Things You Must Know About Over Ambitious Women
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10 Things You Must Know About Over Ambitious Women

The ambitious women are usually stereotyped as feminist, brash and brazen who are insensitive to the sentiments of folks around. Of course that is pretty much a superficial image of this segment; here are a few things that any excessively ambitious lady would want the world to know about her deep down.

Things You Must Know About Over Ambitious Women

Things You Must Know About Over Ambitious Women

#10. Emotionally incomplete.

She might not display it every now and then, but, trust me on this front; she has her own set of emotional wants that are in the dire need to be met. Concealing the soft corner does not approve of its non existence. Behind every faked out strong aura lies an incomplete soul.

#9. Flowers/chocolate syndrome.

Another thing that bags the place in the write up ten things that a man must know about over ambitious women is her coco love. A female naturally has the tendency to incline towards the sugary stuff like chocolates and flowers. No matter how often does she send the replies in negative, no one really fathoms the lurked yes to the saccharin needs.

#8. Please, we are not feminists.

We might have gone rhetoric about the gender equality and we might even continually vie with the male counterparts but internally we know that there is a major part of us that indeed craves for that one man who can make us realize how very feminine we are and bring out our hidden softness to the surface.

#7. We wish to cry.

Yes, after a tough day, working like a machine and getting labeled as a robot by almost all the humans around, there comes a moment when we finally give up, wear out ( all machines do and we are no different ), we want to shed a few tears both silently and in the presence of the loved one as well in front of the people who consider us no emotional.

#6. We are not all books, courses and certificates.

Yes, obviously, we do not accept that women are all about tits and ass but at the same time we are not all about books and library as well. We love it when we get complimented for our not so grandeur but decent fashion moves. A few words of genuine adulation makes our day equally well. This certainly needs a place in the list ten things that men must know about the over ambitious women who think they are nothing but a bunch of egoistic species,

#5. We are familial in nature.

We are known to spend late nights at the cubicles with the coffee, P.C and files which indirectly and instantly send the message that we have no ties with the family which again holds no water. We are as much familial as our homemaker counter parts or little less ambitious ladies are. We just wait for the right man to enter in our lives and give us a shimmer of hope of cutting down the time spent dating the files.

#4. Away from melodrama.

We do not persistently act peppy and sunshine kinds all the time not because we are less of girls or have hormonal imbalance but it is simply the fact that we find no point in creating the theatrics every now and then and express the pink hue of our side unnecessarily. If ever the temper strikes, it does get revealed only in front of the right person and that too only at the right time.

#3. We welcome the male affection.

We are open to the warm hugs, cuddles and snuggles of our that special someone whom we keep on grilling and waiting mode due to our fondness of the work. We might not be the best at establishing the balance between our love for the man and love for the work but that does not mean we are not receptive to the male intimacy.

#2. We can not help with the workaholic profile.

When writing down the ten things that men should know about over ambitious women, workaholic nature has to have a position. Workaholics is ingrained in our mindset, thus, we can never get rid of it even if we have all the reasons in the world to give a break or call it quit, we just love typing, reading, writing, researching to the point where it seems that we are addicted.

#1. We compete but we want to compliment as well.

We, over ambitious XX chromosomes, are certainly fiercely competitive via nature but we at the same time want to compliment the fellas around with the intellectual and skillful edge that we have earned with all the diligence so far.

As we cease jotting down the list, I assume, in a nutshell, it can be said that an over ambitious female is not all rough and crude, she has that one soft spot and her own vulnerabilities that she wants to speak out to someone. She is as much as a human as others are. Thus excoriating her every now and then actually scares her all the more to go vocal about her true self.

Author – Palak Gupta

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