10 Exercises Which Make One Sit Comfortably for Long Hours

If you are one of the millions who are forced to sit for long hours, there are fine ways to keep your body machinery running properly. There are many exercises which can be done in variety of ways. But, only a few will give you the desired effective result. There are some exercises meant for strengthening arms and legs, some for strengthening the spinal chord, some exclusively for knee and joint pains. There are yoga exercises, pranayama, Hot Yoga and even some more… There are even some masters who suggest Pranic Healing and Color Therapy. One yoga master suggests breathing exercise as one for all problems and another master suggest Anulom Vilom as the best, and another recommended both taken up with follow up action. I have seen a person regularly in the morning with a bulgy mouth and shaking the content in side it. I asked and enquired as to why this he was doing. He says that it would improve the luster of the face and also good exercise for strong teeth. Another latest exercise added recently is SURYA NAMASKARAS. This is actually a very old tradition that is being followed by everybody, before taking his bath and before sitting for prayer. After studying and analyzing the benefits out of it, the master are now laying more emphasis on this particular type of exercise. It includes several asanas and completion of 9 asana will become a cycle. The master recommends to take 2 cycles in the beginning and to increase the number week after week. The advantage and main purpose is to reduce the fat in the body and for becoming slim and trim.

But, all these exercises are meant for people of all ages? Definitely a big ‘No’ will be an answer. Some exercises are meant for young people and some are for middle aged and some are only for certain age of old people.

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Now the point for consideration is how to choose the best one. The immediate question would be for whom? There will be sports persons, Athletic people, Cricketers, boxers, house wives, and office goers. All can not do all exercises in our mechanical society which is always governed by group activities and dynamics. It is compelling them to choose only those exercises suitable to the nature of their profession. It is becoming inevitable. A house wife can not chose an exercise that is useful to make one a sports person. A sports person can not be asked to opt an exercise which is meant for house wives. But, who ever he may be, irrespective of age and profession, will come across a situation where he is expected to sit for long hours while traveling in a bus or flight .In such a situation what one is expected to follow to make him strong to sit for long hours? This can be achieved by taking the following 10 simple exercises with least amount of time. But, the point is to see that the routine should not be disturbed. If, for some extraneous reasons, you have to give a break, then you continue the exercises just by doubling it.

10 Exercises Which Make One Sit Comfortably for Long Hours

Exercises Which Make One Sit Comfortably
Start with one or more of the following exercises to warm up.

10. First sit comfortably in a chair. Rub your both palms vigorously against each other and put them on your face with slight pressure on the eyes. It will give lot of relief. Just clasp your hand and slowly twist your chest left to right and right to left. Repeat it for 5 times.

9. Sit with toes on floor. Heels high, toes fucked well in towards the chair. Stretch out the left leg as far as possible, at the same time pushing the heel forward and drawing the toes as far towards you as you can. Return to original position. Relax; repeat the same movement with the right leg. Repeat with both leg together. Does this exercise four times?

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8. Sit with feet parallel pointing straight ahead. Lift the left leg against the chest and clasp lower part of leg with both hands. Pull Return to original position. Repeat with right leg. Then lift both knees and clasp hands around lower legs. Pull Return to original position. Raise body until the buttocks just clear the seat, at the same time rolling up on to toes. Return to original position. Relax. Repeat the exercise for 5 times.

7. Jog in your chair by raising your heels alternatively as high as possible. At the same time rise your arms in a bent position. and mock rhythmically forward and back as when walking . Continue for one to three minutes.

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6. Bend your right forearm upwards and drive your left knee up towards your right elbow. Return to original position and do the same thing with the right knee and left elbow. Repeat cycle for 15 times.

5. Sit with both heels as far to the right as possible to the left knee up towards your right elbow. And with both on the same side, Lift heels and swing them over to the left while swinging arms in the same directions. Repeat 30 times.

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These exercises will strengthen muscles that hold the back and spine erect help develop good sitting habits and prevent lower back problems.

Exercises Which Make One Sit Comfortably

4. Draw the stomach fully in, but continue to breath normally. Drop trunk forward while lifting toes high, heels on floor. Place toes back on floor. Relax, stomach muscles, raise body upright again. Repeat 30 times.

3. Sit relaxed. Pull muscles in as far as you can .keep them drawn in and tested for seven seconds. Relax for seven seconds. Repeat eight times.

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2. Sit relaxed with shoulders dropped. Raise the back through a concentrated pulling together and tensing of lower back muscles. Hold for 7 seconds. Relax for 7 seconds. Repeat 8 times.
These exercises will lubricate joints and help prevent upper back stiffness.

1. Sit with shoulders relaxed. Move right shoulder forward, then the left shoulder. stretching each as you do so . Return, Relax, Clasp hands and move arms out and upwards then backward over head. As palms turn upward, give a slight pull. Repeat eight times. Gently rotate shoulders to describe large circles Do in both forward and backward directions 10 to 15 timeless each.

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Written By: Shatdarsanam Sivasubrahmanyam