Top 10 FATHERS’ DAY Gift Ideas

Fathers are the inspiration of their son and the first lover of their daughter. They must get a gift from their daughters or sons on the special day made for them, the Fathers’ Day. They deserve to be pampered by their children at least once in a year as they pamper us throughout the year. So, the top 10 FATHERS’ DAY gift ideas which can make your father feel special are-

10 Cool Top 10 FATHERS’ DAY Gift Ideas

10. Men’s Jewellery

Men’s jewellery
This era has full of jewellery styles for men! Grab something funky but still remember your father should feel comfortable while caring them. The safest choice of jewellery that your father will love is a wristlet! Go for leather or metallic bands. You can buy some more stuff like cufflinks, rings, chains etc.

9. Laptop skins or other accessories

Laptop skins or other accessories
If your father uses a laptop then this idea will furnish your dreams. Send him laptop skins which you can found online at a very low cost. In most of the times the online shopping sites offer combo deals in laptop skins. If your father doesn’t have a laptop or doesn’t use a laptop you can give him other minute yet important accessories like a Bluetooth head set, a walkman, a power bank etc.

8. Idols

This can be a very innovative idea to gift your daddy an idol of god/goddess. They are available in any gift shop. Now a days, contemporary styled idols are very much in. Look for a brass or oxidised metal idols. You can get them at a price of 100- 600/-

7. Wallet, belt gift set

Wallet, belt gift set
This is another wonderful idea to gift your father on the fathers’ day. Every single person uses these two for sure! A latest trendy belt and wallet set can really make your father smile. I would love to add another thing to it is; just add a photograph of your family in the wallet as a secret surprise. Wrap the two with very sophistically printed wrapping papers and give it to him. Even if your dad has these two, still you can give him this because these are two fundamental necessities what a man need to go out! Some really wonderful wallet and belt gift sets can be found online.

6. A complete stationery set

complete stationery set
Most of our fathers work in office or they run business which involves the usage of stationery items. It would be great if you gift him a complete set of stationery items which he could use throughout the year. Just once ask you father about some general queries like whether he likes to use ball point pens over gel pens or does he lack a paperweight or does he need one more pen stand etc. These answers will help you to shop a complete package for him. If you have a good budget, go for a leather diary or a costly ink pen along with the set. Don’t forget to wrap it as beautifully as possible!

Some of the popular stationery brands which are available in India are- Scotch, Navneet, Cello, Reynolds, Schneider, Faber Castell, Parker, Classmate , Flair etc.

5. Good luck charms like lucky bamboo

Good luck charms lucky bamboo
Send him good luck by picking up a lucky bamboo for your father. Lucky bamboos are all time favourite gift for every occasion. One can find those very easily in nurseries or sometimes many gift shops also sell them. Lucky bamboos can be maintained very easily and they are available at a very low price throughout the world. By giving him the lucky bamboo you are actually giving him luck to make him successful in every aspects of life.

4. Health equipment

Health equipments
This is high time to show your father that how much you are worried about your father’s health. Think a lot about what will be the appropriate thing to gift your father. Some of the examples are- blood pressure machine, blood sugar level checker, digital thermometers, digital weight machines etc. These are called personal medical kits. If you find your dad is a bit overweight and he is in search of some ways which can transform his shape, give him simple fitness machines. For example, fitness ball, dumbbells etc. Discuss this with your mother or among the siblings, they will help you to make the right decision. Gifting you dad health equipment will make him understand about the fact that his child is actually getting matured and is able to take his responsibilities in future. So, this idea will absolutely make an impression.

3. Clothing

FATHERS’ DAY Gift Ideas Clothing
This is what they use regular in their life. You must know your dad’s choice. So go to the nearest mall and grab some interesting t-shirts, or shirts. Concentrate on the colours of your stuff. Again, if you have a lot of money, grab denim or an aristocratic jacket. Clothing gifts also include Neck tie sets. I have given my father a set of 5 neckties with cufflink sets on the previous year’s father’s day. I would not recommend you to give him handkerchiefs or set of branded socks or similar like these. But of course if you find that your father lacks that thing, you can give them but include them with other clothing options like a t-shirt of a pair of trousers. Some of the clothing options are-

2. Prepare his favourite dish

FATHERS’ DAY Gift Ideas Dishes
If you don’t know your father’s favourite dish, go and ask help from your mother! She will definitely know this. Just merge the dish with other delicious dishes so that you can make a whole 3/5 course meal. If you are not a good cook, or you are a beginner, search the recipe on YouTube and you can get the visual description. You may take help from elders but remember, preparing your dad’s favourite dish on your own will make you feel much satisfied. But yeah, it’s not necessary to make the ‘whole meal’ only by your hands! Order them from a good restaurant and you you only make the special dish which is his favourite. To find out the perfect fathers’ day recipes here.

1. Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts
Trust me the best gift a child can give his father is any kind of handmade things. Your father will get very surprised when he will see that his child has prepared something so expensive which one cannot buy from stores! There are many options what you can find throughout the internet but I will give you some specific low cost yet wonderful ideas to make a gift. You have to choose what you want to make for your father on the basis of your skills. This is completely your wish. Some of the ideas are- make a fathers’ day card with handmade papers , sparkles etc , you can make a wall mirror out of spoons, handmade pen stands will be another good idea. If your father is a voracious reader then you can indulge yourself to make a homemade page marker. There are many sites which can offer you the tutorial to make these. You have to surf a bit for that.

Written By: Pritha Ghosh