TOP 10 Tourist Places in KOLKATA, India

Kolkata is the ex-capital of India enriched with culture and ethnicity. It is located at the eastern part of India having great geographical advantages. It is said that in British era, Job Charnock, an employee of East India Company was the founder of this city. Kolkata is also popularly known as the City of Joy. Now, we will discuss some of the very beautiful places of Kolkata which can guide any traveller who wants to travel through Kolkata.

TOP 10 Tourist Places in KOLKATA

10. Howrah Bridge

TOP 10 Tourist Places in KOLKATA, India
Howrah Bridge is mainly known as Rabindra Setu. Tourists can find every details of the bridge in this website- The bridge is being there from 1942 constructed by British.

9. Dakshineshwar Temple

Dakshineshwar Temple
This temple is considered as one of the very sacred temples in Kolkata which was previously lived by Sri Ramakrishna. The main goddess here is Kali. In special occasions huge queues can be seen. People outside Kolkata come here to offer their prayers regularly.

8. South Park Street Cemetery

South Park Street Cemetery
This cemetery is one of the oldest non-church cemeteries in this world. The cemetery is located at Mother Teresa Sarani popularly known as Parkstreet. It was founded in the year 1767. There are lots of notable tombs which attracts tourists. Some of them are the tombs of Sir Elijah Impey, Augustus Cleveland, Charles Stuart, Henry Derozio etc.

7. Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial India
Victoria memorial hall can be reached by metro very easily as the nearest metro station is Rabindra Sadan. The main website of Victoria memorial hall is this- The site is very helpful; one can find every single thing regarding the hall in the website.

6. St. Paul’s Cathedral church

St. Paul’s Cathedral church India
The church is located at Cathedral road, Kolkata. One can reach there by metro as well as by bus. It is just behind Birla Planatarium. A large gathering takes place in every winter season.

5. Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir India
Birla mandir is a temple which was built by Birla family. The timings of the temple are 5:30am-11am and 4:30-9pm. It is situated at Ballygunge. As a whole, the mandir is spread on 44 kathas of land.

4. Zoological Gardens

Zoological Gardens India
Kolkata zoo is situated at Alipore near National Library. It had been built in a huge space which covers 45 acres. The summer timings of the zoo are 6am-5pm and the winter timings are- 6:30am-5pm. The official site is –

3. Marble Palace Mansion

Marble Palace Mansion
It is a mansion from 19th century present in north Kolkata. It is famous for its marble walls, floors and others. The climax of the novel Le Vol Des Cigognes De Jean-Christophe Grange took place in this mansion.

2. Indian Museum

Indian Museum
Indian Museum is located at Maidan and Parkstreet metro junction. It is It takes around rupees 30 for Indian visitors and the authority charges rupees 50 for each camera or camcorders. The timings are- 10am-5pm in March to November and 10am-4:30pm in December to February. The museum remains closed in public holidays.

1. Kalighat Temple

Kalighat Temple India
Kalighat Kali Temple is one of the oldest temples in Kolkata and considered to be the holiest one. It is located at kalighat which can be reached by metro (station kalighat), bus, tram or by any private vehicles. The temple timings are 5am to 2pm and 5pm to 10:30pm.

List Created By; Pritha Ghosh