10 Ways to Boost Up Hair Health Naturally

Long, healthy locks have always been longed for since they add to the beauty but not everyone has them, right? Following are the ten ways which will boost up hair health for sure!

Boost Up Hair Health Naturally
How to Boost Up Hair Health Naturally

#10. Onions

Onions are a great supplement in order to enhance the hair growth. Anyone who is fed up of hairfall and wants an increased growth, onions will come to your rescue, sigh!

#9. Eggs

Your hair strand is mostly made up of proteins so in such a case if you add an additional dosage of proteins externally to your hair via the egg (specially the yellow part), the hair will be healthy like never before.

#8. Bananas

With the ever increasing pollution, rising temperature, uneven working hours, the hair can not afford to live and shine thus eventually become rough and dull. What do you do now ? Instead of going in for expensive spas, head to kitchen and slather banana all over the hair.

#7. Proper tie up!

Do not mess with your hair or else they will leave you betrayed. Tie them properly and with a balanced strength. Not so lose that they end up knotted, not so tight that they break off your head when bands or any other accessories are removed.

#6. Keep your hands off the scalp

Shh! Do not touch your head until and unless you choose to savor a head massage. Touching scalp again and again makes it filthy which is unhealthy and also makes the hair strands weeker which is again unhealthy and leads to hair fall.

#7. Head Massage

Give yourself a head massage once in a week. It will circulate blood to the scalp which perpetuates hair growth. Head massages are stimulating, rejuvenating in nature which further makes it a “must try once in a week”act.

#6. Vinegar

If you have otherwise healthy hair but the usual problem of dandruff keeps you bugged, do not worry, we have vinegar. Add a tbsp to the bathing water and rinse away your head with it and follow this regime for a few weeks, voila, you just bid dandruff good bye.

Boost Up Hair Health Naturally

#5. Let the locks flow while you sleep

Never keep your hair tied up when you lay asleep at night for it damages hair, leaves them brittle consequently leading to hair fall. So let your locks flow down with all the freedom you can gift them with.

#4. Say No to Heat and chemicals

Avoid treating your hair with heat and further refrain from chemically dieing them. It just leaves your hair lifeless after a prolonged use. This also includes rebonding and straightening. With all these treatments, no matter, how beautiful your hair looks but its bound to destroy your hair in the long run and may be forever.

#3. Conditioners

Yeah! They do work magic. Spending an extra buck on them is all worth it for they do smoothen your hair. So next time when you shower your hair, do not forget to apply the conditioner to undo the roughness caused by the usage of heavy shampoos.

#2. Castor Oil/Coconut oil

Both kind of oils are magic portions. They have manifold benefits ranging from preventing hair fall to stimulating hair growth, deep conditioning, avoiding frizzes and so on and so forth. So keep a bottle of castor/coconut oil and see the live magic show.

#1. Healthy Diet

No matter you follow #10 to#2, if you do not eat healthy, odds are that nothing will work. Feed yourself with all the carbs, proteins, vital minerals and vitamins along with the aforementioned regime and then you will have the world’s most coveted hair irrefutably.

Composed By: Palak Gupta