Health Benefits of Yarrow Essential Oil

In the last couple of years, essential oils have become a very frequently heard term. Considering, they’re cheaper and safer than most cosmetic products; I think every individual should have a couple of these in her regime. One such underrated essential oil is Yarrow Essential oil. Needless to say it is 100% herbal and incredibly useful. To know more about it, read on.

Before we jump into its benefits, let’s be clear on what exactly is Yarrow as it’s not the most common herb known to us. Yarrow is a herb that grows mostly in temperate regions such as Asia, North America and Europe. It is basically a flowering plant that has a ton of health benefits. It helps reduce inflammation and provides relief from flatulence. Be it your frequent tummy aches, cramps, hair fall or insomnia, yarrow essential oil can treat them all.

Health Benefits of Yarrow Essential Oil
Health Benefits of Yarrow Essential Oil

Moving on to Health Benefits of Yarrow Essential Oil, Read on to find out more:

1. Anti-Septic

This flowering plant has healing powers. Yarrow plant is processed and turned into an essential oil. When this oil is applied on wounds, it provides a protective layer that prevents the wounds from becoming septic. Hence it acts as an anti-septic. Eventually it also helps heal the wound. This works on any type of wounds.

2. Helps with digestion

This essential oil can be injected orally. People suffering from any digestive disorders will find instantly feel a difference. The yarrow essential oil not only helps with digestion but over time, ensures good health of your intestines as well.

3. Has Febrifugal Properties

The Yarrow essential oil helps bring down the body temperature. It promotes perspiration and fights off the infections which cause fever eventually bringing down the temperature. It also helps in relieving the inflammation that results from fever.

4. Works as an Emollient

People suffering from dry and patchy skin must give this a try. Yarrow essential oil provides a smoother and younger looking skin. It hydrates the skin and you end up having the softest skin ever. It also helps fight cracks, infections, and marks left over the years.

5. Fights against Spasms

Only those who suffer from spasms can vouch how dangerous it can be. Not only spasms but any sort of contractions in the body can be very fatal. Spasms in the intestines results in abdominal pain and eventually leads to cramps. Spasms in the respiratory system can result in convulsions. Yarrow essential oil helps fight against spasms by relaxing these contractions. It has a anti-spasmodic effect on muscles, nerves, respiratory tracts and the intestines.

6. Acts as an Expectorant

Expectorant refers to the ability to clear congestion. Yarrow essential oil holds to secret to relieving people of phlegm. It helps clear congestions from the vhest, bronchi and nose. So it makes this essential oil your best friend when the cold hits you. It is also very efficient in curing and controlling coughs.

7. Works as a Diaphoretic

Yarrow essential oil increases perspiration. It helps in the removal of toxins; it flushes out the extra salt and water from the body. This results in cooling down the body. Yarrow essential oil provides relief from fever and aids in losing weight as well.

8. Helps cure Insomnia

Yarrow essential oil has tranquilizing properties. So it provides immense relief to people suffering from insomnia and excessive stress. It brings down the blood pressure and relaxes the muscles, brain and nerves. This oil ensures a good night’s sleep in the long run.

9. Acts as an anti-scar treatment

Yarrow essential oil works as a cicatrisant as well meaning it helps fade away any scars and marks. Be it pregnancy stretch marks, scars or acne scars, yarrow oil works as an amazing anti-scar treatment. Although it is not advised for pregnant women to use it, it can very well be used post pregnancy to eliminate any leftover scars,

10. Works as an Astringent

Astringent property refers to the ability of bringing in contractions in blood vessels, tissues etc. When an astringent such as the yarrow essential oil is applied on the gums, it helps secure your teeth. In addition to that, it helps strengthen hair follicles and prevents hair loss. It also fights against saggy stretched out skin. And when this type of contraction happens in the blood vessels, it lessens the hemorrhage. Needless to say, yarrow oil works as an excellent astringent.

11. Cures Hypertension

12. Optimizes the Metabolism