Best Sci-Fi Technologies
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Best Sci-Fi Technologies to Change Our Lives

I have always searched for the best innovations in science and technology on the internet and other resources. I believe that the knowledge of medicines and anatomy has boosted us to discover and invent better drugs and powerful treatments. We’ve gotten the ways of fixing the life-killing ailments. All is because of advancements in science and technology. Here are some best and marvelous sci-fi technologies I was surprised to know about. I am sure you will also enjoy knowing about these sci-fi revolutions.

6 Best Sci-Fi Technologies to Change Our Lives:

Paralysis Reversal

The spinal cord is one of the most active and complex parts of our body. It is responsible to carry information to-and-from the brain towards the body parts. Even a minor injury to the spinal cord can lead to paralysis. For many years, the victims of paralysis were left without proper treatment, but now the research in the field of electrical impulses has made it possible to treat the patients with great care. The experiment involves moving the paralyzed body parts with different scientific equipments and robots. The healthcare professionals name this technique Physical Therapy, but the application of electric pulses applied to the victim’s spinal cord made be surprised because their impact was great and fast in patient’s recovery.

Invisible Bike Helmets

Best Sci-Fi Technologies

The invisible bike helmets are the purposed filled devices we can ever imagine to have. This tech gadget has a mobile airbag that allows you to replace your regular bike helmets and use something like Google glass. This device acts like a high profile protective cushion to keep you save on the road. The invisible bike helmet cannot be seen; yes you are absolutely right we cannot see it with naked eyes. This is because the creator Hovding has given it a transparent form so that no one can see it but still it protects your head as a regular helmet.

Blood Factories

Blood is a major fluid of our boy. All the animals and human beings have blood as the main body component. The blood factories are the places where scientists address with the blood related complications and remain busy in manufacturing red blood cells. I believe the creation of the blood factories has made it possible for the doctors and healthcare professionals to deal with the issues related to blood transfusion. The availability of clean and excessive blood is made possible at these factories. I believe these factories are much better places to obtain blood of any group than an ordinary hospital’s blood bank.

Communicating With the Individuals in Coma

Best Sci-Fi Technologies

Have you ever tried to communicate with an individual in coma? I am sure the answer is no because this is simply impossible. But now the sci-fi technology has made it happen for us. The scientific technology has long been fascinating with the functions and anatomy of human brain. But we never thought of such a great idea ever before. According to Prof. Adrian Owen, head of Brain and Mind Institute, they have been talking with the men in coma since a long. The experiment started with a man named as Scott Rouley. He was 40 years old and got a car accident and was left in severe coma. For more than 10 years, the doctors claim to have talk to this man even when he is in coma. They have raised the questions about brainwave imaging technology which brings a lot of revolutions in the human brain. Well, this sounds like a joke but the professor Owen gave solid proves in 2010 which made the other scientists believe that this is certainly possible. The ratio of the comatose patients to talk in this condition is 6 out of 100, which means not all coma patients can talk but only the one who have strong natural brains.

Artificial Body Part

Best Sci-Fi Technologies

It was always a dream for me to see something revolutionary in the medical field. The artificial body parts have now been developed to help the handicaps enjoy the life’s pleasure. The lab-grown artificial organs like vagina, nostrils, legs, fingers etc. have made it possible for the doctors to correct / repair the anatomically abnormal or broken body parts. If something doesn’t go right, then its replacement is also made possible. Wow, what an amazing sci-fi creation it is, with no adverse impacts.

Aging Reversal

Best Sci-Fi Technologies

It is always a dream of every old man and woman to reverse the aging process. It was mine as well, but when I had a chance to read about chemicals of the blood of young people that could help in reversing the aging I was excited to know more about them. The research says that these chemicals are inserted into the old persons’ bodies in the same way blood or bone marrow is inserted. The whole process will cost you high if you are planning to reverse your aging.

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