Contemporary Dining Tables – Dining Room Design Ideas

Dining tables are one of the most significant home furniture, whether you are the residents of a small house or a big one, dining table is considered as an essential element of a house. In yesteryears, when people were a lot simple and less demanding than they are now, the idea of having fashionable dining tables were not in as much trend as in the following years. Though, the archetypal colour and patterns still hold the leading position in furniture market, now people are bending towards circulation of colours and especially those colours that were not considered previously. Apart from this, a wide shift from wood has also been observed as now people seem to regard other material for the purpose.

Following are some of the contemporary dining tables, dining room ideas for you to design and renovate your house.

Marble Tables

Contemporary Dining Tables

Marble is a substantially heavy material as compared to wood or any other material used in furniture.However, marble has been used in making impressive crockery but its use as a furniture stuff was not as famous as it became in the following years. Marbled dining tables are heavy and will require minimal shifting so it’s a good option for those who are not very fond of moving around things in every couple of months. Marble dining tables come in both colossal and sleek designs; immense or designs inclined towards heavy side, are suited for houses with big dining rooms as they will complement each other well. The light designed or sleek furniture goes well with comparatively smaller houses or the ones that prefer smart and compact designs.

Carved Tables

Carved dining Tables

Want to stick to the basic wood furniture scheme? You can still put your creative genius to work; partially or completely carved wood designs are both stylish and unique. Wood carvings are quite famous in architectural world; wood carved roofs and walls are some of the most widely acclaimed art in house decoration and arein demand round the year. The tables can be either completely or partially carved; Turkish, Arabic, Italian, French or German motifs and carving designs make excellent partial carved tables, you can either have it in the centre or on the sides of the table. You do not need to spend a lot of money or go for fancy designer carved furniture; you can have your own customised designs and have them carved on entire table or into its centre or side. Other than some traditional carving, you can have your, your family or kids’ names or their initials designed into your tables to have that exclusive look.

Antique Tables

Horner Antique Dining Table

Love to have a piece of antiquity? Antique objects are a real inspiration to many of us, but having one into your household means an extensively large budget. But you can have the antique designs within your set budget; having your ideas designed on your furnitureis comparatively economical than buying antique furniture. While designing the dining table,rather than making simple table legs, have them cut into design of small cupids. Or if you are having simple round table with single leg in the middle then try the same cupid design all around it. Besides cupids, flowers, motifs, angels and many other design ideas will make notably impressive antique dining tables and the good part is that no one would be able to know that your antique furniture is self designed unless you tell them to exhibit your fashion intellect.

Bohemian Tables

Bohemian dining Tables

Bohemian styled dining tables are a perfect way of flaunting your inventiveness as well as breaking from the traditional designs and schemes of dining tables. As the word proposes, Bohemian designs are the unconventional ones which are usually very artistic and magnify the unique taste of designer or the one possessing it. Like antique styled tables, Bohemian designs can be quite a challenge to achieve but with a little imagination and novelty the design can be perfectly attained. Black coloured dining table and chairs, in place of brown, with dragon claw table legs or following the cupids’ design but replacing the cupids with gargoyles or any other unconventional figure you may think of will perfect your Bohemian style dining table.

Wicker Tables

wicker dining tables

Save for the usage of wood for the purpose of furniture making, cane material has also made its way into it. Wicker is a light material which is easily movable and is very suitable for moderate household and also for the people who want to have lightweight furniture instead of heavy ones. Wicker furniture can be of various colours and the thing that makes it an absolute choice is that the furniture can be easily moved to your other rooms and to your lawn also for evening tea. Wicker dining tables has varied designs, which include the traditional wood or marble design table or the ones having some designs on it. Being light in weight, wicker carries the designs easily, which is a bit tough in case of heavy material.

Glass Tables

Glass Dining Table

Glass is extensively employed in making beautiful pieces of art and decoration and is the foremost choice of the restaurateurs worldwide. Glass furniture is well suited for homes also, which gives your dining room the classy and sleek look; like the others mentioned in the list, glass dining tables come in all shapes and sizes and one can even customise them accordingly. Round, square and rectangular are the usual shapes while some of the unusual ideas include different shapes instead of the usual ones and having your dining table painted on the downside while the whole painting is reflected on the top of the table is also a unique and attractive idea.

Expandable Tables

expandable round table wooden

Expandable tables are a new genre to enter the world of furniture; expandable tables can be opened and expanded to near double of its actual area.No matter if you are a big family, you do not need to buy a big dining table to accommodate everyone, an expandable table will do the job, once you are done with you meal move the table back into its minimised size. Round expandable tables have their spare sides rotated underneath the surface table, just spin the sides out and accommodate your guests. Rectangular, or usual shaped, tables have their spare sides racked in like cabinets on their sides, when in need pull the parts out.

Portable Tables

Portable Tables

Portable tables are ideal for small houses and for the ones that love to have space around them; these tables are versatile in nature and can be placed anywhere. Portable tables are usually made of plastic as they need to be light in weight and easy to move; like wicker furniture, portable ones can easily be moved to many part of your house and can be placed in your lawn and terrace too. Portable tables are good for children’s rooms too; they can have their lessons on them and wrap and place them in cupboard afterwards, making the room spacious. These tables are available in both simple and designed styles.

Above are some of the contemporary dining tables ideas for your convenience and to get you started with decorating or renovating of your house. Although you can implement the ideas as they are discussed but you can also mingle it with your own ideas.