Cadre Alliance, X-Force, New Mutants and X-Factor Investigations is one of the powerful characters in comic world. Among his powers are Superhuman senses and physical abilities, accelerated healing and enhanced cognition. He can generate vibratory shockwaves and create teleportation portals through his swords. Although initially shown as asexual, Shatterstar gained significant popularity when he was linked with superhero Rictor and they even shared a kiss and have been shown as a couple.

8. Xavin

Karolina x Xavin by Autumn-Sacura
Karolina x Xavin by Autumn-Sacura

Runaways member Xavin first appeared as a black man, but changed himself into a black female for fellow team member Karolina Dean, a lesbian, whom he was about to marry. Among the many powers are Shapeshifting, Elasticity, Superhuman strength and durability, Invisibility, Force field projection, Flight and Fire manipulation. Xavin’s ability to transform into various genders as per the situations has raised many questions about her gender identity across comic fans worldwide.

7. Hulking

Wiccan and Hulking Sketch Card by JeffLafferty
10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes, SuperVillains.

We first met Marvel Comic Universe’s superhero Hulking in 2005. A member of Young Avengers, Hulking’s powers include Shapeshifting, Superhuman Strength and Accelerated Healing Factor. He and fellow team member and teenage superhero Wiccan’s relationship has received widespread attentions from comic fans and have become one of the most talked about gay couple in the comic world.

6. Mikaal Tomas

Mikaal Tomas
10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes, SuperVillains.

DC Comics superhero Mikaal Tomas, an alien who was initially shown as a capturer of earth, later turned against his war-like people in defence of the human race. Mikaal has been shown as a prominent gay figure, whose partner Tony, with whom he shared 12 year long relationship dies in 2010. He is identified with his blue skin.

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5. Rictor

10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes, SuperVillains.

Marvel Universe’s superhero Rictor first appeared in 1987 and is affiliated to teams like X-Factor Investigations, Purifiers, X-Factor, X-Terminators, New Mutants, Weapon, P.R.I.M.E., X-Force and X-Corporation. He is Capable of releasing seismic energy through his fingertips, using it to create earthquakes, shockwaves or otherwise transport earth matter. Hs relationship, which was genereted by the kiss that he shared with Shatterstar, is one of the well known gay relationships in the comic world.

4. Daken

10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes, SuperVillains.

Marvel Comics supervillain Daken can spook fear amongst his competitors with just his looks alone. Son of Wolverine and Itsu, he is a member of Dark Avengers, Dark X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants and Horsemen of Death. His power includes regenerative healing factor, retractable claws, hyper senses, superhuman physical ability, immunity to telepathy and pheromone manipulation. Besides, he is also an excellent martial artist. He is bisexual, who have engaged in numerous relationships with both men and women throughout the years.

3. Batwoman

10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes, SuperVillains.

Perhaps, one of the most grey characters in the history of comic world, Batwoman first appeared in 1956. She is a member of Batman Family, Female Furies and Batman Incorporated. To list some of powers, they would include the facts that she is an exceptional athlete, martial artist and highly skilled detective. Besides, she has access to bat-themed weapons and equipment. Her sexual orientation grabbed widespread media coverage. She is most of the times been referred as a lesbian.

2. Bunker

Bunker (a DC Comics character)
DC Comics Bunker is a gay comic book superhero who shares her ancestry to Mexico is a member of Teen Titans and his most well recognised power is construction of energy. In July, 2012, it comic fans were told that information regarding his boyfriend would be revealed soon.

1. Northstar

10 Favourite LGBT SuperHeroes, SuperVillains.

Our first encounter with Marvel Comics superhero Northstar happened in 1979. He is a member of X-Men, Children of the Vault, HYDRA, Alpha Flight, Secret Defenders, FLQ, Alpha Squadron and Dawn of White Light. His power includes superhuman speed, durability, flight and light manipulation. He is one of the first comic characters to come out as gay in a book published by Marvel Comics. His marriage to his partner Kyle Jinadu in 2012 is regarded a milestone in the history of both comic world and LGBT and queer community.

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