10 Smells That You Cannot Ignore – Whether or Not You Like Them!

Good or bad, all of us are used to various kinds of smells. Whoever has the ability to use their noses to perfection, will be blessed with the ability to pick up the weirdest and sometimes the nicest of smells. The following is a small list of smells that all of us are familiar with. Not all will be ones we will be looking forward to picking up but then we can’t help them as they are always around as well. I hope you will have your handkerchief with you as you read this article. Enjoy!

Top 10 Smells That You Cannot Ignore.

1. The smell of books

Smells That You Cannot Ignore
Most of us seem to like books but few can deny the fact that we also tend to like the smell of new and old books alike. This smell can linger for a while and we can find those who will pick up books from the racks in the library and start smelling them straightaway!

2. The smell of dust

Smells That You Cannot Ignore
This is the smell that you typically get once you enter a storeroom or cellar that has not been opened for a long time. The smell is basically nothing but the dust directly entering your nostrils. This is why it is a good idea to actually keep your nose covered when you are entering such an unexplored or untouched room or opening a chest or box that has not been handled for a while.

3. The smell of rain

A couple Enjoying Rain
When the summer sun has been scorching down on us, most of us were busy contemplating the arrival of monsoon. This is the most favorite season and what better way to enjoy it than to relish the delicious smell that comes from the soil that has been drenched by the first few rain drops. One feels like running out to the rain and start getting wet in the rain.

4. The smell of clothes not dried in the sun

smell of clothes not dried in the sun
Once your clothes have been washed, it is important to leave them out in the sun to dry off. If this has not been done, a terrible smell will start coming from the clothes and I think we are all familiar with it! It is best to avoid wearing that dress in public and rewash it.

5. That weird perfume in a public transport

weird public transport
Not all perfumes have the same kind of smell. In fact, some will have the most disagreeable odor. Unfortunately, if you are in a crowded vehicle, you cannot do anything about that loud odor and you will have to bear it till you or the source person gets down.

6. “Who was that?”

Farting Smells That You Cannot Ignore
Hopefully, one does not have to explain any further what is meant. Nobody can be blamed of course for having some gastric problem on a particular day. However, if the calamity takes place in a place that is congested, usually tempers can rise very fast and expletives may be exchanged as well. Anyway, Farting is most bizarre thing we do daily.

7. Fresh Paint

Smell Of Fresh Paint
Just imagine walking past a road divider when some workers are toiling hard to apply the fresh coat of paint. Some people may appreciate the colors, while others may be more interested in the smell. It is a fact that there is often the presence of Lead, a carcinogen, in the paints. It is not very good for health therefore to inhale the smell of paint. But it is a fantastic smell nonetheless.

8. Baby powder

Smells That You Cannot Ignore
Most of us love babies because they are so innocent. There is also a special smell that is associated with babies on taking in which we are immediately reminded of them. The powders that are meant specifically to be applied on babies will naturally bring the little ones to our minds.

9. Smell of dried flower or leaf inside a book

Smells That You Cannot Ignore
Lot of us are extremely romantic when it comes to books. We love to read the most interesting books written by poets or even by mathematicians. Some romanticism can be attached with any subject that we like. It is in such emotional capacity that we end up putting small leaves or flowers inside the pages of a book. When someone else comes up and reads the book much later on, suddenly that person comes face to face with the emotions and passions that had gone into the book.

10. Smell of the favorite dish made by your mother

Baby Eating Food
Nothing beats the food cooked by your own mother. You and your mother share a very special relationship. It must be remembered that no matter what happens to your personal or professional life, nothing will be able to mar the relationship between you and your mother. This is why the mother is the symbol of eternal love and that is why the smell of your mother’s dish is something that remains so desirable always.

Written By; Kisholoy Mukherjee