10 Ways To Keep Cool When It Is Too Hot

As summer is upon us and the heat is slowly but surely rising, many countries across the world are about to face or are already facing heat waves. These heat waves are common in tropical areas along the equator. When the temperatures soar high into the 40 degrees Celsius and the humidity reaches a minimum of 50%, the climate makes it very difficult to go about our daily routine. But, there are ways to beat the heat and make living in these countries a bit more tolerable during the summer months. Let us take a look at some of the best methods and simple ways to keep cool when it is too hot.

10 Ways To Keep Cool When It Is Too Hot

10. Close Doors and Windows and Use Exhaust Fans

During the summer, the temperatures outside will always remain higher than what it is indoors. This means staying inside your house or office will keep you cool for a longer period. To ensure that the heat from outside does not affect the indoors, you should always keep all doors and windows closed till the early evening when the temperature drops. This will keep the house cooler for longer because the heat has no way of entering the house. Even by using exhaust fans to drive the warm air away from the rooms and out will keep the rooms cooler.

9. Use Water as Your Friend

We often underestimate the power of water and its abilities. When there is a heat wave, and our bodies are telling us it needs to cool down, we should always turn to water for a remedy. Keeping buckets and tubs of cool water and soaking our legs in them or rinsing our hands and bodies with the water keeps the temperature of the body down so that we do not feel the heat as much as we would. Another wonderful way of keeping the heat away would be to fill a spray bottle with chilled water and keep spraying our faces and bodies with the magical drink.

8. Get as Low as You Can

If we paid attention during physics class in school, we would know that warm air rises. This means that if you are living or working in a multistoried building, always head to the lowest part of the building. The basement would always be the coolest pat of the building. If you have driven into the parking area of a mall, you would have noticed the significant difference in temperatures from the ground up. This happens when the building is heated up during the day, the warm air looks for a way to escape and since hot air rises, it travels to the top floors and escapes from the terrace.

7. Reduce Unwanted Heat

If you are at home, try not to use light bulbs as they always produce more light and heat. This will only add to the rising temperature. Try and switch of computers and television sets if they are not being used as they too can add to the heat. Any appliance that uses electricity to function always produces heat, so minimal use of microwave’s, hair dryers, oven’s, iron’s etc would reduce the temperature of the room. It is important to always keep rooms as dimly lit as possible so that it remains cool even when the temperature outside is scorching.

6. Always Drink Water

In extreme heat, it is vital to remain hydrated at all times. When we feel like our mouths are getting dry and we need water, it is the first sign of dehydration. This could lead to severe ailments if we do not attend to it immediately. We should always carry a bottle of water and sip on it regularly to give our body the water it requires to function properly. Even when we sweat, we lose electrolytes which are needed to be replaced by us continuously. We can do this by eating something while drinking water or by drinking electrolyte filled water. If we cannot get to water, any fluid would suffice as long as it is clean and drinkable.