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Top 10 Hottest Girls From ABC Family Shows

Following is a list of Top 10 Hottest Girls From ABC Family Shows:

10. Josie Loren

Show: Make It or Break It

Josie Loren

Loren played the perfectionist, and team captain, on the gymnastics-centered show. She’s the type of girl who’d bend over backwards to please anyone. And the best part about it? She actually can.

9. Ashley Benson

Show: Pretty Little Liars

Ashley Benson

After her best friend disappears, Benson’s character, Hanna, takes over as the most popular girl in school, but not before losing a little weight. Yup, Hanna’s secret is that she was a former fatty, which was actually just a pillow under Benson’s shirt, as they make it seem in flashbacks. The producers liberally cut some corners because they knew viewers watch the show to see her pretty face, anyway.

8. Amber Stevens

Show: Greek

Hottest Girls From ABC Family Shows

As Ashleigh Howard, Casey’s best friend and right hand woman in the sorority, Stevens was always their for semi-comic relief, even outing one frat brother in the process. Her offbeat yet sincere personality must be why she ended up with Casey’s dorky brother Rusty by the end of the series. See, geeks don’t always finish last.

7. Troian Bellisario

Show: Pretty Little Liars

Troian Bellisario

Troian Bellisario plays Spencer Hastings, a straight-A student from a family that’s hard to please; so hard, in fact, that they even suspect she is the murderer of her sister’s fiance, apparent pedophile Ian. We’re guessing her parents never told her they don’t have any favorites and loved them both equally.

6. Francia Raisa

Show: Secret Life of an American Teenager

Francia Raisa

As Adrian Lee on the show that’s nowhere near your real-life high school experience, Francia Raisa plays a promiscuous sexpot who eventually changes her bad girl ways in favor of a healthy, stable relationship.

5. Genevieve Cortese

Show: Wildfire

Genevieve Cortese

Genevieve Nicole Cortese, also known as Genevieve Padalecki, who played role on the series Wildfire as Kris Furillo, a stablehand who eventually became a jockey. And yet, in the looks department, she never horsed around.

4. Shailene Woodley

Show: Secret Life of an American Teenager

Shailene Woodley

Lovely girl, Shailene Woodley portrayed Amy Juergens in ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ (2008–2013). She stars as the show’s main character, Amy Juergens, a teenager who gets pregnant at band camp in school. The show is not just as American Pie, however; it’s “real life,” or so the show would like us to believe.

3. Dilshad Vadsaria

Show: Greek

Dilshad Vadsaria

At No. 3 amongst the hottest girls from ABC Family Shows, is is an American television actress of Portuguese and Indian descent Dilshad Vadsaria. Vadsaria played Rebecca Logan, the spoiled Zeta Beta Zeta sorority girl and politician’s daughter who gets caught having an affair with her sorority president’s boyfriend.

2. Alice Greczyn

Show: The Lying Game

Alice Greczyn

Alice Greczyn is gorgeous on The Lying Game. As Madeline ‘Mads’ Rybak, Alice holds her own next to twins Sutton and Emma. Among other ethnicities, she’s a delectable mix of French, Polish, and Japanese. Love to watch her!

1. Shay Mitchell

Show: Pretty Little Liars

Shay Mitchell Hot

Shay Mitchell, who play lesbian teen Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars. top the list of 10 hottest girls from ABC Family Shows.

In the teen murder mystery series, former hot Canadian actress and model plays the shy yet beautiful military brat Emily, the Liar whose secret was that she’s a lesbian.

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