10 Ways To Keep Cool When It Is Too Hot

10 Ways To Keep Cool When It Is Too Hot

10 Ways To Keep Cool When It Is Too Hot

5. Stay Away From Alcohol and Caffeine

Have you noticed how you feel after a night out with drinks? Doesn’t your throat feel dry? In the same way, during the summer, you should try and avoid alcohol as much as possible because it is known to increase the rate of dehydration in the body. It is the same with caffeine as well. Even though we may look for a chilled glass of beer or a cold coffee to fight the heat, we should stay away from them and stick to natural fruit drinks instead.

4. DIY Air Conditioner

Most people have air conditioners in their homes to fight of the heat in summer but if you do not have one, do not worry. There is a simple yet effective way of keeping cool. If you have a big enough window and if you get cool breeze coming in through that window, place a fan directly in front of it so that the cool air is being pulled in by the fan. If you do not have a window that supplies cool breeze, then just place a tub and fill it with ice cubes and cold water. Then place the fan in front of it so that the cool icy air is pulled towards you.

3. Go Mall Hopping

When the afternoon heat gets too much and there is no escape at all, the best way to fight the summer is to visit public places with strong air conditioning. Places like malls, movie theatres etc are always crowded during summer because most people find refuge in its cool surroundings.

2. Eat Light

Another great way to keep away the heat is to stay as light as possible. Eat fruits or salads for lunch. Juices help a lot in summer and keep the body cool. Stay away from red meats like beef or lamb as they produce the most amount of body heat when consumed. The lesser you eat, the cooler you will feel. But, this does not mean that it is right to starve yourself. In fact, it is the total opposite of what you should do. Eating small meals throughout the day ensures that the body has enough protein to work through the day.

1. Be Aware

When the summer comes along, it is always a good thing to recognize the various illnesses that come along with it. These heat related illnesses come in the form of heat rash, heat stroke, heat cramps etc. It is important to focus on these symptoms and find the quickest way to diagnose them. If you are walking down a road and you suddenly feel giddy, it could be the first sign of a stroke. It is then when you should get under some shade and have a cool drink of water or any fluid. Always be aware and prepared for anything the heat has to bring.

Written By: Candice Quigley