10 People With Strange Medical Conditions

10 People With Strange Medical Conditions You’ve Never Heard Of

Here is a list of 10 people with strange medical conditions that you probably never heard of. Broaden your outlook reading this top list!

10 People With Strange Medical Conditions

10. A Woman Who is Allergic to Modern Technology

10 People With Strange Medical Conditions
In 21 century for the majority of people mobile phones, microwaves and cars already became integral part of their life for a long time. However Debbie Byrd prefers to stay away from all of this because of his allergy to the technique.

The 46-year-old Englishwoman suffers from a hypersensitivity to an electromagnetic field and “work” of computers, mobile phones, microwaves and even cars. When her strong eruption begins eyelids swell up till the improbable sizes. Mrs. Byrd, who works as the managing director in spa-salon, has transformed the house into a zone free from techniques.

9. The girl who falls each time when laughs

10 People With Strange Medical Conditions
28 years old Kay Underwood suffers from cataplexy disease in which any strong emotion appeals full weakening of all muscles. Excitement, anger, fear, surprise, and even confusion lead Kay to a sudden falling down. Englishwoman Kay Underwood has been living with the similar diagnosis for 5 years, and once fell more than 40 times a day! She admits that people react very strange to similar attacks.

The cataplexy is often accompanied by the sleeping disease in which the person suddenly falls into a sleep. Kay also could not avoid such a fate.

8. The musician, who endlessly hiccups

10 People With Strange Medical Conditions
Chris Sands, a 31-year-old musician from Lincoln, hiccups every 2 seconds, and sometimes even in a dream. He has already tried all kinds of treatment, including yoga and hypnosis, but nothing could help him. Sand believes that the reason of his problem is the acid reflux caused by the lesions of the gastrointestinal valve.

Chris Sands asserts that this disease very strongly disturbs his career of the singer. Doctors recommended that he should pass inspection of a stomach which reveals the need for surgery.

7. The girl who eats only Tick-Tock.

10 People With Strange Medical Conditions
We represent to you Natalie Cooper, the 25-year-old girl suffering from mysterious disease which makes her sick after any food intake. Well, almost any. Only one product in the world does not cause sickness of Natalie – mint candies the Tick-Tock.

For unknown reasons for doctors, stomach of Natalie takes only Tick-Tock, and the rest of the food she had to pour through a tube.

6. A woman who forgets nothing

10 People With Strange Medical Conditions
The hero of this story is a 47 years woman under the code name AJ, who never forgets anything. Scientists are closely watching this woman with an uncontrollable, automatic memory for private and public events. If you choose any date for the last 2 years and ask about it AJ, she immediately tells you a lot of details about what happened to her that day, and what events of that day is remembered to the world. Typically, she also remembers what day of the week it was and what kind of weather was that day.

5. The girl with an allergy on water

10 People With Strange Medical Conditions
Teen Ashley Morris never swims, does not take a bath or even wash away tiredness in the shower. The fact that Ashley allergic to water. Strong painful rash appears even on sweat.

Ashley from Melbourne, Australia, suffers from an allergy to water of any temperature. She has been living with such a disease for 14 years. It is incredibly rare skin disorder called water urticaria. This disease is so rare that only a couple of such cases are known to medicine.

4. The boy who does not sleep

10 People With Strange Medical Conditions
Rhett Lamb not strongly differs from other 5-year-old kids outwardly, however rare disease which causes a constant sleeplessness makes him special.

Rhett is awake about 24 hours a day. Neither parents, nor doctors could find an explanation of such a strange deviation for a long time. At last doctors diagnosed Rhett improbably rare disease under the name Chiari malformation.

The brain is literally pressed into the spinal column. This affects the vital functions such as sleep, speech, circulation and even breathing.

3. The man who does not feel a cold

10 People With Strange Medical Conditions
Dutch Wim Hof who is also known by a nickname the Ice Person swims under ice without any problem or and gets cool in barrels with ice water. He climbed up snow-covered mountain Mont Blanc in one shorts and is always ready to new tests.

Scientists still can not find a logical explanation to the fact that the 48-year-old Dutchman can withstand temperatures that are lethal for the ordinary people.

2. The man who does not get fat

10 People With Strange Medical Conditions
65-year-old Englishman Perry can eat everything that wants – including various pies, burgers and desserts, after all everything is the same he will not grow stout. Absence of putting weight causes the disease under the name of lipodystrophy at which a body quickly burns all fats.

In childhood Perry was chubby enough, however at the age of 12 he grew sharply thin, almost for one night. At first he tried to eat more to put on weight, but was ineffectual. Perry had to pass set of researches and tests to bring the disease into light. It appeared that his body made in 6 times more insulin, than a body of the normal person. Doctors admit that similar disease is dreamboat of all fat men.

1. A woman who feels 200 orgasms every day

10 People With Strange Medical Conditions
31 years old Englishwoman Sarah Carmen, can experience good, wonderful and just an extraordinary feeling from almost everything. The fact is that she is suffering from the syndrome of permanent sexual arousal (abbreviated PSAS), which increases blood flow to the genitalia. “Sometimes I have sex just to calm down. And my partners should not have to endeavor at all, because I instantly get to a peak”.

Sarah believes that her illness was caused by contraceptive tablets. “Within a few weeks I began more and more excited and have countless orgasms. My boyfriend was shocked by how many times I could finish. Then, after sex, I started to think about what I did in bed, blushed and again experienced an orgasm! After seven months, I began to experience 150 orgasms a day, but now this figure increased to 200! “

Sarah parted with the previous guy, and new partners barely manage to temper her ardor.

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