4 Super Easy Brain Boosters

Looking for some super easy brain boosters that are simple to slip into your busy day? This particular post will add some variety to your diet as well as to your pool of memory techniques.

The 4 Super Easy Brain Boosters:

Eat: Less Fake Butter

super easy brain boosters
Whether spread on toast or poured over movie or microwave popcorn, many butter chemicals, which may harm brain cells. Diacetyl promotes the protein clumps in the brain that mark Alzheimer’s disease, according to scientists at university of Minnesota. Researcher Ashish Vartak says he and his colleagues avoid diacetyl by snacking on unflavored popcorn (they  add salt or herbs).

Gargle: With Lemonade

super easy brain boosters
A new study finds that sweet liquids boost resolve. The upside (for dieters ): you don’t have to swallow them.A university of Georgia study has found that rinsing the mouth with sugar-sweetened lemonade helped students perform better on tests of willpower.

“Researchers used to think the sugar had to enter the body to give you the energy for self the control,” said university of Georgia psychology professor Leonard Martin, co-author of the study.But just holding the sugar in the mouth apparently signals the brain to pay attention.

Apple Chips

super easy brain boosters
You’ve heard the expression “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and it turns out that apples may just also keep Alzheimer’s at bay too. By fighting the effects of aging on the brain, apple chips are a secret brain-boosting weapon. They help prevent the decline of an essential group of neurotransmitters and protect the brain from diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Sleep: Seven Hours

super easy brain boosters
Too little sleep at five hours a night or too much at more than nine hours may make your brain age more quickly. Researchers using data on more than 15,000 women from the Nurses’health study found that regularly sleeping two hours more or less than the recommended to two years of brain ageing (on standard memory tests).