Top 10 Acronyms in the Indian Context

Most of us do not have time on our hands to say things in full. We like to keep things half said. In such a situation, it is quite natural then that we won’t be mouthing the big names that some people, institutions or phenomena have but rather we would be using the smaller and convenient acronyms that can refer to them. In India too, like in the rest of the world, there are some acronyms that have been absolutely smashing hits. Here are the top 10 of those famous acronyms in the Indian context. Read Also; 10 Most Amazing Facts About India.

1. MAT – Albert Einstein

Acronyms in the Indian Context

Albert Einstein, it is said, had one remarked that deciphering taxation is one of the most difficult things. Perhaps he was right, as the Indian Tax Laws with its voluptuous content is quite difficult to decode. Besides, the companies are often seen as getting away without paying due taxes. To put a stop to this, a new kind of indirect tax has been introduced by the name of Minimum Alternative Tax or the MAT.

2. GST – Goods and Services Tax

Acronyms in the Indian Context

The Goods and Services Tax is yet another regime of taxation that has been hotly debated by politicians and experts. Once again, the idea is to streamline the process of identifying the taxpayers and making it easy for them to pay the taxes through one channel only. This will reduce harassment at the hands of the bureaucrats. The Corporate sector has been particularly proactive in demanding the implementation of the GST.

3. 2G – Second Generation Telecom Spectrum scam

Acronyms in the Indian Context

It may not be wrong to call India the country of scams. The entire population is justifiably angry about the large number of scandals that have broken out in the country. One of the most well known scams has been the 2G or Second Generation Telecom Spectrum scam. According to the estimates of the Comptroller Auditor General or CAG of India, the scam was to the tune of 1.76 lakh crores of Indian Rupees.

4. MSP – Minimum Support Price

Acronyms in the Indian Context

The farmers or people associated with agriculture constitute over 60% of the population of the country. Naturally, the schemes that are meant for them capture the imagination of the well meaning section of politicians and civil society. The Minimum Support Price is supposed to be paid by the government to the farmers. This will help them evade the agrarian distress.

5. IPL – Indian Premier League

Acronyms in the Indian Context

The Indian Premier League, taking its name from English Premier League in football, is the most famous cricket league in the country right now. There are players from teams of other countries as well in each of the teams like KKR or Kolkata Knight Riders and CSK or Chennai Super Kings. As is clear, the teams are named after certain regions. However, most players in these teams are not even Indian. There have also been scams associated with this league.

6. MSD – Mahendra Singh Dhoni

MSD – Acronyms in the Indian Context

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been for several years the heartthrob of the nation. This stylish wicket-keeper-cum-batsman had led India to its second World Cup Victory by hitting a six off Lasith Malinga. He was probably the second most successful captain of the team, following closely on the heels of the redoubtable Dada or Sourav Ganguly, India’s most formidable captain ever.

7. SRK – Shah Rukh Khan

SRK – Acronyms in the Indian Context

With crores of crazy fans, Shah Rukh Khan continues to nurture even romantic feelings in young girls. He also has male fans who want to emulate him even today. Despite the Bollywood industry being full of young and macho male actors, SRK remains the top actor in the film industry. See Also; Top 10 Richest Bollywood Celebrities.

8. NaMo – Narendra Modi

NaMo – Acronyms in the Indian Context

The entire nation went gaga over Narendra Modi, thanks to the massively generous coverage that he received for the Prime Ministerial campaign in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The person is known for his great efforts in connecting with the people. The BJP, the party from which he contested elections, has supported him constantly, despite his name being involved in some of the most gruesome incidents, including the Gujarat riots of 2002. Read Also; Top 10 Reasons Why the World Loves India.

9. IAC – India Against Corruption

IAC –  Acronyms in the Indian Context

Led by Arvind Kejriwal, the India Against Corruption was the launching platform for the AAM Admi Party. This campaign against the corrupt politicians and also to bring back the black money stashed away in foreign banks like the Swiss Bank, managed to stir the conscience of the hitherto politically disinterested Indian Middle Class. Read Also; Top 10 Indian Politicians Loved by the Media.

10. AAP – The Aam Aadmi Party

AAP - Acronyms in the Indian Context

The Aam Aadmi Party is current in power in Delhi. The chief minister being Arvind Kejriwal, it goes without saying that this party has had its share of media coverage at the national level. Once it had heavyweight activists in the party like Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan and Medha Patkar. However, they have all left over the course of one year. This has meant that the party has lost some shine but it still continues to take the media and much of the establishment head on, with partial success.

Written By; Kisholoy Mukherjee