10 Ways People Condescend – How to Deal with Them?

Humans are social beings. But how often do we find others misbehaving with us, deliberately so? Sometimes, such misconduct is difficult to attribute to any reason other than sheer sadistic pleasure. Here are some of the commonest ways of engaging in derisive behavior. Also, some tips have been provided as to how one can try to handle such situations if they are at the receiving end of things.

Deal with Condescending People

10 Ways People Condescend – How to Deal with Condescending People

1. You’re so fat/thin/short/dark and so on…

Picking on someone because of a certain physical attribute is so common. It is also very insensitive. How many times have we seen somebody being called fat or being laughed at for being shorter than the rest or being compared with tar because of their skin color? These count as exclusionist and discriminatory behavior but there is no point trying to talk some sense into the minds of these ill wishers. It is a far better idea to just ignore or snap back with a snide remark.

2. Are you dumb or what?

It is possible that a person is not good at math or is not the brightest mind when it comes to pinpointing countries on the world map. That does not automatically give others the license to start heckling. Here’s a tip to avoid feeling bogged down by such rude behavior – simply keep on asking these hecklers questions which they possibly can’t answer (like “Count the number of hairs on your head”) until they get irritated and stop disturbing you.

3. “You are a loser”

This is a very discouraging remark which many of us have had to endure in one form or the other. Very often, this remark comes from those very close to us. This makes it even harder to digest it. For instance, our parents or teachers may be using this against us. This may be because of bad results in some exam or may even be because of some failure to achieve in professional life. The only way to stop feeling bad about it is to ignore and concentrate on your work with the determination to prove everyone wrong.

4. Good for Nothing Fellow

This again is a common way of being offensive. Suppose you just dropped something from your hand and this remark pops up from nowhere. The best idea is to leave the thing right there and say “Look, why don’t you pick it up, I can’t do it myself, since I am no good!”

5. Couch Potato

While it is not a very bright idea to keep watching television all day long, it can be very insulting if in front of others, you are suddenly called couch potato while watching your favorite show. It is possible that your parents might do this even as some guests are enjoying tea at your place! The best thing to do at such a time is to keep enjoying the program without bothering to reply and then lecture your parents about the educational value of watching TV only after the show is over!

6. Didn’t your parents teach you manners?

This one can pinch a lot. Even though we are often at the receiving end of rebukes from our parents, we do not like to hear ill being spoken of them. This is why it is important to keep calm in the face of such harsh comments. Sometimes, it may not have been your fault at all. Whatever the case, it is best to point out that there is no need to drag parents into the matter.

7. Were you a back bencher in school?

This can be a taunt in some college or university. Teachers can say this if they find you talking in class or not being able to solve some question etc. In this case, the best idea is to prove the teacher wrong by showing that you cannot be underestimated so much!

8. Go back to the cave you came out from!

This hurtful remark is often hurled by those who think too highly of themselves and too lowly of others. If you are not conversant with some latest technology, a tech-savvy individual may find it worthwhile to pull your legs. But you should not allow this beyond a point or else it will start getting on your nerves.

9. Please take some grammar lessons

One does not have to speak in impeccable English or any language for that matter. There is a difference between spoken and written language for a reason. This is why if one makes a few mistakes here and there while speaking, this should be excused as all that matters is getting the message across. You can choose to irritate the puritan even more with more incorrect English! That should teach them a lesson!

10. Are those batteries or glasses?

This is probably the most offensive since it is a kind of handicap to not be able to see without them glasses. One need not tolerate such nonsense and should snap right back by saying that if something were to happen with their own eyes, they would have realized how mean they are being!

Written By: Kisholoy Mukherjee