Top 10 Cities You Must Visit In India

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” is a famous idiom said by Saint Augugstine which is depicting how important travel is in our lives.

True! A travel will makes us a better person as we get to know many new things. If we are talking about travel how can we miss India, we should not miss the nation.

India is a diverse country which is full of diversities and one of the largest tourists attraction point in the world. It is a one of the unique countries that you will find on this earth. It is probably a single democratic country in the world with largest diversities and surrounded with so many must visiting cities as there is several factors, Such as the food and cuisine, historical glimpses, cultural stuffs and beauty of the nature.

Here I am talking about 10 cities of India which are according to me most visiting cities of the world. Everybody should once visit in these cities to know many new facts about the country. The top 10 cities to visit in India are given below:-

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Top 10 Cities You Must Visit in India

10). Jaipur

Jaipur HD wallpapers
One of the famous cities of India is prominent for its incredible and unique culture, delicious cuisine, beautiful heritage sites. The city is literally mesmerizing us with its tours and travelling stuffs. The city will be exploring the stunning urban landscapes, and a unique culture in the city. If you want to experiences the true colors of India you must visit Jaipur which is also known as “Pink City”.

9). Hyderabad

Top 10 Cities You Must Visit In India
Hyderabad also known as “Lion City” is a one of the perfect historical cities of the country which is famous for its historical heritage. One of the most famous historical monuments of the city is “Chaarminaar”. Another interesting monument is “The Qutb Shahi Tombs at Ibrahim Bagh” which is the tombs of the seven Qutb Shahi rulers.

We are having amazing cuisine in the “Lion city” and one of the delicious sweet-dish we are having “Kaddu Ki Kheer” (A kind of sweet-dish prepare with milk and guard). One of the touted city of India is Hyderabad which is a must visit.

8). Mysore

Mysore India
Mysore is one of the cleanest cities we are having in India. It is a must visit cities. Mysore paintings, Mysore garments, Mysore cuisine are the famous stuffs the city is having and historical heritage are also amazing we are having here.

It is a famous tourist’s destination and in the city there is a zoo we are having that is most prominent feature of the city. The zoo is famous for 1892.

7). Bangalore

ISKCON temple bangalore
Bangalore is one of the most prominent cities of the India which is famous for its good and plain climate. Throughout the year the city is having a finest climate and people often visit the place for their mood freshens up.

Apart from the city is having an interesting culture here which includes Carnatic music and the Southern base dances including Kathak, Kuchipudi, Bharath Natyam, Kathakali and Odissi. “Yakshagana” is a kind of theatre art which is very famous there.

6). Kolkata

Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
If you are a foodie it is a must visiting place for being foodie. Amazing cuisine you will be enjoying here including non vegetarian and vegetarian items. A particular sweet dish is very famous here which is a mouth watering worthy.
You will visit Kolkata popularly known as “city of joy” you must taste the sweet dish know as “Roshogolla”. It will be a definitely deriving a “heaven on earth” kind of experiences.

5). Delhi

India Gate Delhi
You must visit Delhi, the capital city of the India to know what is real India is. The city is full of historical and legendary monuments which indicate our nation’s heritage.

For instance, :in Delhi a tourist will be get to see the most of the historical monuments of our nation including Lal Qila, Lotus temple, Humayun’s Tomb, Connaught Place, Akshardham temple and India Gate. These monuments actually replicate our nation anyway.

4). Pune

Pune India
Pune is one of the beautiful city which is must visit. You will know about the city if you come here.

3). Ooty

Ooty India
Ooty is famous for tourism and one of the most beautiful hill stations of the country. The city is famous for its natural beauty and people often visit the place to explore the natural beauty.

2). Chennai

Chennai India
Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu which is often mention by the tourists guide one of the must visit city of India. Everything in the city is par apart and the city is also known as “Cultural capital of India”.

In Chennai its culture is the elegance which is presenting in the form of music, dance and singing. Bharatnatyam one of the most famous dance of the nation is origin from the city.

The city is also full of so many temples that is why it is also known as “City of temples”.

1). Mumbai

Mumbai Tourism
Mumbai is often saying financial capital of the India which is one of the major metropolitan cities. The city is famous for its diversified quality. It also depicts “unity in diversity”.

List Created By; Chitra Home Chowdhury