Become the Most Stylish Girl in School

The one among best time of life is student life time. Highschool could be a time in your life you may always remember. You undergo several experiences and get introduced to the adult world. Everybody is aware of education could be a key to success in life. However, this does not mean that high school needs to be an uneventful experience. We all understand that turning into a young person and planning to highschool means you will become a lot of alert to however you look. You’ll create your life fascinating and fun by developing enticing outfits, establishing a fashionable reputation, and thinking about how to reflect your personality through your vogue.

You want to be a trendsetter–the girl everyone else copies. Being the most chic chick in your clique requires a distinct personal style, knowledge of fashion rules and the savvy to know when to break them. Here’s how to become the most stylish girl in school.

Become the Most Stylish Girl in School
Figure out and define your style: Many people claim they don’t know what their “style” is, but unless someone else is picking out your clothes every day, it’s a sure bet you already have a style. Everyone has a different style, and it is probably made up of many different tastes and fashions. Make it your own and make sure it’s something you feel comfortable with. Learn a lot about fashion. Read fashion magazines, watch fashion-related TV shows and go to fashion shows if you live in a city that hosts them. Go shopping as often as you can–not just to buy things but to discover what’s out there. Try on and feel fabrics to see which you would like best to wear.

Hit the high-end boutiques, even if you don’t have the budget for designer clothes. You’ll see what looks are hot off the runway. What’s new at couture studios this year won’t be copied by discount department stores for several months or even years later. You can become a trendsetter by wearing outfits inspired by couture.

Develop your own personal style. You can wear Abercrombie & Fitch like everyone else, but accessorize in a unique way or put an unusual spin on popular clothes. Throwing in some vintage pieces–or if you can afford it, designer accessories–can make any outfit more fashionable.

Wear your clothes with confidence. If you don’t look confident in your clothes, you won’t be able to take on the trendsetter role–no matter how cool everything looked when it was hanging in your closet.

Have good hair. Fashion isn’t just about clothing. How many times have you seen a cute outfit ruined by bad hair? Find a style that works for your hair–it can be wavy, curly, straight, brown, blonde, red–whatever, so it looks natural, pretty, and flattering. Find a talented hair stylist and get tips from her/him.

Trendy Tips to Become the Most Stylish Girl in School

Become the Most Stylish Girl in School

  • Make your own style. Combine clothes that nobody has before. Your own style says who you are.
  • Show confidence when you wear your clothes; don’t be ashamed of your appearance.
  • Being original requires attitude. If you don’t have the self-confidence to stand up to your fashion choices, you’ll begin to water it down until you look like anybody else.
  • Be open minded about trying new things.
  • Fashion is a vicious cycle. What’s in the thrift store today will be on the runway tomorrow, so think twice if you have clothes you like and are only considering giving away because they aren’t ‘fashionable’. Style is personal and doesn’t fluctuate the same way that fashion does.
  • Purchase small accessories that will match your new outfits.
  • If someone has something you like don’t copy it exactly, find something you like that looks similar so that they won’t think you are a style-stealer.
  • Remember ….. Don’t copy others’ styles directly or completely. Be inspired by others, but make their ideas your own.