Most Beautiful Moroccan Women
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TOP 10 Most Beautiful Moroccan Women of (2023 Updated)

Morocco, A land of ancient beautiful Islamic architecture, inviting beaches, delectable dishes, spices and beautiful places. But did you know that this African country has one of the most beautiful women in the world? The following is a list of TOP 10 most beautiful Moroccan women. These women regarded as ambassadors of beauty, elegance and glamour. They’re praised for their amazing looks, attractive features and astonishing appearance.

TOP 10 Most Beautiful Moroccan Women:

Morocco is a country with a rich culture and history. It has been known for its natural beauty and diverse landscape.

Morocco is also home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. The most beautiful Moroccan women are often described as having dark hair, olive skin, and brown eyes.

The following women are considered to be the Top 10 most beautiful Moroccan women 2023. Enjoy!

10. Leila Hadioui

Most Beautiful Moroccan Women

Born: January 16, 1985, Casablanca, Morocco
Height: 1.81 m

Leila Hadaoui is one of the biggest names in Morocco’s beauty industry. She is an accomplished model, actress and TV personality. Best known to attract million of views through her beauty alone. Hadioui is a lovely lady. Blending intelligence, beautiful looks and elegance among other features gives her the 10th position among the most beautiful Moroccan women. At the age of 17, she was chosen by a fashion show organizer, in Casablanca. Leila is now recognized as one of the most beautiful and elegant Moroccan models. Also, She has been the cover model of countless fashion magazines.

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9. Lamiaa Alaoui

Most Beautiful Moroccan Women

The young, hot and beautiful actress and model. Lamiaa Alaoui is considered as the 9th most beautiful woman of Morocco. Her professional fron led her to be the most successful woman of the country. She is young, wild and beautiful. Her classical beauty is timeless. Her fashion style is more than adorable. She has worked with international brands, and has always adapted the styles of all types of fashion. This is what makes Lamiaa a most popular as well as successful woman.

8. Amina Allam

Amina Allam Beautiful Women of Morocco

The women at No. 8 in our list is Amina Allam. The most beautiful face of Morocco. She is beautiful in all senses. With her gorgeous smile, bewitching body, and wizardly spell, Amina Allam is an adorable fashion model, born to Moroccan father and Finnish mother. From her attractive body, sizziling figures to gorgeous smile, everything makes her one of the most beautiful lady.In addition she is one of the highest paid models in Morocco. Not only beautiful, but the richest females who has made elegant appearance on covers of big magazines, and has walked on ramp of famous brands.

7. Wiam Dahmani

Most Beautiful Moroccan Women

Born: August 22, 1983, Rabat, Morocco
Died: April 22, 2018, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Cause of death: Cardiac arrest
Parents: Ammar AL-Dahmani

Another most beautiful Moroccan woman Wiam Dahmani. She was Moroccan National Actress, Singer, Tv Host. She had acted in few Pakistani films such as Ishq Khuda, Hijrat, and Hotal. Dahmani died of a cardiac arrest on 22 April, 2018. She was 34 years old at the time of her death. According to media, she was found dead by her mother in her hotel room in Abu Dhabi, and lately buried in the same city.

6. Mona Amarsha

Most Beautiful Moroccan Women

Born: January 1, 1988, Casablanca, Morocco
Record label: Platinum Records
Albums: Sana Oula Hob, Mojaba, Ya Nas Daloni

The 6th amongst most beautiful Moroccan women is Mona Amarsha. She is Moroccan singer who sings mainly Khaleeji music. She is very popular among the Gulf countries. Mona Amarsha deserve this spot.

5. Sofia El Marikh

Most Beautiful Moroccan Women

Born: October 15, 1981, Casablanca, Morocco
Genres: Arabic pop music, Arabic music, Pop music, Music of Morocco

The fifth most beautiful Moroccan women. Sofia El Marikh is a musician and entertainer. She was a contestant on Star Academy I.

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4. Ihssane Atif

Ihssane Atif Beautiful Women of Morocco

At No. 4 is a Moroccan fashion model and actress Ihssane Atif. Beautiful as well as one of the most intellect models in Moroccan industry, Ihssane Atif is just a diva. She is a writer, model and television celebrity. She has developed her modelling career from a young age, when she was studying medicines. And now, she is one of the most acknowledged and highly ranked models, actors and fashion diva. She is an intelligently beautiful Moroccan lady of the era. Best known for her strong character. Ihssane Atif never allows her beauty to take her off the path of her career.

3. Fadoua Lahlou

Most Beautiful Moroccan Women

One of the top models of Morocco, Fadoua Lahlou comes at No. 3 in our list. She is not only an exotically beautiful woman but also well known celeb. She is a lively example of how amazing Moroccan fashion models are. Born with traditional Morrocan beauty. From her attractive body to gorgeous figures, everything about Lahlou is exotic. That’s why she got an international fame. She is a traditional beauty with spectacular eyes, height, and graceful figure.

2. Zineb Obeid

Most Beautiful Moroccan Women

Born: August 1, 1985, Casablanca, Morocco.
Movies: Homeland.
Nominations: Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress In Leading Role.

Moroccan actress and TV presenter comes at No.2 in our list of 10 Most Beautiful Moroccan Women. At just the age of 13, she attracted many producers who wanted to sign her for commercials. All thanks to this early exposure she managed to join the film industry soon where she easily became a big name. She has been a part of films like ‘Hadi w touba’ and ‘The Swallows Always Return’. Zineb, despite being so successful, is yet known for being very humble and kind-hearted, which only adds to her beauty.

1. Mayssa Maghrebi

Most Beautiful Moroccan Women

Born: August 19, 1978, Meknes, Morocco.
Nationality: Emirati, French, Moroccan.
Movies: Tarab fashion, A’karb Alsa’ah.

Moroccan actress who starred in dramatic films of Arab cinema, especially popular in the Gulf states. Mayssa Maghrebi top the list of 10 Most Beautiful Moroccan Women. In addition, she is called “Arab Kim Kardashian.” Mayssa lover of traditional Arab clothes, so well known in the Arab world under the name “Princess of abaya”. Also see her complete bio here.

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