10 Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations! You just made it through your first year of marriage which is technically the most difficult one. You get to know “new” things about your partner and he or she typically begins to unravel the weaknesses that might have been hidden during the pre-marital relationship (if you had one!) Here are a few ideas to celebrate your first wedding anniversary in a memorable way:

Make Your Wedding Anniversary Romantic

Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Romantic

1. Exchange gifts

Believe it or not but exchanging gifts does increase love. It has been spiritually and scientifically proven. It does not have to be lavish or extravagant. You can just write a creative poem on a piece of paper to show what your partner means to you.

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2. Freeze your wedding cake

There have been couples who froze their wedding cake and ate the top of it on their first wedding anniversary! If that is not the case with you, you can have one made that just looked like your wedding cake.

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3. Live your first moment again

What was the first thing that you did together? A dance? A date? A sweet kiss? Celebrate the special day by living those moments again. Go back in time because it makes you feel better, younger and fresher.

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4. Wedding photos

You can sit together with your spouse or your family and view your wedding photos. Keep hoping that you haven’t put on a lot of pounds because that certainly depresses you! If you are pregnant or a dad-to-be then it might create the opposite feelings.

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5. Spend another honeymoon together

This shouldn’t just be your first anniversary tradition, rather you should try and arrange the annual vacation around your anniversary date. What could be better than reviving those moments alone at some beautiful place?

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6. Throw a party

After you have shared some private moments together, throw a party for the closest friends and family members. You could even have a couples’ get together and hang out where every couple can enjoy their own romantic moments with friends.

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7. Toast and Talk

Talk about the last year with your spouse over a toast. Let it be nice and subtle even if you want to complain though we would suggest to keep the complaints to yourself on this day. Tell each other about your best moments. If you have maintained a love journal; go through it.

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8. Have a dinner date

Even if it is a weekday, anniversaries are special- have a hang out together with your partner. Try making it to your reception site for that day and relive those moments again.

9. Revive and retell

Retell the story of how you fell in love with your partner and take your wedding vows again. Talk about your future plans along with reminiscing the past. Make promises to each other, even if you have made them before. It creates a strength in the bond. This can even be done officially in the presence of a priest and friends-just like that day!

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10. Enjoy the night!

Have another nuptial on this day by recreating those moments with each other. You can cover your bed with rose petals and light candles around the room. Dress up seductively and enjoy each other just like you did on your first night together.

List Created By: Wardah Maaz