Top 10 Most Adventurous Jobs in The World

According to dictionary adventure is an unusual and exciting or daring experience. I have created this list according to the adrenaline level involved, the risk factors and the amount of adventures these people do. These are the most daring, unusual, exciting and adventurous jobs in the world.

11. Gold Digger

gold digger in Congo
Digging gold in the most dangerous areas is surely a adventurous thing to do. Searching for the gold in the icy cold areas, in the banks of rivers where the only inhabitants are you and your team. Working on the machines and living on the brink.

10. Movie Stuntman

Movie Stuntman
You can do all, that you can imagine while being a Hollywood stuntman. Riding dirt bikes, jumping of the buildings fight with villains (not real) but a fight is a fight. Fighting with animals, running on train roofs, doing car stunts is surely a cool thing to do. Fighting in the fire, riding horses, being chased by dogs, jumping in front of trains.

09. Camp Manager

Camp Manager
Being a camp manager and teaching other people how to live in jungle is a nice thing to do. Every time you go to jungle you experience more of the Mother Nature. You do trekking, rock climbing, make tents and gathering food. Having bonfire in the nights. Rafting in the day. Fishing for food. Sleep under the night sky with a roof of stars.

08. Being a Hunter

Being a Hunter
Looking in the eye of the beast and hunting is a job of men, real men. Only a brave heart is capable enough of doing this because if you don’t kill the beast the beast kills you. They spend their whole life in jungles in search of wild animals. They have too many close encounters with dangerous animals which sometimes take their lives also.

07. Race car Driver/Racer

Madalena Antas Portugal
Nascar Drivers are paid High. But not only it is a high payment job with name and fame it is also one of the most adventurous jobs in the world. Risks of accident are always high. But the sound of the V12 engine surely boost up the adrenaline to its peak and the sounds of tyres screeching is surely one hell of thing to listen.

06. Storm Chasers

Storm Chasers
Storm Chasers are doing the scariest jobs. These people are found only in the zones of Storms as they are always chasing them. They records storms and tornadoes from extreme danger zones. They are always taking risks of their life, as they have to work in the most life threatening places. They only get out of Tornadoes ways only on the last moments.

05. Fighter Plane pilot

most adventurous jobs
Flying with the supersonic speed and performing stunts with your jets in the sky is really one of the most adventurous jobs. Going over the enemy’s zone and doing an air and shooting enemy’s plane is the bravest thing to do. Risks are high so is the adventure.

04. Skydivers

Skydivers most adventurous jobs
Skydiving gives you more adrenaline flow than anything else. Skydiving is considered one the most extreme sports Jumping from planes from thousands of meters above the ground take the balls to do so. Well what else is in the bag is that you can do stunts with your teammates while you are in air thousands of feet above the ground. Making human formations above ten thousands and the only thing happening is their ever increasing velocity of falling down.

03. Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife Photographer
Going near all the dangerous animals and experiencing the beauty of the nature. Living in the jungle for days and capturing images of all the animals that normal people are only able to see in zoos seems like a cool job to do. One of the most adventurous jobs, Wildlife photographers get the opportunities of working all over the world.

02. Survivor Expert

Survivor Expert
This comes second amongst the most adventurous jobs, because living in the jungle itself is an adventurous thing to do. Take example of Bear Grylls. Climbing and jumping mountains eating weird foods and building a safe house is a adventurous thing to do. Survivors are always in danger of being killed by deadly animals and hunger but still they willing to go to extremes of their body. They are always surrounded by beasts and what could be more fascinating to sleep in a place where the only sound they can hear is of crying dogs and roaring lions.

01. Marine Officer

most adventurous jobs
What could be most adventurous jobs than being a Marine Officer. Fighting in the battle field, going to extremes of your body and mind. They are trained for the toughest environments they are capable of working in all terrains. They are deployed to all the unexpected locations where what they expect is only men ready to kill them.

Top 11 Most Adventurous Jobs

  1. Marine Officer
  2. Survivor Expert
  3. Wildlife Photographer
  4. Skydivers
  5. Fighter Plane pilot
  6. Storm Chasers
  7. Race car Driver/Racer
  8. Being a Hunter
  9. Camp Manager
  10. Movie Stuntman
  11. Gold Digger

Author – Deepak Singh Pawaiya