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Top 10 Richest Men Hockey Players of all time

Hockey is an outdoor sports played all over the world. Currently according to FIH Men’s world ranking, Australia has secured the top position followed by Argentina and Netherlands. In case of women’s hockey ranking Netherlands became the top followed by England and Argentina. First ever hockey world cup was held in Spain where Pakistan became the winner in 1971. The upcoming hockey world cup is being held by India (Hockey is the national sports of Indian) in 2018. This list consists of top 10 riches men hockey players of all time, according to their wealth. This ascending list will get you a thorough idea of what an establish hockey player get for his skills.

10. Patrick Marleau ($57.7 million)

Patrick Marleau
He is a Canadian ice hockey player, plays for the National Hockey Team of Canada. Apart from this, he plays for the NHL team of Dan Jose Sharks. He started his career in 1997 and still giving his best to this game. He was a part of the team of Canada that won gold in 2003 World Championship in Finland and silver in Australia. He also served his best in the 2004 Hockey world cup and made Canada the winner. He got Lady Byng Memorial Trophy in 2007 and 2014. In the peak of his career is net worth was $57.7 million but according to the recent data, his net worth is $46 million.

9. Brad Richards ($58 million)

Brad Richards
Brad Richards is an ice hockey player, plays for Canada National Team and even played for more than one clubs. He was awarded Conn Smythe Trophy for his contribution in the Stanley Cup, 2014 where he played for Tampa Bay Lightning. He decided to retire from the game after playing for 15 seasons for NHL. The fun part about him is he never used to get higher payment in his early day even if he played well and now he is at 9th place in the Richest Men Hockey Players list.

8. Rob Blake ($58-$60 million)

Rob Blake
Rob Blake is also a Canadian ice hockey player famous for his defending skills. He played for Los Angeles Kings, Colorado Avalanche, San Jose Sharks and the National Canada Team. He used to play as a defender. He started his career in the year 1989 and took retirement in 2010. He won Stanley Cup Championship in 2001 for Colorado Avalanche. He got gold in Olympic Games in 2002 and became the winner of Hockey World Championship in 1994 and 1997. He got silver for the same in 1991 Finland. He got $73 million for the 19th season of NHL. This 46 yrs old hockey player is at number eight amongst Richest Men Hockey Players, and now a happy father of two children.

7. Nicklas Lidstrom (around $60 million)

Nicklas Lidstrom
Nicklas is a Swedish ice hockey player used to play as a defender. He was a part of the Sweden National Hockey Team. Apart from this, he used to play for Vasteras IK and Detroit Red Wings. He started his hockey career in the year 1987 and took retirement in 2012. He has played over 20 seasons of NHL. He was the caption of the Red Wings. One of his achievements was to win Stanley Cup four times in his career. He also won a gold medal in Winter Hockey Olympics in the year 2006. He was a part of NHL all- Rookie Team in 1992.

6. Jarome Iginla ($60 million)

Jarome Iginla
His full name is Jarome Arthur Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla. He ia a Canadian ice hockey player used to play in the right wing position. Colorado Avalanche was the first team that he was in. Later in his life he decided to change the team and started to play for other teams like Calgary Flames, Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins. This 39 years old ice hockey player is still in this game and playing his over 19th NHL season. He won a gold stick for his extraordinary performance in NHL when he scored 500th NHL goals. He is at number 6 amongst Richest Men Hockey Players.

5. Joe Sakic ($60 million)

Joe Sakic
He is also a Canadian ice hockey player. He started his career in the year 1988 and ended in 2009. He has played 15 seasons of NHL. He was a part of Quebec Nordiques, Colorado Avalanche and the National Team of Canada. He was the captain of Colorado Avalanche in the year 1992. He was the 15th player to secure 1500 points in 2006. In the same year he played 1000th game of his career.

4. Chris Pronger ($65 million)

Chris Pronger
This Canadian ice hockey player used to play as defender. He won two gold medals in Olympic Games 2002 and 2010. He became a part of the World Champion team in 1997. He even participated in World Junior Championship and secured the highest position. He won Stanley Cup in 2007. In total, he had played for more than 5 teams in his entire career. In October 2014 he signed a contract to assist the Player Safety Division of NHL which resulted his retirement from the game.

3. Pavel Bure ($68 million)

Pavel Bure
Paval is a Russian ice Hockey right winger. He is better known as ‘Russian Rocket’ because for his extensive speed. He is also called as ‘Pasha’. He was a part of Vancouver Canucks, Florida Panthers and New York Rangers participated in 12 NHL seasons. He won 1990 and 1991 World Championship getting gold and Bronze respectively. He got gold in Goodwill Games. He played Winter Olympics for Russia in 1998 (silver) and in 2002(bronze). He took his retirement on 2nd November 2013.

2. Mario Lemieux ($150 million)

Mario Lemieux
Mario is better known as ‘The Magnifique’ and even as ‘Super Mario’. He is a Canadian ice hockey player. He started playing hockey in 1984 and took a break in 1997. He again started playing in the year 2000 and finally retired in 2006. He was the best player of his time. He was diagnosed with cancer and because of this fact he started doing lots of charitable work to encourage research works and many more. He is the founder of Mario Lemieux Foundation. To remember his career, Sculptor Bruce Wolfe designed his statue. He is at second place amongst Richest Men Hockey Players.

1. Wayne Gretzky ($200 million)

Richest Men Hockey Players
He is called ‘The Greatest Hockey Player Ever’. He was known as ‘The Great One’. Report says the first ever skates worn by him when he was just three years old. His statue is situated outside Rexall Place holding the Stanley Cup up his head was designed by John Weaver. Till now, no other hockey player has become as good as him. He was the best player of his time and top the list of Richest Men Hockey Players. After retiring from his playing career he became the executive director of the Canadian National Hockey Team (men).

Top 10 Richest Men Hockey Players

1. Wayne Gretzky
2. Mario Lemieux
3. Pavel Bure
4. Chris Pronger
5. Joe Sakic
6. Jarome Iginla
7. Nicklas Lidstrom
8. Rob Blake
9. Brad Richards
10. Patrick Marleau

Author – Pritha Ghosh

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