10 Blogs Math Students Will Love
10 Blogs Math Students Will Love

Top 10 Blogs Math Students Will Love

You’re getting a C grade in Math and you just need a little helping hand with your math homework, here are a few blogs that may make your life a little easier. Not everyone can grasp the logic of Math and apart from putting two and two together; I personally have a tough time understanding calculus and other complicated areas of Math. If you’re a little stuck and need help with your math homework, here are a few blogs that will help you get your work done.

10 Blogs Math Students Will Love
10 Blogs Math Students Will Love.

10 Blogs Math Students Will Love

#10. Math equals love

Whether you’re trying to make head or tails of functions, independent and dependent variables and all that sort, you’ll have some light shed on this math fuzziness when you visit this website. Very simply explained so that an absolute Math noob like me can understand, this has diagrams that clearly explain with examples so you’re not left wondering what that was all about.

#9. My math done

You’re looking for that quick solution or you really can’t afford to allocate time for a private Math tuition, this website mymathdone.com has what you’re looking for. As the website suggests, if you’re looking for help with your Math homework, they can assist you. You’re looking to better your grades, this is the best online help you’ll get for doing your math homework. For a small fee, they have a 24 hour helpline to answer all your Math related problems and help in solving your math homework.

#8. Math for love

Taking favorite lessons for fifth graders and compiling it into a nice little booklet, this blog experiments with activities to build up an understanding of Math. If you need help with your math homework, this blog helps students to get an understanding of volume in many geometric shapes like cubes and squares to solve complex problems.

#7. For the love of teaching math

As you can see from the website name, the person behind the creation of this website has a passion for Math and math related topics. She has successfully broken down the explanation of multiplying and dividing integers amongst other mathematical problems into simple and easy steps. Applying catchy tunes of popular rhymes and songs to her mathematical lyrics, she has cleverly managed to make Math fun. She has also created a game “I have/ who has” which simplifies math problems and helps the students figure out the answers in a fun way. By adding a fun element to learning math, she has successfully helped many students grasp the basics of Math so that their math homework can be done by themselves without breaking their heads over it. Check the site HERE.

#6. Learn with math games

This site aims at making Math fun. Math has been associated with tedious hours of trying to cram in knowledge that just refuses to stay in our minds. Something as simple as learning your multiplication tables is made easier. This is the building blocks of math in the future. To know how to add, subtract and multiply is the foundation of all math related homework problems you may have. This breaks down the multiplication table so that the student finds it easier to remember the basics. So keep that calculator away, our math whiz kids can solve your math problems.

#5. Fun to teach math

This Math blog gets other bloggers who have a passion for math to get together to share math teaching ideas and activities that could inspire students to pick up Math quicker. If you’ve noticed, a lot of these blogs are oriented towards the English speaking audience, but if you’re teaching English as a second language the activities on this site will help you get the message across faster.

#4. I choose math

A fun way of understanding Math is by incorporating it into art. There are many ways to understand the basics of Math and the creator of this site has smartly used art to get the message across. Many times we are stuck with our math homework because we stare into a page of numbers and try to make sense of the numbers swimming in front of our eyes. But convert it into art or a 3D object; it starts to make better sense. You can check out his math gallery to get an idea of how math can be made fun, whether you are in school or you are teaching your kids.

#3. Hoodamath

This has got to be the most fun site on the internet teaching math to students of all ages. If you’re in first grade or in high school, if you’re facing problems with multiplications, integers or algebra, this site has you learning math the entertaining way. Many people, including me find Math a little hard to grasp. The basics are easy, but the minute it gets more complicated than one plus one, I start reaching out for my calculator. This website has many different games, bringing the element of fun back into learning Math.

#2. MooMooMath

This blog has many pages all explaining different aspects of Math. Whether you’re in high school, middle school or generally have a problem in understanding the basics of Math, this website will clear your math doubts with diagrams and videos that are easy to follow. Simple catchy songs have been compiled in this site to offer viewers an easy way to learn Math instead of searching throughout the net for videos that could make your life a lot simpler. This blog shows how much of a transition music and ‘fun’ element has made into the realm of education.

#1. Home School Math

We place a lot of importance on the education that schools impart to students, but there is a large segment of children that are home schooled. This blog looks to help parents to educate their kids in fun ways to make learning easier. Not many homes have the same infrastructure and resources a conventional school would have, and this helps kids in understanding Math better.

The above blogs show that there are a lot of people out there who are passionate about Math and helping others to learn the basics. Math surrounds us in our daily lives, whether we like it or not. Every business and career has an element of math, and it is better to give the students a better grounding in Math so that they don’t face any problems doing their math homework, and these online sites help them better so that they can use their time to constructively learn Math.

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