Top Content Marketing Platforms and Marketplaces

Content marketers are always in great demand. The work of professional content marketers is especially valuable, as they are the ones generating content for the websites, which later leads to great conversion.

The main task here is where to gain a fair income by writing articles.

There are two options for content marketers to choose from. The first one is to create accounts on different websites where employers post tasks. In here, one must hunt mini-jobs daily and have patience while someone accepts his bid. After delivering the content, you also must wait for the payment to be approved and transferred into your account. The second option is to contribute with content to several websites. In this case, one sells an already written article directly to the interested client.

If the appropriate company likes your text, it will transfer you the money on the spot. Below, there are top 10 websites willing to instantly pay for high quality articles. Gather your texts and send them a proposal. Don’t worry if one of them rejects you, there are nine more.

Top Content Marketing Platforms and Marketplaces


Top Content Marketing Platforms and Marketplaces

Freelancercareers – This is one of the most trustworthy online writing services. The website only accepts premium quality products, because it wants to satisfy its clients. The company delivers papers on all subjects and from all categories, so your writing will for sure find its place in here. also offers developing opportunities to all freelancers enrolled on the website. Thus, users will have the opportunity to improve their writing skills and abilities.

2. The Yahoo! Contributor Network

Yahoo! Contributor Network
Top Content Marketing Platforms and Marketplaces

On this platform, freelancers can upload all sorts of content: text, photos, videos and so on. They must find the right audience, willing to appreciate this kind of art and to visit the website daily. Users are free to choose whatever topics they are passionate about and to share their thoughts online. The amount of money received depends on the traffic generated by the posts.

3. Break Studios

Break Studios Content Marketing Platforms
Top Content Marketing Platforms and Marketplaces

This website buys articles on different subjects. Once you are accepted by the team, the company provides you the titles of the future texts. They really appreciate original writings, so make sure you create one of-a-kind articles. After the editors approve the work, the platform will send you the payment via PayPal. The money is being delivered once a month. It is worth writing for this company, because your articles will be published on websites with high traffic like,,,, and

4. eCopywriters

eCopywriters Content Marketing Platforms
Top Content Marketing Platforms and Marketplaces

eCopywriters This company hires copywriters to help international clients create premium quality content. Because the stakes are high, the platform only accepts to work with professional freelancers. Of course, the payment is very generous. Users can gain up to $25 per hour and top level writers can even earn $0.30 per word! Projects in here include TV & Radio Commercials, SEO Content, Blogs, Press Releases, Ads, Sales Letters, Business Letters & Plans and more.

5. Demand Media Studios

Demand Media Studios
Top Content Marketing Platforms and Marketplaces

Demand Media Studios – The platform only works with freelance writers based in US, Canada or UK. Users are able to receive $15, $25 or even more per one article. The texts are posted on websites with over 100 million viewers. Here are some examples of publishers:, LIVESTRONG.COM, and

6. Online Writing Jobs (former QualityGal)

Online Writing Jobs
Top Content Marketing Platforms and Marketplaces

This website delivers articles with great quality SEO content. Freelance writers from all around  the world are welcomed to create accounts in here. Depending on the text’s quality, they can get between $12 and $50. The payment is delivered once a month through PayPal or Check.

International employers are able to post tasks in here and to hire freelance writers over the globe. Clients are looking for people capable of creating all sorts of texts: blog posts, social media posts, web content, and so on. The company charges between $50 and $70 per post, so freelancers must get at least half of this sum.

7. WriterAccess

Content Marketing Platforms WriterAccess
Top 8 Content Marketing Platforms and Marketplaces

WriterAccess – This marketplace connects businesses with freelancers through the platform. Any kind of writer can create an account in here and start to work immediately. Clients are looking for professional writers, copywriters, bloggers, journalists and so on. They pay per word and the rate depends on the employer and on your membership level. Anyway, the quotes are between 2 cents and $1 per

8. TopicBay

Content Marketing Platforms TopicBay
Top Content Marketing Platforms and Marketplaces

On this platform, advertisers can buy content completed by experienced freelance writers. If you already have a portfolio with premium quality articles, show it to TopicBay. The company will offer you a complete set of tools and resources meant to improve your writing skills.

Written By: Melissa Johnson.