Top 10 Best Food Countries in the World

Top 10 best food countries in the world

1. Spain

best food countries Spain
Spanish cuisine is one of the most influential, around the world. You can easily identify the traces of roman empire aesthetics via Spanish delights. The dishes are delectable that are rich in mushrooms, cheese and seafood. When in Spain, Don’t forget to try Paella Valenciana, Chicken Avacado, Asturian Bean Stew, CocidoMontanes and many more.

2. France

best food countries france
Food in France has been simple yet most delectable one. The French food has evolved over the years, to the modern haute cuisine that is being loved by millions today. Chiefly,it can be your ideal choice to taste upon culture and the magic of spices. Do not miss out on its Baguette, Pain de Champagne, Pasteries, Truffle, Crème Brulee and Crepes.

3. Mexico

best food countries mexico
Mexico will bedazzle you with its uniquely fashioned menu and a blend of herbs. You will get astound with its classic taste, dynamic recipes and pacifying aromas. Dig into the flavors of Tacos, Nachos, Pancakes,  Salsa, Tortillas, Enchilada, are some dishes famous worldwide.

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4. Pakistan

best food countries pakistan
Pakistan is renowned for its classic traditional treats. The food is more like a compilation of several regional specialties such as northern cuisine, delicacies of Sindh, Balochi treats and Punjabi food. Many of the scrumptious Pakistani dishes are acknowledged across the border, for their taste richness.

5. Italy

best food countries italy
Undoubtedly, the Italian cuisine is highly acknowledged abroad, for its simplicity and exceptional taste. Today you can easily point out an Italian eatery around the streets.The mouth watering dishes that are prominent Italian representatives are pizza, pasta, ravioli, bruschetta, panna cotta etc.

6. Thailand

best food countries thailand
Thai cuisine is quite talked about, and tried in different places. It places a lot of importance on balancing all the ingredients and constituting unique aromatic component and spices. Fish sauce is a staple ingredient in Thai food.  Tom Yam Goong, Pad Thai, Kao Phad, these are some famous dishes.

7. India

best food countries india
The land of spices India is famous for food,especially for vegetarian dishes. Famous from Indian treats are Chola Bhatura, Paw bhaji, chaat, Puchkas, Idli, Dosa, Vada and a variety of sweet dishes, drinks the list is never ending. The indian cuisine will simply brighten up your day with its diverse flavors!

8. United States

best food countries usa
The food in the United States has developed over the years, and consists of different versions of food from other countries. You can probably find more of the fast food category on the menu cards. The major highlights of American food are their Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Bacon, Fish and Chips, French fries and Fried Chicken.

9. United Kingdom

Juicy bacon cheeseburgers
British cuisine is easy to make and healthy. The delicacies are based on beef, lamb, chicken and pork, but are served with some flavored vegetable mostly. You can feast on famous dishes like Shepherd’s pie, Steak, Scones and the afternoon tea.

10. China

best food countries china
Last but not the least we have Chinese cuisine on the list. You can touch upon true Chinese culture via their food. Down the years, several moderations have been made to their recipes that has introduced diverse foodie treats today. So this time on your vacations to china don’t miss a chance to try Zhajiangmian, Tang, Bok Choy and many more.