7 Home Remedies for Stomach Pain

Stomach pain, aches (also known as abdominal pain) and acidity are the most common health complications we suffer with every now and then. Despite the fact that a lot of medicines are greatly helpful, the stomach pain can be well cured with home remedies. The benefits of home remedies for stomach pain are that you won’t have to suffer with their side-effects; they are cost-effective and can deal with even and older form of the stomach pain. This is why, one should give high preference to the following home remedies for stomach pain.

Best Home Remedies for Stomach Pain:

Green Tea:

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain

Research has proved that green tea contains antioxidants and minerals, which are quite effective to cure stomach pain. Sometimes it happens that in summers, we drink a lot of waters and liquids, as a result stomach pain and acidity become severe. This is a common health issues in summer days, but with green tea you can cure it in a better way and instantly.

Chamomile Beans’ Tea:

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain

The chamomile beans help in easing your stomach pain and aches. These are the anti-inflammatory ingredients which remove the bacteria and viruses from your stomach. The common stomach complication, gastritis is also cured with the chamomile beans. You won’t be able to eat the beats like nuts, this is why the better option is to prepare their tea. Make sure you prepare the tea in milk with little water and sugar.

Hot foaming pack:

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain

A hot foaming pack is one of the greatest and most effective home remedies to cure the stomach pain. This idea is usually considered to be reliable during the winters, but those who remain in air-conditioning most of the times also can go with this great and effective stomach pain curing idea. What you have to do is to get some foam and stitch it in a soft cloth. Then dip it in water and boil it for a few minutes. Once the foam dries out, you can warm your stomach area on the belly to soothe your pain. In another case, you can use an iron-hot cloth with foam stitched inside. I believe this second idea is great and instant if your stomach pain is getting severe.

Sugar and rice mixture:

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain

Take some water and boil it adding some sugar into it. When you are confident that the sugar has totally been mixed in the water, then this is the time to add some rice into it. Keep on cooking it until the rice takes the form of the paste. Cool it in refrigerator for half an hour and apply this mixture onto your stomach’s area twice a week. This mixture is great because it relieves your stomach’s inflammation and soothes the linings and veins of the digestive system.

Peppermint leaves’ tea:

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain

Two cups of tea of peppermint leaves are going to be great for curing your stomach pain. The fresh peppermint gives your stomach and other digestive organs complete relaxation. It is also great to help your muscles get relax and your bile flow is also regulated in a better way. It is very easy to prepare peppermint leaves’ tea at home. You just have to boil some leaves in water and use the same water for preparing tea. Add some honey and sugar to enhance its taste but don’t use artificial sugar in excess, because that will disturb your digestive system instead of curing the stomach pain.

Honey with milk:

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain

Milk contains much protein and other nutrients which are responsible to regulate your body functions. Too much water in summers definitely disturbs the functioning of the stomach. Make honey milk an alternate of your glass of water. It is up to you to either drink honey with milk in hot form or cold form. But if you are drinking it in cold form, then make sure it is not chilly cold because that won’t benefit you at all. I give high preference to hot cup of milk with two tea spoon honey added to it.

Lemon juice:

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain

Lemon contains vitamin C which regulates the hydrochloric acid (HCL) in your stomach. Sometimes the irregular production of HCL in the stomach leads to severe pain and acidity. But now the easy and effective solution is in your hands. Drink lemon juice daily before breakfast. If the disease is severe then one glass of cold lemon juice before the breast and one in the evening will definitely regulate the HCL production in your stomach and it will help you get rid of the pain. To increase the taste of lemon juice, you can insert some sugar or honey into it. I must say that honey is a much better option than artificial sugar because honey has been a proven ingredient to keep our digestive organs function properly both in summer and winter.