10 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Super Special

Valentine day, a.k.a, V-day, is approaching and yes, everyone is excited about it. The red and white colour would be reigning the environment and the hearts shaped stuff will fill in the market. So, following are the ways to make Valentine’s Day super special for your partner.

10. Time

Casually celebrate v-day
Spend your precious time with your partner. It is a day meant to celebrate love, right ? So, just do it. Lives, as it is, have gone so busy that it is practically impossible to be lovey dovey throughout, so on this special day give all your 24 hours to your other significant. Miles do not matter, if you and your partner are light years away, still figure out the ways to be together if not physically, then try virtually.

9. Admiration

admire each other
Take time to admire each other. Shower bon words, tell them their worth, express how very special they are and what does it feel to have them in your respective lives?

8. Smile is contagious

Smiling couple
Every individual is stressed out, over worked and has whole host of issues to struggle with, thus, use V-day, to throw these stress causing things out of your lives and smile often, crack jokes,make your partner the center and be the reason she/he smiles.

7. Write a few words

Write a Valentine Poem
Ah ! writing may not be the first choice of many people as not everyone is a Shakespeare or a Jane Austen but just try penning down a few words for your partner, topped with the feeling of warmth and love, it would just make the day all the more worthy.

6. Embracing the silence

Happy Sweet Couple
It can not go unnoticed special events hosted by various clubs and event management companies,but, if I am allowed to share a personal piece of thought, I believe, celebrating the love in the arms of silence makes everything a notch higher adorable. Just you and your partner, damn that is the best feeling to cherish.

5. Candles and darkness

Candles and darkness
Go up on the terrace. Hold hands, look into each others eyes and gaze at the stars, light a few candles and rejoice the solitude and the romantic fluorescent lights travelling through the night’s darkness.

4. Feed!

V Day Special
You sure do know your partner’s favourites and what do they like to hog on, so certainly, you would be placing the orders for the same but the added tip here is to feed them with your hands. It just makes food all the more delicious, tastier and yes finger licking good.

3. Touch Your Partner

Couple romance in Candle light
Sense your partner’s presence with the touch. Hold her hands, whisper in her ears, snuggle, cuddle, embrace, make her feel warm. Touch her soft enough to make her feel like a princess.

2. Dedicate songs to your partner

dedicate songs to your partner
Yeah! dedicate songs to your partner. Sing their favourites, dedicate a few to them. You do not have to be a guitarist or a pro singer, just a flow of romantic melody would do the trick.

1. Decorate

Make Valentine's Day Super Special
Awesome, decorate both yourself and the surroundings for your partners. Use roses, lights, love notes, teddys, petals to give the space a whole new touch.

10 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Super Special

  1. Time
  2. Admiration
  3. Smile is contagious
  4. Write a few words
  5. Embracing the silence
  6. Candles and darkness
  7. Feed!
  8. Touch
  9. Songs
  10. Decorate

In a nut shell it can be said that, two people together are definitely in love other days as well, but Valentine’s Day is a reason and an excuse to take a day off from your otherwise workaholic lives and make your other halves feel super special and loved.

Written By; Palak Gupta