Top 10 Winter Destinations In Pakistan

Top 10 Winter Destinations In Pakistan

1. Islamabad

Islamabad Winter Destinations In Pakistan
The capital city enjoys the glorious winter season, at its fullest during December to January. If you are short on budget and time you can enjoy your wintertime, traversing the beautiful snowy vistas of Islamabad.

Tips: Observe the picturesque sceneries of Margalla Hills, Shakarparian, Daman-e-Koh, PirSohawa and feast yourself with seasonal delights and enjoy!

2. Murree

Murree Hills Winter Destinations In Pakistan
All those high mountains and green landscapes of Murree becomes more striking one, when dusted with layers of snow. The town is the summer capital of Pakistan that remains crowded with travelers and locals round the year.

Tips: You can enjoy visiting several locations in and around Murree such as Kasmir point, Pindi Point, Chattar and can get an easy access to Bhurban, Patriata and Ayubia.

3. Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali Winter Destinations In Pakistan
Nathiagali is the jewel of Galiyaat region that becomes overcrowded with nature lovers during winters. It is captivating, and an affordable destination everyone would love to visit.

Tips: You can stroll around Dungagali pine line track, hang out at the green spot fields and can capture the bird’s eye view of the magnificent mountain resort with cable car rides.

4. Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir Winter Destinations In Pakistan
Azad Kashmir doesn’t need the help of the elements to make it worth a visit. Its truly magnificent and a fairy tale land that attracts thousands of tourists across the border. During winters turns into a frosted beauty and bustles with seasonal events.

Tips: You can plan your visit to explore numerous stunning spots around such as village of Taobat, Kel, Sharda, Banjosa Lake, Rawalakot, Kutton, Keran, Neelum Valley, Toli Pir and Pir Chanasi.

5. Swat Valley

Swat Valley Winter Destinations In Pakistan
Swat is one of the magical places and a perfect spot for cross-country skiing and Snowshoeing. It observes the heaviest snowfall that makes it more appealing for travelers. The snow can block the way many times, however the roads are regularly cleared and remained open for visitors.

Tips: When in Swat plan your visit to Kalam, Malam Jabba Ski resort, Miandam Hill Station and Buyon valley.

6. Chitral

Chitral Winter Destinations In Pakistan
Chitral is famous for its watchful winter season that turns the area into a snowy paradise during the months of December and January. It faces the severe weather conditions but always keeps an open gateway for its natural marvels.

Tips: Visit Kalash valley, Bunni and Mastuj, and camp at the base of gigantic Hindukush.

7. Skardu

Skardu Winter Destinations In Pakistan
Skardu will mesmerize you with its winter looks. For the destination the Traveling gets hard sometimes, but still it remains a hub of wanderers during the season. Skardu is all about beautiful locations, snow clad mountains and inspiring majesty.

Tips: Traverse Sadpara Lake and famous destinations of Hunza, Nagar, Naltar, Pahndar and many more.

8. Ziarat

Winter Destinations In Pakistan
Ziarat is a winter wonderland of Pakistan. It is the healthiest hill station that is recommended by several individuals. You can possibly get access to the town through Quetta, Multan and Dera Ismail Khan.

Tips: Plan a trip to Quaid-e-Azam residency and best known Juniper forest of the region or simply enjoy the fresh snowfall.

9. Balakot

Winter Destinations In Pakistan
Balakot town is located in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is a famous tourist destination and gateway to the blistering kaghan valley. It is more preferable for your winter vacations if you want to spend them in exploring and learning the ancient civilization.

Tips: Make a plan to visit Red Fort, Black Fort, Sikh Fort, Ashoka Rocks and traditional bazaars around.

10. Kaghan and Naran

Winter Destinations In Pakistan
Last but not the least we have on the list Kaghan and Naran Valleys. The striking spots remained closed during the heavy snowfall period for the safety of travelers. However, people love to visit them as the weather gets settled.

Tips: There are numerous options for Kaghan and Naran such as Lake SaifulMalook, Shogran, Lalazar, Noori top and many more.