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Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Football Players

Who are world’s most beautiful women football players? Although women playing football is considered medically hazardous by many experts, there are females from all around the world who are embracing the beautiful game disregarding the after effects. A Woman with significant footballing skills is the one every man wants in his life. Here the top 10 most beautiful women football players around the world. One of your crushes maybe a part of this list.

10. Lauren Sesselmann

Lauren Sesselmann Beautiful Women Football Players

Lauren Sesselmann is Sure a beauty blonde honey as well in the field of beautiful female soccer players. She’s from Canada and several people around the globe find Canadian accents rather enticing. And so can you imagine a blonde, blue eyed beauty such as Lauren Sesselmann with a Canadian accent, exhilarating her raw beauty in front of you.

9. Nayeli Rangel

Hot and sexy Nayeli Rangel

Rangel is a midfielder for Sky Blue FC and the Mexican women’s national team. Nayeli, definitely deserves to be second on the most beautiful female soccer players list. Not that the women mentioned above are insignificant or less beautiful…but each has a certain standard of their own. Being in her early twenties right now, she certainly is fresh, vibrant, out there and captivating too.

8. Jonelle Filigno

Hot and sexy Jonelle Filigno

Jonelle Filingo has much about her physical persona which makes her stand out amongst the most beautiful female soccer players. Curly black hair and deep dark hazel brown eyes are distinct. She will greet you with a wide smile, shiny lips and fine-tuned eyebrows as well as groomed eye lashes and all this is enough to drive the male species crazy. Wow! And what a perfect skin textured face she has which glows with radiance.

7. Ali Krieger

Ali Krieger Beautiful Women Football Players

The 32 years old American football player Ali Krieger is the 10th most beautiful women footballer in the world according to our countdown. Krieger is an active football player who is currently the skipper of a National Women’s soccer league’s team Washington Spirit. She won 2015 women’s world cup with the USA, and was a crucial player even at this age. She also holds a UEFA Women’s Champions League which she won during her 5-year spell with the German side FFC Frankfurt.

6. Melanie Leupolz

Most Beautiful Melanie Leupolz

Melanie Leupolz is a German rising star showing lots of potentials. Melanie is 22 years old currently playing for FC Bayern Munich women’s team. She featured in 2011 U17 European Championship as a captain and reached the semi-final, but lost in the penalty shootout. She is a part of the German National team since 2011 and won the gold medal at Rio Olympics. Even though she couldn’t win the European championship, her decent looks have earned her the 9th position in our countdown.

5. Laure Boulleau

Beautiful Laure Boulleau

Another French woman in the list is Laure Pascale Claire Boulleau. Laure is a 29 years old active footballer who is enjoying her career at the women’s team of Paris Saint Germaine. She plays as a defender for her club and country and has a Cope De France trophy on her name. Boulleau has been dazzling the pitch with her abilities and stunning blonde look since she started playing. She is in the 7th spot of the countdown.

4. Milene Domingues

Beautiful Milene Domingues

Milene Domingues Aganzo is a Brazilian model and former footballer who played as a midfielder. Brazil, the country is best known for two things; great football players and hottest women. And at the top on our list is non other than Brazilian beauty Milene Domingues. Any list of ‘Hottest women Soccer Players’ is incomplete without this Brazilian athlete. Milene Domingues is a midfielder with incredible touch, holds the world record for the most number of nonstop juggles of a soccer ball with 55,198 touches.

3. Anouk Hoogendijk

Beautiful Footballer Anouk Hoogendijk

Anouk Hoogendijk, 31 is a Netherland born professional footballer playing for the Dutch club Ajax. She is a versatile player and excels in defense and midfield with her exceptional disposing skills and strength. Anouk, aka Noukie, made her debut for Netherland’s women national team in 2004 and has played 100 games since then. She represented her nation in 2009 and 2013 women’s European championship.

2. Julia Simic

Julia Simic Beautiful Women Football Players

On the fifth spot is the German player Julia Simic. After struggling with different teams at the youth level, Julia settled at the Women’s Bundesliga champion club VFL Wolfsburg. She was first included in the German national team in 2013 and is now crucial part. She has also posed for German soccer playboy.

1. Alex Morgan

Beautiful Woman Football Player Alex Morgan

The dream girl of every football lover is the American footballer Alex Morgan. Alex is currently one of the best women football players in the world. Apart from her magnificent skills and abilities, Alex Morgan possesses stunning looks and dazzling personality, and we consider her to be truly deserving of the 1st spot of the countdown. The 27-year-old made her debut for American U-20 women team in 2008 and won the world cup in the same year. Moreover, she was a vital part of USA’s 2015 Women’s World Cup triumph.

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