10 Most Famous Makeup Brands 2019

A woman always chooses quality outfits and branded makeup for herself. I don’t think there will be any lady in the world who wants to compromise her beauty. Unlike the ancient times, today’s females have a lot of things and labeled cosmetics to choose from. A wide range of makeup items are there to enhance their natural look. Every woman, these days, is crazy to look fashionable. Not only has she wanted her dresses to be perfect but also her shoes and cosmetics as well. This is what makes us believe that the cosmetic industry is making millions of dollars every month. The competition among the cosmetic brands is really tough. It is difficult for us to decide what to choose and what to not. If you have the same confusion then here are my 10 most famous makeup brands 2019 you should choose from.

The World’s 10 Most Famous Makeup Brands:

10. Etude

famous makeup brands

Etude is one of the most amazing and successful European makeup brands 2019. Its perfumes, makeup products such as lipsticks, lip gloss, nail paints, eye shades, mascaras and lip liners etc. are likely by the young ladies. Its head branch is located in South Korea, but the global female users can get benefited from the awesome and reliable products of Etude.

9. Avon

famous makeup brands

Avon is one of the largest and best selling cosmetic brands in the world. It is featured with countless makeup kits, mascaras, men’s perfumes, women’s perfumes, eye shades and bundles of other beauty products. You never have to worry about the prices because Avon promises to sell its products at very affordable prices.

8. MAC

Mac Cosmetics Foundation

MAC’s cosmetics are capturing the eyes of young females from all around the world. This company was established in 1984 in New York, America. MAC word is abbreviated as Makeup Art Cosmetic. It deals with great natural and non natural cosmetics, ensuring highest level of quality to the clients.

7. Urban Decay

Urban Decay Makeup

Urban Decay is an award-winning cosmetic brand. Its feminine and hot products come with great edge of quality. Urban Decay’s most favorite and best selling products are eyeshade kits, Naked Palettes, eyeliners, lip glosses, perfumes and makeup kits. The company is operating for 16 years successfully.

6. Clinique

Clinique Makeup

Clinique is one of my favorite and highly popular cosmetic brands in the world. This company is based in New Zealand and its foundation was laid in 1968. This company has specialized in skincare creams, lotions, perfumes, toiletries and natural fragrances. The best thing about its beauty products is that they are absolutely harm free, which means you skin will have to suffer with no side effects.

5. Christian Dior

famous makeup brands

Its cosmetics of Dior are world famous for their reliability and great quality. This company is housed in France, it estimated  brand value is $5. Christian Dior was founded in 1946, it has the outlets spread all over the world. The company is selling cosmetics of millions of dollars every year. The mascara of ‘Christian Dior’ is highly appreciated by many Hollywood Actresses.

4. NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics has continuously been dominating the hearts of millions of female users all over the world. This superior quality makeup brand allows you to choose from a wide range of eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polishes and skin moisturizers.

3. L’Oreal

L’Oreal Makeup

L’Oreal is one of the most trusted and amazing cosmetic brands in the world. It is a French company, known for its quality moisturizers, lotions, foundation, makeup products and lipsticks. L’Oreal is operating since 1909 and the company’s foundation was laid by Eugene Scheuller. This cosmetic brand made over $8 million during 2012 and is likely to double its annual amount by 2015.

2. Maybelline

Maybelline Cosmatic Products

The eye makeup, mascaras, lipsticks and nail paints of Maybelline are famous all over the world. Currently, Maybelline’s products are sold in more than 130 countries in the world. This American brand makes billions of dollars every month from its wide sale of glosses, eyeliners, eye shades, foundation, makeup powder and nail polishes. If you want to look gorgeous then bring the glamorous cosmetics of Maybelline and enjoy yourself.


Oriflame Makeup

Oriflame is a Sweden based cosmetic company. It is one of the best and most reliable personal care product and nutritional product makers in the world. This company is not only best of its type and for its widest range of cosmetic. The company mainly targets the females of America, Canada and Europe. Its natural moisturizers, body cares, hair care products, skin scrubbers and fragrances. You will definitely find the product of your choice at very reasonable prices from a nearby store or an online outlet of Oriflame. Choosing the makeup and cosmetic products of Oriflame is always a blessing for any female because this is one of the most reliable and successful makeup and beauty brands in the world, selling its products proudly all over the globe.