Preplanned Crying in China
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10 Unusual and Strange Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding is one of the biggest and most important events of our lives. We enter into a totally new life after marriage. The things, routines and habits change as per the expectations of our partner. The invitations are sent to the friends and relatives on this special occasion. If we take a look at the wedding ceremonies of celebrities or other famous personalities, it comes to our notice that their weddings grasp the attention of media and worldwide people due to lavish arrangements and follow-up of royal traditions. The modern history has witnessed a lot of strange and remarkable marriages. Here are the 10 unusual and strange wedding ceremonies in the world.

10. Indian Wedding of Toe Ring

Strange Wedding Ceremonies

It is quite interesting to know that in Indian tradition the wedding ring is not placed on finger but on toe. Isn’t that amazing? Yes definitely that is. This is what happened in Indian tradition, Bichiya, was practiced in backward areas of the country. In one of the Hindu weddings of Bichiya, the bride was gifted with the gold ring by the groom that she placed on the second toe of her foot. They considered it a symbol of prosperity and happiness for the couple in their future life.

9. Wedding of Prince Phillipe

Strange Wedding Ceremonies

The lavish wedding ceremony of Prince Phillipe was held in 1999. He is the Prince of Norway, who was in love with a speech therapist, Mathilde. The wedding of the two took place in snow season and the guests were entertained with music, champion and delicious meal. Both the bride and groom were wearing expensive and gorgeous dresses. The most remarkable thing about this wedding is that the cost of the venue decoration was about $240000.

8. Kidnapping of Brides in Romania

Kidnapping of Brides in Romania

The kidnapping of brides in Romania is one of the commonest wedding practices. The man, along with his friends, kidnaps the girl he wants to marry. This ritual has become a part of their tradition and the Romania’s people name it to be the religious practice. But for other nations, it is like a crime for sex. According to Romanians, if a man succeeds in convincing the female for marriage then the next step he takes is her kidnapping.

7. Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah Wedding

Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah Wedding

The marriage of Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah was held in 2004. He got married to Sarah Saleh, his dream girl. This Brunai-based wedding took over $6 million. The gold gems, jewelry and other precious stones were gifted to the guests and the fireworks display was really awesome.

6. Preplanned Crying in China

Preplanned Crying in China

It is true that wedding is a day of happiness and fun, but in China, the Preplanned crying weddings are held in which the groom, bride, their family members and all the guests cry loudly. This is a part of their custom. The time period of this crying is ten days before wedding and five days after the wedding. The wedding of Tujia was the first to give birth to this custom. Along with their crying, songs and emotional tones are played. For Tujia, this is a part of their happiness expression.

5. Wedding show of Sweden’s Princess Victoria

Strange Wedding Ceremonies

We have never heard about the wedding shows to be held at stage. But it had happened when the Princess Victoria of Sweden got married to Daniel Westling in 2010. All the customs and traditions were practiced at their wedding. The best thing about this wedding is that the ceremony was held at a stage, instead of a wedding venue.

4. Beating the Groom in Korean Weddings

Strange Wedding Ceremonies

In South Korea, the beating of groom at the weddings is a part of their tradition. The groom is beaten by his friends and the family members of bride. This particular custom is believed to be the way to strengthen the groom’s body and make him strong so that he can protect his bride for the rest of life. If the groom succeeds in saving himself from this cruel attack, he is considered to be a powerful man.

3. Prince Pavlos Wedding

Strange Wedding Ceremonies

The wedding of Prince Pavlos of Greece was held in 1995 with Marie Chantal Miller. This is named to be the biggest wedding ceremony ever held in Greece. At the wedding, an amount of $9 million was spent, and the princess brought about $130 million’s dowry with her.

2. Marriage with Animal in India

Marriage with Animal

Years ago a wedding was held in India in which a girl with rooted teeth got married to an animal. It is said that this girl had bad fortune as the spirits were angry with her. This is why she married to a goat to get rid of the anger of those black spirits. Even today, in some backward areas various girls with bad facial configuration and rooted teeth are forced to do marry either a goat or a camel.

1. Charivari Tradition of France

Charivari tradition of France

Charivari, for me, is the weirdest tradition ever known to the human beings. In 19th century, Charivari took place when the wedding couple, their friends and family members were gathered outside the couple’s house and made too much noise. They were having bands, loud speakers and other similar things to make the noise intolerable and irritating for the nearby residents. At the same night, the couple went to a romantic trip. It has now become a custom of French folk and is practiced in different parts of the country.

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