10 Strong Messages

10 Strong Messages That The Movie Titanic Delivers

With the myriad number of talents available, new technology and devices being invented,  new techniques and formats played, improvised styles, better writers and so on and so forth, we do get inundated by the heavy flow of movies. A lot come and a lot go but some movies leave indelible imprints on both the minds and hearts and one such movie is TITANIC. This movie is evergreen and timeless.

Following are the ten strong messages that are delivered by this one very classic movie:

10 Strong Messages

#10. Unpredictability

Life as it is know for its unpredictability after all its the very essence of it. When the creators of titanic boasted of this very extravagant and luxurious ship, they always claimed,”even god can not sink it”. Wow! Well this does keep me in the state of shock for this was one of the worst and most tragic ship sinking in the entire history.

While people predicted  it to be the best, life proved it to be the worst. Whilst people predicted it to be invincible,  life made it a complete wreck and a top notch fail. What do we learn ? Sometimes even if we give our best shot, things might not turn up the way we plan them to. So be prepared.

#9. Kill Your Egos

No matter what you are and who you are,  keeping aside the heavy egos will always keep you light and let live you the present moments also the only “alive moments” happily. You never know when the life ends.

Whether you are a lord, or an entrepreneur or some rich brat,  it certainly does not matter in a real play of life, the final destination remains the same.

Well the elite, aristocratic died the exactly similar to a poverty stricken,  shabby “Jack”

#8. The Real Genuine Love

One of the reasons titanic was a huge hit because it is served on the platter with a saccharin coated love story of “Jack and Ross”. The emotions,  sentiments keep us so very connected to the screens throughout and now that’s what we call the love.  So here’s the message,  fall for the correct person,  who chooses to stand beside you always,  handles you at your worst and loves you at the worst, even if you do not want to hold their hands for if you happen to choose the wrong partner, they are going to run leave you amidst the cold waters rather than staying with you.

#7. The Luck

Most of the super achievers and over ambitious folks out there do not believe in the luck factor and do not leave a thing on the fate. Well yes, that’s a good sign for sure, certainly complements your super successful persona but,  dear friends,  lady luck in a couple of situation shows her presence. How do we explain the situation  of  the aristocratic group and somewhat similar to a broke Jack sailing,  dining and wining on the world class A ship. Well it does seem a little bizarre but overall idea is to collect small hints and connect the dots.

#6. Respect Time

Sometimes, I often wonder, if the captain of the ship took the warning seriously a little early, a little well in time,  the entire history for us would have been different, the entire future for the titanic would have been different but alas, “if only” and if only’s are very dangerous so avoid using them in your daily lives.
What do we extract out of here?

Nobody is going to live forever.  We have very limited time.  Use it well. Learn to be punctual and both respect as well as manage time properly if not perfectly.

10 Strong Messages

#5. An Honest Approach Towards Your Duty

I daresay one of the techniques/style that made titanic a huge hit was the narration by the leading female “Rose”. It just erupted too many sentiments that it actually jammed the human psychology emotionally.

Now wondering if Rose were dead, then the plot would have been entirely different but such wasn’t the case,  the leading female lives happily for she was safeguarded by her lover boy BUT she lives more bcz of the officer coming back to rescue the strangled innocent people. If the officer didn’t sail back, Rose would have frozen in the bone freezing chilled waters. So, here we go, whatever duties you are assigned, do them efficiently and sincerely and as quick as possible.  You never know how many lives you safe.

#4. Be Rich By Heart Not Only By Pockets.

Of course a few bucks and grands in the pockets seem impeccable and keep up that lavish desire of yours but do not forget to pump your heart to be rich too. Be generous,  kind and lend a helping hand to the people in need especially when you are in the position to.  Do not become like the elites of  the titanic who despite in the position to save a few lives choose not to do so and see the whole scene burn live with their own eyes.

#3. Hope Foe The Best, Prepared For The Worst

Ah! Well I know this is the old school of thought and an old adage. But wait did we have it living through titanic age?  I guess we did have but it seems they did not pay any heed to it.

For if they had,  then we had a merry ending instead the tragic one. They did follow it but only partially.  They were all hoping for the best, that’s all, none was prepared for the worst. If they were prepared,  they would have enough life saving boats which again could have been a plus.

So message goes straight,  no matter how old  the words sound, one must follow them.

Preparing for the worst doesn’t cost much.  So be ready all the time.

#2. Live Everyday As Your Last

None on the ship is aware of the gloomy fate that eventually unfolds for them and so is the situation in our lives too, we may never know which day is the last,  which hey, bye would be the last and to be honest, who knows this could be my last article as well, so overall conclusion is live every day of your life as if it were the last,  then simply see how magically your lives transform.

#1. Knowhow Of Your Expertise

Till date when we see titanic, we may fail to hold back our emotions and can not resist shedding tears. Why ?  It’s pretty clear,  the shipwrecks,  the death toll, the tragic ending of a forever love story, the separation of two cute love birds, enlivens the every nerve of our bodies and we feel so passionate about this one incident.  To go candid the number of people we lost in titanic unfortunately is far less than the number of people we lose every year all over the  world in road accidents and cease fire violations, in Iraq and drones attacks but we do not cry. Why ? It’s pretty clear nothing makes us attached to them.

So! Be an expert of your field,  do same things differently and win over the whole  giant planet.

Written By: Palak Gupta

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